Chapter 34 Live In The Moment

Live in the moment.

That was Maya’s new motto for her life, at least for the remaining days at university.  She figured it was either that, or spend her days living in fear and that wasn’t how she wanted to remember her final days at school.

Once she secured all the details for her trip to Paris with Megan, she focused on just enjoying every moment she could and everything else be damned.  Suddenly, schoolwork and grades no  longer held any importance to her.  In turn she spent as much time with all her friends enjoying the moment and partying as much as she could.

She was greatly looking forward to the end of school party, which she had planned down to the smallest detail.  Word from the grapevine, told her that a good portion of the university students planned on being there and she was hoping it would turn out to be the party of the decade for the Sorority House!  Saturday morning her big gift for the house and the highlight of the upcoming party, finally arrived and workers took over the back yard installing it into place.  Maya paced the yard supervising while she watched them work, but more to the point, working off the nervous excitement until it could be unveiled.  Everyone was intrigued as to what it could be and she kept shooing her room mates from the yard and random people who kept wandering up the the fence to take a peek.

Once the workers had left, Maya decided to go for a jog, and work off the rest of her nervous energy.  The party wasn’t until Sunday afternoon and with nothing else going on until then, she was at a loss as to what to do with herself.  Her dorm mates were spending the rest of the day and evening packing up their rooms to be ready to spend all their time at the party.  

When she returned, she noticed someone had slipped her an envelope under her door.   She knew it had to be her report card for the semester, so she eagerly ripped it open, then shouted and jumped for joy.  Even with all the missed time, she still graduated with a perfect score! 

She wanted to celebrate, but all her room mates turned her down. Some with solemn looks on their faces, which meant she knew, they would be returning in the fall to do the semester again.  She felt bad for them, but she didn’t want their failure to put a damper on her success.  She headed out onto the town to see if anyone was around to celebrate with her.

Unfortunately, there seemed to hardly be anyone around, or at least anyone she knew.  She ate her last supper at the local diner and headed home to crawl into bed early.

The following morning, her last morning she would spend at university, she stood in her room and took it all in. 
She She remembered the times she had spent in the room; her time with Eddy, the days she spent crying, the laughter with friends and all the hard work she put into all her projects due for school.  Much had happened to her this year, some good and some bad, yet she felt it  had all been worth it.  Every last little bit.  Maya thought about the person she was the day she met Ian for the first time, and she realized she didn’t recognize that person in her anymore.  She had grown so much and truly become her own person.  She was proud for all she had accomplished.  There was nothing left for her here anymore.  It was time to move on and experience new people and new things.  She was really looking forward to the rest of her life.  

Maya changed into her swim suit, grabbed her suitcases and walked out the door.  It was party time!

The rumors through the grapevine turned out to be very true.  By the time the party started, the inside of the Sorority House and the back yard were packed with people!  She had never seen so many people gathered in one place at one given time.  It was absolutely amazing!  

Everyone was excited about the unveiling of the surf and wave station that had been installed in the back yard pool.  Maya was the first one to try it out and she had fun showing off for the press that had gathered to record the event.

As luck would have it, her success at mastering the surf board wasn’t the only thing the press reported on.  Maya had her fair share of falls too.

This one was particularily amusing. Finally, the members of the press never let things be!!

They couldn’t resist reporting on how thin Maya was or her choice of meal.  It was the only thing they saw her eat all afternoon, they reported and concerns about anorexia linked to emotional disorders were also discussed.  Some things never change.

Before long, day turned to night and guests began to leave in preparation for their own trip home.  Maya received many thanks, from all the guests for all the hard work she had put into all the party plans.  “Best party ever!”, many of them shouted to her on their way out of the gate.  The backyard was a disaster but her dorm mates wouldn’t let her help in the clean up.

“Don’t you have somewhere to be?” asked Margaret.  Then she was promptly escorted to the front sidewalk where the moving van had already been loaded for her.

“I shall miss you all!”  she told them after sharing a hug with everyone.  Smiling, she hopped into the moving van and with a wave, she drove off into the night headed on her next exciting adventure.  


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