Criminal File of Russ Reeves




Name:  Russ  Daniel Reeves            I.D.     07N2457

Height:    185 cm 
Weight:   155lbs   
Eye Colour:  Light grey
Hair Colour:  black         

Arresting Officer: Detective Quentin Foy
Detain Date:           Fall 2018


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Victim Statement Interview Transcipt
(and Jade’s P.O.V.)

The click of the record button on the tape recorder, reverberates off the cold hard walls.

Interviewer speaks in a low somewhat monotone voice:

“Victim Statement Interview.  Detective Dwayne Norton conducting the interview.  Upon request of the family, the arresting detective is also with us.  Detective please state your name.”

“Quentin Foy.”

“Thank you.  Also in the room is council for the victim’s family, please state your name sir.”

“James Fraser, from the law firm Fraser and Associates.”

“Thank you.  The date is the sixteenth day of fall, 2018.  Interview is taking place at Storybrooke Police Department in Storybrooke.  We are here to speak with the victim.  Please state your name for the record please miss.”

“Jade Bell.” (my voice quivers)

“Could you state your age for us Jade?”

“17,” I barely whisper

“Could you speak up for us so the tape recorder will pick up your voice?”

I clear my throat. “I’m 17.”

“Thank you Jade.  Now you reside with your brother, his wife and their four children on Samsara Isles.  Is that correct?”

I nod, keeping my eyes to the table.  Quentin shifts in his seat and clears his throat.  I look up at him and he subtly points to the tape recorder.  I understand.

“Yes,” I say then clear my throat again.

Quentin motions to someone in the room and they get up to leave.

“I see in detective Foy’s report, the subject was subdued by one Travis Richards.  Can you describe your relationship to this person?”

“He is just a friend.  We met a little over a year ago when his family adopted our puppies.”  Saved my life, I want to say, but I stay silent.

The person who left the room, returns and ever so quietly sets a glass of water on the table in front of me.  I look at it, then Quentin.  He smiles a small smile at me and slightly nods his head.  I take a tiny sip of water, but keep my hands wrapped around the cold, clear glass like a security blanket. The cold gives me something to focus my anxiety towards.  I know what’s coming and it’s a road I wish I could get off.

“Miss Bell, you have identified Russ Reeves as being your attacker.  How would you describe your relationship with Mr. Reeves?”

“Relation.. ship,” I stammered, then looked to James.  “I don’t,  I don’t have a relationship…with him.”

“Detective,” James drawled out.  “Tread lightly or we are leaving.”

“Miss Bell, can you tell me a little about how you and Mr Reeves met?”

“He contacted me through the on-line chat on the S.A.I.D. website. Sims Against Impaired Driving.”

“And it was through this site that you continued to  speak to him?”

I nod, then correct myself.  “Yes.”

“Did you ever speak to him through face time or on the phone?”

“No.  He told me his father wouldn’t allow him to have relationships with people he himself didn’t know.  I was a secret.”  The detective nods his head in understanding and indicates he wants me to continue.  “Alex……  I, I mean that is who I thought he was.  Alexander Stokes.  Eighteen years old, living with his father only after the death of his sister.  He said that is why he was on the S.A.I.D. site.”

“What did you talk to him about?”

I’m cold now.  I let go of my death grip on the cold water, then place my hands under my thighs to try and warm up.

“Jilly.  My best friend who was killed.  My family.  School stuff.”  Seriously, what else would I have to talk about?

“But you don’t actually go to school, is that correct?”

“No.  I’m home schooled.  The island is half hour away from the mainland by boat.”

“Does your family own a boat?”

“No.  Jin usually hires out the service.”

“I see.”  The detective clears his throat. “If you have never attended school, how did you meet this, Jilly?”

“When I was a child, Jin sent me to camp.  We met there and stayed in touch.”

“And you kept in touch with her over the computer?”

“Yes.”  What does this matter?

“So you’re speaking to Mr. Reeves, just talking about everyday life.  How long after you started talking, did the conversations turn more personal?  When did it become established that you were more than just on-line friends?”

I feel stupid.  I don’t want to answer this.  When exactly did it happen?  He was so subtle in the way he talked to me.  So manipulative.

“I, I don’t know.   Maybe two months?  It just happened?” He said I love you, that’s when.

“When did the discussion of leaving the island get brought up and who first initiated the topic?”

“I don’t know.”  I shake my head because I am confused.  Who did come up with the idea?  Was it me?  Was it him?  “I don’t remember.”  The cold feeling has reached my arms and I rub them with my hands.  Maybe more for comfort than heat.

James leans sideways, and raises his hand at the same time he speaks, “Are you cold Jade?”   

I lurch forward against the desk away from him.  Instinct.  I hear Quentin’s hand fall to the table with a thud from where he was resting his chin on it.  He stares at James with this look of annoyance and shakes his head.  He stands, walks around the table.  Next thing I know, his leather jacket is slipped over my shoulders.  His classic burgandy jacket he seems to wear everywhere.  It’s so warm and smells like him, a manly smell of aftershave and I pull the coat closer around my shoulders.  I can’t remember the last time I felt so comforted.  Quentin goes to stand in the corner, slightly behind me to my left.  I can see him out of the corner of my eye when my head is turned to look at detective what’s his name.

“You can’t remember who came up with the plan to leave the island, …….or just don’t want to say?”  The detective sees James lean forward to speak.  “Nevermind, we will come back around to this.” He shuffles a few papers on the table till he finds what he seems to want.  “Miss Bell, how long after you established a more intimate relationship did you start sending him pictures of yourself?”

And there it is.  I want to defend myself.  “He sent me pictures first.  Almost right away.  Pictures of him, and his friend and his sister.  He talked about her a lot in he beginning.  I talked about Jilly a lot.  I thought that was normal.  I didn’t send him a picture of me until way after that and they were just head shots.  Nothing lewd.”

The detective looks down at the file and taps his middle, left finger on the table for what seemed like minutes.  “Miss Bell, we have impounded Mr. Reeves’s boat and taken his computer into evidence.  We have a complete file of all the attachments you sent over messaging.”

He looks at me with an expression I can’t understand and my heart starts beating faster.

Oh gawd!  A whole file…….that a department of people have seen?  My mind begins racing, trying to recall all the pics “Alex” and I shared.  

“Did you at any time, provide pictures for him through another source and were any of those pictures of you without clothing?”

“Noooo.  It wasn’t like that.  I’m not that kind of girl!”

“But you did take pictures of yourself in lingerie to send to him.  Can you explain what was the meaning behind those pictures.

“I…..he….he asked me for those photos.”

“And who first had the idea to sell those photos to the magazine?  You or Russ?”


James stops me from answering by saying,  “Jade don’t answer that. Detective you know there is an ongoing case in that matter.  Jade can’t answer questions involving that case.”

“I see.”  The detective leans forward and plants his left arm on the table.  His stare alarms me.  “At what point did you learn that Alexander Stokes was really Russ Reeves?”

“When detective Quentin told me on the island.”

“You had no idea before that?”

“No.  Well, Travis told me a few days before he had talked to the real Alexander Stokes and that who I was talking to wasn’t him.”

“So when did Russ tell you he wasn’t Alexander Stokes?”

“What? What do you mean? He didn’t.”  My head was beginning to swirl now.

“He never confessed to you his real identity.” Stated like a fact and not a question and I didn’t understand what was happening.

“No!” Did my denials sound like confessions now?

“Do you remember having a conversation with Mr Reeves, where he confessed his deception and you indicated you didn’t care.   That you still wanted to get off the island to be with him.”

“What?!  No!  That never happened!”

“You see Miss Bell, from what we have in evidence and after our discussion with Mr. Reeves, you planned all this from the first moment after he contacted you.  Told him your sob story about how bad life was for you then came up with the plan to get off the island and lured him with all the erotic pictures you sent to him to seal the deal.”

James interrupted the detective long enough for him to take a breathe before continuing.  “Detective you are out of line-“

I shot to my feet.  The cold creeps it’s way up my body and causes me to shake all over. 

Quentin also stands from his leaning position and yells, “That’s enough Dwayne.”

“There was no attempted kidnapping was there Jade?  You were just using Mr. Reeves as a way to escape your miserable life.  That is how the jury will see it anyway.  In fact your have two guys wrapped around your finger don’t you.  You manipulated both so well.  Travis is greatly devoted to you and was quite willing to take you away with him too, if the whole thing didn’t work out-“

“That’s not how it was..” I manage to get out.  But no one hears me because there is so much yelling.  The detective is defending his stance and my lawyer is threatening a lawsuit, while Quentin is playing mediator and trying to calm everyone down.  I lean a hand on the table and place the other on my stomach.

“I don’t feel so well.”  Still no one hears me.  I’m beginning to feel light headed.  Quentin’s jacket falls from my shoulders, and I feel slightly like I am floating.  Like a blur in my vision, Quentin lunges to catch me just in time before I hit the floor.   I feel light as a feather and I realize I’m being carried out of the room, raised voices growing quieter the further away he carries me.  Then, nothing at all.



Suspect Questioning  Transcript
-Russ Reeves

“Mr. Reeves.  I’m detective Dwayne Norton.”  Extends hand for Russ to shake, which he does.  “And I believe you already know detective Foy.”

Both detectives sit down.

“I’ve had a look at your file here and well, you have had quite a downer of a life.  Haven’t you?  Orphaned at birth.  Dropped on a church door step with no information about who you are or where you came from.  I can’t imagine what that has been like for you.  If I might ask, who named you?”

“I was named by one of the nuns.”

“Interesting.  I didn’t know it worked that way, did you?”  Looks at Quentin who shakes his head.

“Hmmm, says here you never did get adopted.  Lived in more than a few youth centres all your life.  Kicked out of two for breaking the rules.  What was that about?”

“Not a fan of rules I guess.”

“Says here, you were caught trying to sneak back into the centre after lock down on several occasions.”

Russ just shrugs.

“Oh, well, hmmm, interesting.  Kicked out of a third centre for inappropriate conduct with a female resident.  Look at this Quentin.”  Dwayne passes over a photo.   “Our Mr. Reeves here was a suspect in the rape of one Da Chun.”

“That is interesting.  Fifteen years old, Chinese, long black hair and looks suspiciously like Jade Bell.  What do you think Dwayne?”

“Oh a definite resemblance I would say.” Both men look at Russ who remains silent.

“There is a report here from a guidance counselor at school, whom you had seen a few times due to bullying.  Was that because of your disfigured face or something to do with this girl?

Once again Russ shrugs.

“Oh c’mon.  I can read the full report or I can hear your side of things.  Up to you.” Then Dwayne leans back in the chair.

“Nothing to tell.  There was a dance at school for final year.  I asked her to go with me and she very publicly said no and wouldn’t let it go. I became the joke of the school. 

“Classic high school drama movie.  Usually the guy wins out in the end of the movie, but I suspect, that wasn’t the case for you.”

“Whatever.  Doesn’t matter now.”

“Well lucky for you, this all took place right at the end of school.  So you graduate with, wow, good grades. Must be a pretty smart fella.  Well done you.  But not so lucky, because, and you will love this Quentin, Miss Chun lived in the same youth centre with you.  How convenient. Perfect opportunity for you to get your revenge huh.”

Russ taps his finger onto the table as he forcefully says “I didn’t do it!”

“You didn’t rape her?  Or you didn’t have sex with her?  Because there is a difference.”

“Knowing her she made the whole story up.  That is the kind of crazy she was.  Manipulative bitch.”

“Why do you say that?”

“I wasn’t the only one she screwed over in school.  She was famous for that kind of crap.”

“So she had it coming.  Is that what you are saying?”

Russ shrugs.

“Okay lets move on.  School is over and you enrolled in university for computer sciences. Things were going well for you and you were just five months away from graduating, when you were kicked out for…indecent exposure??”  Dwayne looks at Quentin.

“Really….gosh darn just can’t get a break can ya?  I suppose that was a mistake too.  Did your fly open itself and your junk just fell out on it’s own?”

Dwayne laughs.  “Well, according to the report he was also stroking himself while saying all kinds of things to these four girls.  Wait, you approached a group?  Pretty confident you would get a taker?”

Russ crossed his arms“Mistaken identity.”

“Well luck was on your side, because three of the girls were so traumatized, they couldn’t successfully identify you.  So the university kicked you out.  How did you get your degree?”

“On line courses.”

“Ouch, that must have hurt.  A degree from some obscure college I see.  Is that why you are working from your boat?  Couldn’t get a job with any company?”

“I run my own company.  I’m my own boss, my own hours.  Life is good.”

“Must be pretty lonely though.  Out there away from the mainland, living all alone with no female company.  Sounds tough.  It’s no wonder you went looking for a bit of female companionship.  Especially such a pretty, Chinese girl like Jade.  She must have been your dream come true when you saw her.”

“A distraught seventeen year old girl, just looking for some love in all the wrong places.  Easy to manipulate and manoeuver.  Sounds just your speed.”

“Whatever.  You have no idea what you are talking about.  Jade and I are in love.  Nothing you say is going to change that.”

“Jade had no idea who you are.  She thought she was talking to some blond, popular gorgeous eighteen year old this past year.  Not some thirty five year old creeper with a disfigured birth defect face.  Just how were you going to get her to fall in love with you?”

“Again, no idea what you are talking about.  Jade and I had a plan.  A well thought out plan.  Once we were together, her family were never going to find her.  She knew exactly what she was doing.  She planned her escape right down to the finest details. Don’t let her fool you. She is not so innocent as you believe her to be!”

“Is that so?  Well, I haven’t had to chance to meet Miss Bell yet.  What was your take Quentin?”

“Sweet, definitely sweet and innocent.  But I can tell you that when her friend,” looks down at a paper,  “Travis, told her he had spoken to the real Alexander Stokes, she confessed everything to her parents.  Doesn’t seem like the master criminal mind you are making her out to be.  She had no intention of leaving the island with you after that. In fact, you should have seen the look of horror on her face, when I showed her your picture.”

A look of pure rage flashed across Russ’s face. He begins screaming.

“That bitch!  She has you all fooled.  You are all fools!  The whole thing was her plan right from the start.  The get away, the pictures, everything.  I was only her ride.  I wasn’t kidnapping her, I was helping her escape! Using Alexander’s profile was a way for us not to be found after she was gone!”

Quentin slammed his fist on the table.  “You are such a liar.  We’ve seen the bedroom you had all set up.  Quite the sex lair you had prepared, complete with hand cuffs.  You disgust me.” Quentin stands up.  “I can’t listen to anymore of this. We are done here.”

“No. No you go cool off Quentin.  I want to talk to Mr Reeves a little more.”

As Quentin is leaving the room, Dwayne leans forward on the table.  “Now, tell me a little more about her plan.”

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