CC & Mods


My mods are sourced out from the following places:

  1. NRAAS
  2. Mod The Sims
  3. The Sims Resource

I am not a brave gamer and as I am over diligent in making sure my computer stays clean from corruption, I do not tend to stray too far past the first three listed.

Custom Content

All the items I use to decorate homes/lots or dress up sims.  That page will be ever changing as the story grows and new items are created.

Content Pages:  Clothing  Wedding  Other CC


Mod The Sims and TSR are my main sources for poses, however I will sometimes check out friends pages or blogspot to find what I am looking for.  I check everything thoroughly and even so after that, if I am unsure, off my computer it goes and I will not post it in my list. This page will also be ever changing as the story grows.  Poses Page


This page is only sims used in chapters of special features.  To find my all my sims from TSR or the Exchange, check this page HERE.

My Ethical Promise

I will always fully publish and give full credit for any piece of CC, mod, poses or sims made by others on these pages, with a link at the end of each chapter to the creators page.  I will never claim another’s creation as my own, nor will I re-upload a creator’s creation to claim as my own.  At times, I may need to alter a creation to change the colour or pattern on a piece of clothing or object.  I may also need to alter a sim borrowed from another creator, by changing items such as clothing, skin tone, makeup, costume makeup, accessories or hair if I am unsure about the CC included with the sim.  If I make alterations to another person’s creations I will not upload the new item to a sharing site to claim as my own. I will not publish a sim I borrowed from another person that I have altered, to claim as my own.  I will not share the altered creation using a sharing program such as Mediafire or Dropbox.  The original creation will always get full credit and publication on my site.

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