It’s been a busy month or so, both in my personal life and for my blogs, which both celebrated an anniversary in the past few weeks!  

Stories By Bee celebrated 3 years the end of April and I so wanted to have the next chapter ready for you.  But with my lack of hydro and internet due to the storms, it just wasn’t possible.  I am working on it this coming week and I hope to get it out to you then as well.

Here are some photo’s to peek your curiosity:
What’s in the box Jin?

No worries to all those Travis fans.  He is still here.  For how long I couldn’t say since Jin is keeping a close eye on him!

Well that is interesting!


Fullscreen capture 8262017 121520 AM.bmp

On May 6th, Poses By Bee
celebrated a one year anniversary! 

                 This is my gift to all my loyal followers
with my special thanx for your encouraging comments,
and wonderful ideas!  I have many more new sets finished that need to be posted and I will get them to you as soon as I can.

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Come check out all 27 poses HERE

Here are some sneak peek pics of the upcoming sets:



Couple Pose Set with 12 poses currently.  I may add more. All are PG.


Cell Interruptus!  10 poses depicting those times your cell interrupts important moments.

Emotions Pose Set.  These poses are mostly from the waist up and close up shots, but there are some full body.  Like these:

That’s all I am going to show you, although there are a handful more nearly done.   Now all I need is to find a way to alter time so I can get them all finished for you!  There is never enough time in a day!

Thank you to all who follow me on this adventure in the Tales of the Bell Family and my journey of learning posing for storytellers alike! 

Untitled drawing

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