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Our story begins with Ian Bell, only child to loving parents who were killed in a hot air balloon accident over the waters of Sunset Valley.  Distraught over their deaths, Ian sells the family farm and tries to make his way in the city, to no avail.  Missing the farm and the peacefulness of the country, Ian spends almost every last penny he owns to buy a tiny island in the middle of nowhere.  There he plans to further his painting and writing career.

During a trip to China, he stays with a local family Shen and Maya Wang.  It quickly becomes clear that Maya is being mistreated and abused by her husband.  In an attempt to help her, they fall in love and he rescues her, bringing her back to the tiny island.  Ian feels his life is finally on the right track and is looking forward to the future with his new wife Maya.

Maya can’t believe her luck when Ian Bell walks into her life.  Ian is kind, gentle and respectful of Untitled drawing (65)women and she can’t help but begin to care for him. Knowing she is in a race against time, she summons the courage to be swept away by Ian right into the bedroom, where they are discovered by her husband Shen.  According to Chinese law, this act constitutes immediate divorce and she packs her bags to leave with Ian, hopeful for the new modern world she is finally going to have.  Maya has big dreams of her own, to become a famous artist and with her talent and ambition, she knows it will take little effort to get there. When she arrives on the island, she is shocked to see the predicament she has gotten into and fears of being abused by a second husband surface.  She creates a plan to escape, but that plan is foiled by a pregnancy.  She gives birth to a son, but she carries on with her plan and leaves the island in the middle of the night escaping to University.  A year long adventure begins finally reuniting the two happily together.

Shortly after Jin’s transition to child, they leave the little island and move to a new and larger Midnight Sun island.  The family is happy, with Maya and Ian continuing on in their artistic careers. Jin travels to France and meets Sun who returns with Jin to the island.  Sun has a background that collides with Maya’s past and causes heart ache for the family.  As a result, Jin is sent away to live in Monte Vista, but returns after a years time.

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Surprise, it’s a girl!  Jade enters the family when Jin is a teenager, but tragedy strikes leaving Sun and Jade’s future in danger.  Jin’s return to the island and saves them both.  Jin and Sun begin to put together the pieces of their relationship and their future.  Everything is going well, until weather destroys the island, forcing them to move to Samsara Isles just after Jade transitions to toddler.  Together they rebuild again, but as their fighting has hit an all time high due to stress and emotional fears from what they went thru, they decide to send Jade, now child to Camp I Can for part of the summer.screenshot-021

Jade is fearful of leaving the island, but quickly makes two good friends, Violet and Jilly. Once Jade returns home, she continues her friendship with Jilly, but heart break is on the horizon for the family and Jade.





The synopsis will continue as the story grows…….


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