Jin – Generation Two


Chapter 1  Jin’s Fifth Birthday

Chapter 16 Truths Be Told

Chapter 31 Leaping Into the Fire

Chapter 2  Our New Home

Chapter 17 The Heart Was Made To be Broken

Chapter 32 Out of the Shadows, Into the Fire

Chapter 3  Do It My Way

Chapter 18 A New Beginning

Chapter 33 The Illusion of Trust

Chapter 4  The Pink Full Moon

Chapter 19 Jin- MV, School & Friends

Chapter 34 Love Lust and Lex

Chapter 5  Trouble, Frights and Magic

Chapter 20 Jin-It’s My Time

Chapter 35 Title Unknown

Chapter 6  Goodbye Socks

Chapter 21 And So I Walked

Chapter 36  The Mystery Is….

Chapter 7  Come Back Sophie

Chapter 22 The Life Of A Teen

Featured: The Alula Family in Isla Paradiso (an alternate ending)

Chapter 8  Time Changes Everything Part 1

Chapter 23 Decisions and Loss

Chapter 37 Surviving My First Winter

Chapter 9  Time Changes Everything Part 2

Chapter 24 Jin Copes With Loss

Chapter 38 Back On The Island

Chapter 10 Jin In Paris Day 1 & 2

Chapter 25 Jin’s Essay

Chapter 39 A New Home

Chapter 11 Jin In Paris Day 3

Chapter 26 The Countdown

Chapter 40 Results and Heartache

Chapter 12 Homecoming

Chapter 27 Hello…..Dad?

Chapter 41 Ups and Downs of Life

Chapter 13 The Bell Christmas

Chapter 28 Sun and Jade Alone

Chapter 42 Winter Arrives and Jade’s 1st Christmas

Chapter 14 Things Are Going to Change

A Letter To My Witness

Chapter 43 Fear and Devastation

Chapter 15  A New Life Without Jin

Dear Witness Part 1

Chapter 44 Loss and New Beginnings

Special Feature-Samsara Isles



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