Chapter 33 All Things Come To An End

Maya gripped the steering wheel while the impending conversation with Eddy ran through her head.  The file she had been given by Luke was lying on the passenger seat, and every time she glanced at it, a new version of the conversation would start over again.  So he thought she was stupid, gullible and easy to con?

What he didn’t count on, was the support system she had behind her.  She should feel blessed to know she had such a group of people looking out for her, but right now all she felt was pissed. It was not a good feeling to know that you had been the topic of discussion and manipulation by your closest friends, even if they had your best interest at heart.  It was pure deception on both sides of her, no matter what the motivation.  At this moment, she didn’t know how she felt about anyone for sure.  All she did know was that she felt like screaming bloody murder at someone, and lucky Eddy, he won the draw.  He wouldn’t be getting a penny from her now.

An hour later she pulled into University Town and parked her car in front of The Grotto, thinking that to be as good a place as any to start looking.  She walked down the strip checking in all the local hangouts but Eddy was no where to be found.  Disappointed she got into her car and tried to think of anywhere else he could be hanging out, but she felt that she had already covered it all. The only place she hadn’t tried was the dorm, and the reason she hadn’t, was that Eddy was barely there.  The dorm sat empty most days as the guys were usually out trolling the town.  But in a last ditch effort she drove over to the guys dorm hopeful to find him there. No one there seemed to know where he had gone for the evening. She was told she could wait, but as the night wore on, sleep was beginning to take over the anger and she thought perhaps it was time to give up the search.  It was one in the morning and she wondered if he had found the warm bed of female company.  She quietly slipped out of the dorm and in behind the wheel of her car.

As sleepy as she was, she took a moment to consider whether she should be driving this late at night, and decided a coffee from the diner would be the thing to perk her up.  She pulled in to park on the side of the lot and there standing with a group of guys outside the diner, was Eddy. A renewed sense of anger immediately replaced any sleepiness, and she emerged from her car ready to do battle.

His face perked up when he noticed her over his buddy’s shoulder, coming down the sidewalk towards him.

“Maya! Are those papers for me?”

“This?  I don’t think you want to really know what this is!”

Eddy’s face just dropped.  “What do you mean?”

“Let’s just say Eddy, that in this folder is information on your whole life.  Did you really think I was that big a fool?  That easy a con?  Tell me this-did you ever care for me at all or did you just see a walking/talking bank account when you looked at me?”

“Maya how could you say that?  Of course I care-”

 “Shut up Eddy.  Just shut up.  I won’t believe anything that comes out of your mouth anymore.  Plus, you can cool it with that act.  It won’t work on me now.  How many Eddy?  How many girls were you sleeping with while you were dating me?”

“You tell me then Maya,” replied Eddy in a nasty tone.  “Since you apparently have my whole life in your hand there.”

Maya laughed.  “So now we are finally going to see the real Eddy.  Must have been quite the strain acting the loving, giving boyfriend as you did with me.  Don’t you ever get tired of the act?  Perhaps you should try getting a real job and a real life!”

One by one, people were starting to crowd the sidewalk and watch the interaction between Eddy and Maya.  Paparazzi began snapping pictures as fast as their fingers could move.

“I have a job thank you and I like it just fine.  But I am guessing you already know that.”

“Being a male prostitute is not a job Eddy.  Its a demeaning way of life. One that has gotten you in some big trouble and had a hit put out on your life!  Did you know that?”

Eddy just remained silent and stared at her.

“So you’re an ass.  Someone puts a hit on your life and that in effect puts a hit on mine.  Well here it is in plain english and with plenty of witnesses.  You will never, ever, get a penny of my money!  Not now!  Not ever!  For this moment on, I never want to see or hear from you again.!”

Maya went to turn and walk away but couldn’t move for the paparazzi squeezing up trying to get a closer look at her while she screamed.

“Get out of my way,” she screamed at them.  “Move!”

Maya fit

Climbing back into her car and still surrounded by paparazzi, Maya drove off screeching tires and into the night.  She had no idea where she was going, but she knew she couldn’t go back to Sunset Valley to the Landgraabs. For she had a few choice words for Nancy too.  So she drove around until she couldn’t drive anymore.  She finally landed back in University town and collapsed onto her dorm room bed. Before falling asleep she pulled out her phone, looked for the number in her list and pushed dial.  She had no idea what time it was there, but she had to get this said.


“Hey.  It’s Maya.  I’m in. But I have a few conditions of my own first.”

“That’s great Maya.  Call me in the morning and we will work out the details.”

Maya hung up the phone, threw it down onto her bed, rolled over and fell asleep.

Before she knew it, she was being woken by the bright sun shining into her eyes.  Even though she felt like she had only been asleep for five minutes, she jumped out of bed and checked her phone for messages.  None so far, which meant that the Landgraabs didn’t know she was gone, or they knew, and they were letting the dust settle first. Either way, they were two people she didn’t want to talk to right now.

There was so much to get done before the end of the school year and she set to work making a list so nothing would get forgotten. She thought perhaps staying in today might be the wisest thing to do, especially if Luke was right and her life may be in danger.  She hoped that her little display last night had changed all that, but she wasn’t going to take any chances.

She spent most of the day on the computer and the phone making arrangements for her new life.  She made a big purchase, something she had been toying with and couldn’t wait to till it arrived. It was set to be delivered on the last day of school.

She also made a big purchase for the Sorority House, which she planned to unveil during the end of year summer party.  After getting permission from Paris to plan the party she set to the task of getting all the details planned. Paris was all for handing over the reigns.  It was going to be the party of the year!

With all the boxes sitting around her room, she barely had any room to move, so she was grateful when the charity house arrived to pick them up. Inside one of the boxes, she slipped an envelope with a cheque as an extra donation to help those less fortunate than her.  She was happy to do it, for her money which once seemed like a blessing, now seemed a burden and she was determined to rid herself of it as much as possible.

When all that was done, she settled into her room and focused on finishing her end of the year projects for school.  They were simple sketching and painting projects, that helped to settle her mind and give her focus away from the current problems at hand.

The few times she had gone downstairs to prepare herself some food, the conversation in the room between her fellow dorm mates stopped.  The silence was deafening and she could imagine what they were all thinking. As she walked out of the room, the conversations resumed in low whispers.  She didn’t know what they were saying exactly and she simply didn’t care, but she knew the topic. With the amount of reporters and paparazzi on the sidewalk last night, she was sure the story stretched far and wide. She was tempted just to peek at one of the papers to make sure her exact words were printed, but it was the rest of it she didn’t want to see. She had to have faith that her little planned spectacle last night was enough to save her life, if her life indeed was in any great danger at all.  Soon it wouldn’t matter, for the distance between University town and where she was headed was great and she doubted anyone would be following her there.  Especially not for someone as insignificant, as Eddy Mullins.  At least, that is what she hoped.

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One thought on “Chapter 33 All Things Come To An End

  1. I’m back! Man, I was so excited to finally finish generation 1 and then… life happened, lol! But at last, I have some time in my hands ^_^
    Good on you Maya! This fight with Eddy finally feels… final :p He has been such a jerk to her, so many times -even put her life in danger – so it was really satisfying to see her humiliating him like that.
    And oooh, she’s leaving? I am so hoping that her destination will be at her old place with Ian at last! *crossing fingers*

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