Mischief and Mayhem

**Just a quick update, not a chapter so you don’t miss out on all the cute toddler things.  

As you can imagine, with four babies, a teenager and three adults in the house, it’s a variable slew of mischief and mayhem.  Oh, and a dog!  Can’t forget Biscuit, nor would he let us either.  Trust me on this!  That dog of mine never wants for attention.

With every moment of the day full of antics, it’s hard to know where to begin.  As each day passes the toddlers grow in personality and as much as I love them all, my habit of calling them “monsters” really does apply most days.

To start, Margot thought it would be good to teach them colouring on the block table.  Yet a few of the babes prefer the walls instead.Screenshot-26


Two of the toddlers are incredibly fussy babies, but only one is fussy just because.  Bella cries a lot for absolutely no reason.Screenshot-011.jpg In fact she probably cries more than plays.  It’s draining on the soul I tell ya, but when Alex started into it, Jin got himself into major, major trouble.

Side note: Is it weird that I know exactly who is crying by the sound of their cry?

One afternoon, Jin sat down to watch a bit of television and after flipping channels for a while, finally settled on this scary movie.  The toddlers were all down for their afternoon nap and I was sitting at the kitchen table working on my Simlish homework.  So enthralled with the movie Jin was, he didn’t realize Sun had let Alex out of his crib and he had crawled onto the carpet to watch the movie.Screenshot-040

On comes this particularly scary part, Alex starts screaming,Screenshot-034.jpg who startled Jin and he cried out.Screenshot-041

I could keep going but suffice it to say, that moment upset the whole household and made Alex a timid scared child for a while, who cries a lot,Screenshot-79 has nightmaresScreenshot-3

and sleeps four hours less than his siblings every night.  Which means Jin is getting a lot less sleep as well.

“You created this problem – you fix it,” Sun told him.  

He’s been spending a lot of time with Alex, playing with him and taking him outside as well.Screenshot-53

Basically trying to bolster his confidence and help him to forget about that one scary moment.  I have to say that Alex’s constant sitting, chewing on his fingers and looking around the room has dramatically died down recently.Screenshot-033.jpg

So all this time with Jin must be helping.

Anna and Bella seem to be the most curious of the four babies, or at least more sensory driven.  If there is a puddle anywhere in the house, they will find it to play and splash – even if the puddle isn’t water, if you know what I am saying.  Mostly it is, because Biscuit’s retraining has gone so well, but still, he still has the occasional accident and he always does it in a location that hides him from being caught.Screenshot-64


See what I mean…not water Bella!

It was Anna who first discovered snow.  One day she was playing on the floor with a toy when she just stopped, walked to the window and stared at the falling flakes.  I thought she was going to the block table to play with Bella.Screenshot-78

She walked right on outside, her first time trying the door and plopped herself down in the cold white fluffy stuff, bare feet and all.Screenshot-83

Scooped up a handful of snow and threw it in her mouth!  Two chews, then…………..Screenshot-84

brain freeze!  Oh did she scream, forcing me to go out in my bare feet to rescue her and bring her back into the warm house.  She hasn’t tried the door again….I might add!

The toddlers have discovered they like music.  The louder the better and rock music, nothing else, which grates on my nerves.

They will sit and clap their hands to the beat, or close to the beat, then get up to twirl around.

It’s really cute to watch!

That leaves Bonnie for me to write about.  We can’t forget about her, although as quiet as she is we almost could.  Bonnie spends her days, quietly playing with the skill building toys.  When she isn’t doing that, she follows me around the house watching as I work on my skill building.Screenshot-65

I often wonder if she is the more perceptive than the others in the group.  Perhaps she knows that we struggle to keep Bella and Alex happy so she keeps to herself and does her own thing.  She is social with her siblings, don’t get me wrong.Screenshot-8.jpg

She is very sweet and loves to share.Screenshot-108.jpg

Here she is offering her truck to her mom who came walking by.  

 Hmmm, but come to think of it, I never do see her with her brother at all.  That is surely interesting and I believe, something I will work on in the next little while. Bonnie is full of giggles, which we hear a lot in her crib.  She is always the last one to fall asleep, no matter which order you put the monsters away in their crib.  Unlike Alex,  who is tired all the time from lack of sleep; Bonnie actually sleeps less and is still the same happy baby day in and out.


I will share this just because I love the funny faces they make on the potty.Screenshot-020

Sun is trying to teach Alex, the tv is not a scary thing.  Here they are all watching the kids channel, loving all the music and bright colours.Screenshot-93

Alex still has a hard time looking up, but he is getting better.

They all have their challenges and I learned it was much easier to just put on their winter coats, take them outside to the fenced area to play while I sit to read my skill books.  Win- win I would say.  Oops sorry about the pic – they are toilet trained but I forgot there are no potties out here and Alex ………..well when you have to poop you have to go!Screenshot-16

Not one of them has figured out yet, that they can just push open the gate and keep walking.  Anna often walks up and stands there thinking about it, but she never tries to go through.  Sitting here in the cold, I’m looking forward to days on the beach with them, playing in the sand and water!  Their first boat ride, their first sea shell find……..  

All memories to take with me when that time comes.

CC/Mods Used

Toddler Extra Activities:  http://modthesims.info/d/593434

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19 thoughts on “Mischief and Mayhem

    1. Hahahaha, well that is true. But they are super cute too. I’ve noticed things this time around, I’ve never seen before. Like Bonnie offering her mom the toy. That really happened. I would be done with the toddler stage already but Jade is still working on the dang skills to graduate! GRRRRRR. She is close though.

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  1. Cute little monsters!! When did Jade go blonde, or am I having a ‘senior moment’?? I’m glad she still has time to help with the kids, or Sun and Jin would go crazy!

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  2. Toddlers are so cute. I loved the update. And it looks like they do have some different personalities or else you did a good job of making them individuals. Awesome and sweet chapter!

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  3. Lovely pictures! I don’t think I pay enough attention to the interactions for toddlers in game but I’ve just added one, a little adopted boy who in my eyes is rather terrible, but he completely fades next to your kiddies eager to explore!

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