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Congratulations!  You have been nominated for the Memory Lane Challenge Award, a totally legit award-Get a gold star, and stick it on your forehead like a boss!

*Share FIVE of your favorite moments from your legacy/challenge/story so far.
*Nominate 3-5 blogs to do the same.

Thank you to AmyQueen from AQ Stories for nominating me for this award.

My blog story has been going on since the summer of 2014 and there has been so many great moments so far.  My story is based on the Midnight Sun Challenge, but I have expanded the story, while keeping the basic principals of the challenge on a new glitch free island which was created by my lovely friend Deb!  The original challenge states that a boat sunk stranding your sim on the island, however my sim has chosen to move to the island and therefore explains how the sims are able to come and go.

Memory # 1

The Pink Full Moon.  I loved the night the pink full moon came to the island.  So many wild and freaky things happened the night I played.  Especially, the moment this little girl showed up on the beach!  Seriously scared me.  She just stood there staring.

Memory # 2

Jade’s birthday party.  This chapter is not actually on my WP site, but still on my blogspot site, where I started the story in the first place.  You can find both chapters HERE for some laughs.  To do this party, I grabbed a sim from all my friends and plunked them down onto the island.


We had 20 different sims on the island for the party!

Memory # 3

Camp I Can.  Getting to play with all the girls at the camp where I sent Jade, was not only frustrating, but so much fun!  I borrowed Violet from my good friend Kait, Jilly from RO and a bunch of previous children from families I have played.  Watching the girls interact, grow and learn, made all the work I had to put in to making the camp etc so well worth while!

Memory # 4

Chapter 28 Sun and Jade alone.  I loved writing this chapter and in doing so, found my connection with Sun.  Through her voice, you clearly hear my words and in her actions, you see how my mind would work if I was placed in this situation.


Memory #5

The birth of the quads!  When Maya gave birth to quads I was totally shocked.  So shocked in fact I literally walked away from the computer for two weeks.  I had no idea what I was going to do and to be honest I am still not sure.  But when Jin saw the babies for the first time……I”m so glad I caught that moment!

There are so many other memories I could share with you!  Who knows what is coming next for the Bell family!  Well, we know one very sad thing coming…if you read the story at which is one of my nominations!

My nominations

2.  Eternally Yours
3.  The Mind of P.S.T
4.  Cathytea

I have many other stories I would love to nominate, but they have already received the award, or I’m not sure if they accept them.  Mama Dragon, LolaDiamond, DaniWhoelse, Keva, I Am Ciane, The Kingston Legacy, AdWilson, LucyFan

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So this is me. I'm 51 years old (Yikes), happily married for 30 years with four beautiful kids that keep me busy. I've met many wonderful people through this game, both players and creators alike and I am so happy that my best friend encouraged me to take up the game. Poses By Bee My main focus for poses will be real life situations and scenarios that can be used for different situations and in different combinations. I will also spend more time with children, as that age grouping seems to be lacking around the net. Stories By Bee Focuses on the Midnight Sun Challenge and the Bell family, but also a few fun short stories as well. I hope you enjoy reading along with me as I also go through this journey. On the net you can find me at: T.S.R.-Profile jessesue Mod the Sims- Profile jessesue Poses By Bee Poses By Bee - Tumblr Sims3Intimates - Tumblr

9 thoughts on “Memory Lane Challenge

  1. Yay! I wasn’t sure if you’d seen the comment I’d left on your ‘about’ page 🙂 Your story begins with a unique challenge. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: you have a lot of amazing content on your site! I’m looking forward to going through your story soon~ Thanks for doing this

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so glad I fully caught up on your story, it was well worth it and I loved you memories. I honestly was going to nominate you, but thought of promoting not so popular blogs this time. Thank you for the half-nomination here, very sweet of you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Going down memory lane with you was so fun! I remember the creepy girl! haha And that birthday party rocked! It was such a unique thing you did with it and so much fun to see. And Jin’s face in the last pic. hahahaha Perfect!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m actually really glad I got to do this write up. It was great to really sit down and think about the story as it has come along. Hard to choose my most favourite moments and I’m sure I missed a bunch!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I actually found it hard. Generally if you think of your own life, people would say – the day I got married, or the day my child was born. Or graduated college. But what else do you choose? Their life is like a real life to me and it all seems important.

      Jin’s face was priceless and to think it was all him! No involvement from me at all!

      Liked by 1 person

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