Gen 2 Chapter 1 Jin’s 5th Birthday

To the reader:  For some reason when I transferred my chapters from Blogspot to WordPress, this chapter didn’t publish.  Its the first chapter of generation two.  For those that have been following along with the story from the beginning on Blogspot, you have already read this chapter.  But, for a refresher, you could always re read this one again.  I’m sorry for the mix-up!

Dear Journal?

Today was my birthday.  I turned five years old.  My parents gave me a laptop with a writing program installed, and told me to try writing.  My mom suggested I try a diary, but diary just sounds so girly, so I think I will call this a journal.  Maybe not.

My story should begin by saying something like “It all started with colourful sparkles and flashes of bright lights”, but it won’t.

You see, I remember everything from before my birthday transition. My parents say it’s just imaginary thoughts and there is no possible way I can remember.  But I do.

Our trip to Paris was fairly uneventful really.  Mom worked a lot, so my dad and I did a lot of exploring around the land.  He found many things he needed for making art he was really excited about. Mom was always home at night, even if it was just in time to kiss me goodnight.  I always looked forward to seeing her at the end of the day.  It took me a while to accept that she wasn’t going to leave me again.  Everyday before she left, she said “I will be back” and it became our routine.  I never fell asleep, till she was back in the house again.
My parents made a lot of friends while they were there.  I heard them once say “contacts”, but I’m not sure what that means.  It must be a good thing, because they were really happy about it.  None of those friends had kids to play with, so basically it was just me and my dad.

Today my parents told me about life on the boat.  First thing I learned, was that I wouldn’t be going to school and that my parents would be teaching me everything I needed to know.  I’m hoping that doesn’t mean things like numbers, because I have seen my parents sitting at the table together going over papers with numbers, and it doesn’t look fun at all!

The computer wasn’t my only birthday gift.  My parents gave me Sophie!  I wasn’t sure about her at first, because I’ve never really seen a dog before, just in picture books my dad read me.

She was sure glad to see me though.

I heard my parents whispering about now I would have a friend here.  I guess that was the point, but I don’t care!  I love her already!

Later that day, mom heard this noise at the door and found a cat standing on the deck.  It looked really cold and hungry so she brought it in.  Something I didn’t know about my mom; she really really loves cats!

She named her Aria. She was very weak but friendly, which meant she had been someone’s cat at sometime, my parents said.  She had no collar or tags. Mom said her name meant lioness, which was the closest she could get for a Chinese name.
She was in definite need of a bath, but a brushing was all I could do.

Apparently cats don’t like baths and this cat was really smart; for as soon as she heard the word bath, she ran and hid under the kitchen table.  So I coaxed her out with a piece of fish and cleaned her up best as I could. I’m glad we found her.  Some mean person in a boat must have dropped her off on our little island!  What kind of person would do such a thing?

Mom was so excited, that she immediately went online and ordered all kinds of cat items. This was going to be one spoiled cat!  Of course they all had to be specialty ordered in mom’s signature colour purple!

She really wanted this really big cat jungle, but dad reminded her that we really didn’t have room for one.  Knowing mom, she will figure out a way.

They went upstairs to check and brought me with them to show me the playground equipment on the third floor.  That was cool!  My own personal park.  Of course the teeter totter really was kind of a waste with no one to ride it with me.
Actually I am kind of surprised that I am an only child.  I mean, I don’t really know where babies come from, but mom and dad told me that when two people love each other as much as they do, babies sometimes come.  So that leaves me wondering then.  Mom and dad can’t seem to stop kissing and hugging one another all day long.

They do more hugging and kissing than they do anything else!


Get the picture?  Blech, yuck!  

He looks at her in all kinds of funny ways too!

It’s weird, and I can’t figure out what is so interesting about the way mom looks.
So where are the babies? Maybe they are still trying or waiting. Or maybe they really don’t know where babies come from either.   I dunno.  I really hope my parents don’t read this.  How embarrassing would that be!

Oh, by the way….

this is me!  Jin Charles Bell and this is my story.

**Please continue on to Chapter 2 Our New Home


CC Used In This Chapter

Contemporary Carpet 12  by PralineSims  (In Foyer)

PS Modern Flokati by PralineSims (under kitchen table)
Wisteria Pattern by Marcorse  (In master bedroom on bed and walls)

Pose Packs

Beedge Couple Poses by Chibikinesis

Bring To The Window  (Royalty poses)

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  1. I was a “come lately” to your blog, and missed most of Jin’s early blogs. Now I will need to go back and catch myself up! This was cute, and now I know where his pets came from. Thanks!

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