Chapter 4 A Picture Story

As promised, we are speeding through Jade’s childhood.  I had many great pics of her childhood and I didn’t want to dump them.  So I’ve decided to do a picture story with minor write up. This was easier for me as well, since there was a death in the family that was important to share and  I personally took very hard. Those of you on FB with me, know that very well.  On we go…………




Jin spent the rest of the summer working on two books he was writing.  He liked the quiet of the basement to concentrate and moved his desk in front of the movie hologram.  He said the slow movement helped him to piece things together in his mind.





  I got very good at climbing trees.  There are so many on the island to try.


I played with both Sophie and Biscuit, usually when the other was taking a nap.





The deer still followed me everywhere I went.  Like my own personal body guards.  Funny how they were like that on the old island too.  Jade Bell, deer whisperer.  LOL.  Oh and they still hate Jin.


Jin was teaching me about the phases of the moon.  It was my job to check the moon globe and record the phases on a chart.  I really didn’t know why, but when the globe looked like this, once darkness fell,we all stayed inside till morning light.


I learned all about football on the computer and became obsessed with the game!  I played the online version as often as I could.

Mama Sun was obsessed with monitoring the weather.  Which pretty much always looked like this.screenshot-9

The whole summer was HOT and it only rained once, really early in the morning.screenshot-046

One afternoon I was playing on the beach when Jade called me in for dinner.  As I was walking up towards the house I saw Sophie lying on the sand panting hard.  I called for her to follow me but she wouldn’t move.

Panic rose up in my chest as I realized something was really wrong.

“Jin!”  I screamed.  “Jin!  Help!”screenshot-170

Jin came running outside and I looked at him with tears running down my face.

“Something is wrong.  She won’t move and she is breathing all funny.”  He knelt down beside her.screenshot-171

“What’s the matter Sophie?”  He had this look on his face that I just couldn’t quite explain, but it scared me.  Really scared me.

“Jade, go inside.”

“NO!  I want to stay with Sophie.  Please Jin.”

“Mama has supper all ready for you and Biscuit needs taking care of.  I will look after Sophie, I promise.”

I shook my head at him, but he insisted I go, so I went.  I couldn’t eat my supper that night.  I kept going to the window, but Jin had picked up Sophie and carried her away, so I couldn’t see them.  Mama Sun wouldn’t let me leave the house.

It was almost bedtime when he came back in and shook his head at Mama.  I knew what that meant and burst into tears.screenshot-29

It was a long night.  Biscuit kept getting off her bed to howl, waking me from what little sleep I was getting in between.screenshot-39  I was sad, she was sad.  Finally I picked her up and put her on the bed but she wouldn’t lie down.screenshot-37She just kept pacing as if looking for a place to jump down, or for Sophie, who normally slept on my bed.

I turned on the light to see Biscuit sniffing Sophie’s sleeping spot and I burst into tears. Biscuit began jumping up, trying to get my attention.Screenshot-35.jpg

“She’s gone, don’t you understand?  She’s gone and she isn’t coming back!”  I said through my hiccups and tears.screenshot-032  I think Jin must have heard me then.screenshot-30

When he came in I could tell he had been crying too.screenshot-31

We cried together.


He buried her out behind the greenhouse in front of the hill.  He said she would be happy there and we could visit with her anytime.

Fall came and it got colder.  Sun grew some great pumpkins for carving.



The deer population grew and we began to feed them.




Before we knew it, Winter had arrived.  The only snow we saw was a little dusting on the small island next to us.screenshot-15

It didn’t seem like Christmas without snow, but Mama Sun did her best to make it festive.screenshot-12





In the next chapter, we start with Jade as 12 years old shortly about to transition to teen. We are off and running now!  See you soon!


CC Used In This Chapter

Biscuit’s Jump Up pose and bed pose-by Deb (not yet posted on Deb’s Awesome poses page)

For all other CC please see these pages:  Hair  Clothing   Jade’s Nightgown

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20 thoughts on “Chapter 4 A Picture Story

  1. Poor Sophia. I loved the pic of Jin hugging Jade. It was so sweet. And all of those deer! Wow. Do you really have that many that come around? I have never had a friend try to befriend them before. Maybe I should. 🙂

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    1. I wish you could do more with the deer. They are too automated in the way they walk around. But yes, that many are coming around now!
      I love that pose too and I couldn’t wait to use it. Just didn’t know it would be for something like a death. Poor Sophie!


    1. Oh no! Don’t get me started again! I finally have a good handle on it I think. Although I am avoiding going in to play. This story is never going anywhere if I don’t just buck up. But wait till you see the new members of the island!

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