The Beginning of Samsara Isles

**If you haven’t read the special feature posting Samsara Isles, you will want to read that first.  Click here

Many people are wondering why the switch from the Isle of the Midnight Sun world to this beautifully made custom island just for me.  The decision came after many many factors and took way longer than it should have, greatly wearing down my patience and love for this family.

Before I begin, I want to be clear that my explanation is not with the intention of speaking badly about the creator of the MSC world or the world itself.  It’s a cute little world, but if you know me, I must fiddle and as such the world just wouldn’t work for me.  This is my experience only, in trying to make this world work for my story.

In case you are not familiar with the Isle of the Midnight Sun Island, there are two versions: one which is just an island and one that is a “pimple” piece of land with a boat platform off a dock.  I chose the latter to work with hoping that I was doubling my square footage to work with.  However, I did not understand just how small the piece of land was.tumblr_inline_odbcublkna1uv8l4w_1280


Four steps in any direction had Ian in water.  Plus most of the island was covered in brambles.  Easy fix-delete the brambles.  But, asking Ian to walk to certain sides of the island had him changing his clothes and swimming around the island.

The platform was pretty small, so I replaced it with the largest one and built this boat, which Maya gave them both as a gift for re starting their life together.screenshot-047

The boat itself was just what I wanted but I was having routing issues going back and forth between the boat and the land.  Then,  Jin grew up and got a puppy named Sophie.  Well, a boy needs a place to play with his dog…right?  So I plunked down a bigger piece of land.  I loved that island!screenshot-2


The lot was 64 X 64 and made up the whole island.  So at this point I have the boat and the island, but I was still have routing issues going back and forth between each.  I made the decision to let the boat go.  Sun says goodbye to the boat in Gen 2 Chapter 18 A New Beginning, when the boat is repossessed by the bank.

Sun lived in the barn for four seasons on the second floor and I never seemed to have any issues.  I was happy with my decision to let the boat go.

Jin came back to the island and with his handy skills, built them a home using the existing barn.  All of a sudden, I’m experiencing routing issues like you wouldn’t believe.  I went through the build meticulously trying to find any reason why things had gone astray and didn’t find anything.  I can’t even begin to list all the things I tried to fix the issues. Basically, if you are thinking it, I tried it.  I placed that lot all over the small world, but no matter where I put it, same routing issues.  However, considering the routing issues I was having with the original world, I was not surprised, just really disappointed.  I elicited help from other builders and more experienced players than myself.  No one could figure it out.
Some of the routing issues I was having:

  1.  Jade could not be put down in the house on the main floor.
  2. Sophie could not be played with or cared for on the main floor.
  3. Interactions between, adults couldn’t occur inside the house on the main floor.

Other issues with the world:

  1. Every morning 3 horses would spawn on the lot and cause the game to start glitching.
  2. Tourists would show up all day.
  3. Sims would spawn in the water.
  4. Animals would spawn in the water.
  5. Plants were found floating in the air almost every time I started up the game to play.

This is just a short list of the issues I was having.  Register fixed some of the issues, thank fully.  Jade couldn’t be fed on the main floor, she couldn’t be played with on the main floor.  Any kind of interaction meant walking all the way out of the barn house to the grassy area by the pond.  It was hugely frustrating, especially during the winter season.

I’ve also been asked why a hurricane?  Well the hurricane idea first came from a game glitch (I think) when I just happen to glimpse those large waves in the distance.  I’ve been playing this world for two years now and I have never seen that.  Add that to my fraying nerves over the issues with the world with personal issues and I knew I needed to make a change.  The reason for the Bells to abandon the island had to be fairly substantial. Hurricane sprang to my mind.  It wasn’t a far leap with the recent hurricane still on everyone’s mind.

I’m incredibly blessed to have such a lovely lady like Deb to call as a friend.  She took real heart to my obvious distress over my life situation that was greatly weighing me down and overwhelming me at every turn.  Knowing the game was a part of that stress, she surprised me with this wonderful gift of Samsara Isles to help me keep the story going.  I also want to mention, at the same time my close friend SweetPoyzin wanted to surprise me with a new house she was building for the Bells as a birthday surprise.  (Nov 22) After four days of conversations between Deb and I, then Sweet and I, it became very clear I wasn’t going to be able to plunk down a fully built house/lot on the new island.  But I want to say huge thanX to her as well, for she was also trying to ease my burden.  I only wish I could have used her house, as her builds are just awesome!  You can see them here and here.   Lastly, but not at all least, to my dear friend Kymber who listens while I work all things out in my mind, offers support and advice, then takes on the task of editing my chapters to rid them of all things Yoda.

I won’t be showing you any more pictures of Samsara Isles, as Deb is still fussing with the island, sending me new improved world files to install every few days.  (creators are never done fussing)  Now with that said, after Saturday’s post, there will be two special posts coming and then I am taking a break till the new year.  I really need to get on top of everything going on in my life and as such, the story will need to take a rest for a while. But don’t worry, I will be back with more chapters and hopefully enticing story lines to keep you coming back. AND, I will keep playing during that time, so the story won’t go dormant in my mind either.

Just one more thing:  All new chapters will be found under the Samsara Isles tab, (starting with this post) which is found under the Chapters tab on the main page.fullscreen-capture-1212016-113857-pm-bmp  Yes I am doing generation two over, to give Jade a story as well.  Sorry about that but I really want Jade to carry on the story.  It will be short I promise.

To all my friends, I’ve been showered with blessings just for knowing each and every one of you!

“If instead of a gem, or even a flower, we should cast the gift of a loving thought into the heart of a friend, that would be giving as the angels give.” ~George MacDonald

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So this is me. I'm 51 years old (Yikes), happily married for 30 years with four beautiful kids that keep me busy. I've met many wonderful people through this game, both players and creators alike and I am so happy that my best friend encouraged me to take up the game. Poses By Bee My main focus for poses will be real life situations and scenarios that can be used for different situations and in different combinations. I will also spend more time with children, as that age grouping seems to be lacking around the net. Stories By Bee Focuses on the Midnight Sun Challenge and the Bell family, but also a few fun short stories as well. I hope you enjoy reading along with me as I also go through this journey. On the net you can find me at: T.S.R.-Profile jessesue Mod the Sims- Profile jessesue Poses By Bee Poses By Bee - Tumblr Sims3Intimates - Tumblr

13 thoughts on “The Beginning of Samsara Isles

  1. Those routing issues were such a nightmare; may you never have them again. 🙂 I remember watching the videos you sent to me and couldn’t believe my eyes at what you were putting up with. Thank you so much for mentioning me (your #1 fan! lol). I will always support you in any way I can and I’m so pleased to get to see the chapters early. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad! On both accounts! That was just a brief over view of some of the things that were going wrong because I didn’t want anyone to think it was the world creators fault. I was not placing blame at all. Jade….should be interesting.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I am trying to catch up, now that I can! I guess starting at the most recent instead of the oldest isn’t really smart, but glad I did. I am so sorry you were having so much trouble, and very pleased that you were persistent, and caring enough, to persevere despite the problems! You do have good friends here, and I hope you count me as one. I may have to nudge Kymber over to share that #1 fan spot!! Glad to see you are taking a breather for awhile, and now I can play catch-up! Hugs! =)


    1. LOL, KYMBER sure won’t give that spot up too easily. Especially since she gets to read the chapters ahead of time. I believe to have good friends you must be a good friend and I hope I have been that to my group of “I don’t ever want to be without” friends as well. Plenty of time to catch up. Just three more postings then a break. Things are about to get very complicated for my mom after the 14th and we are still under construction here as well, which is plan changes, choice making etc. I’m one big ball of anxiety all day long and that is only going to make me sick too making me no good to anyone. And don’t even get me started on Christmas coming…….


  3. Don’t feel badly about Christmas. It is what’s in our hearts that counts, not the decorations or the presents, which I know you already feel. It’s going to be a strange one here, too…first without Clint, and I hope Chance will still be alright. Dinner with my other daughter (6 hour drive) will probably about sum our Christmas up! Rest while you can, sweetie, and you and your will be in my prayers and thoughts for good results and wise choices! ♥

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  4. I love how your little bloopers with your game were incorporated into the story. I just find that so cool that you could do that. I’m a little sad that Jin won’t be carrying on as the heir but I’m sure you have your reasons for doing so. I can’t wait to see what happens on the new island!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well actually the challenge itself isn’t an heir challenge. Its about a family of five generations living on an island with no contact from the outside world. You will see, I have bent that rule just a little, but I felt I needed to do so, for the story to be more interesting.

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