Samsara Isles

**Just a short chapter to catch everyone up before the big chapter on Saturday.

The journey to our new island home was longer than I had predicted it to be even with the stop over in Isla Paradiso for supplies. When the boat finally rounded the small outer islands of IP, and we saw just how bright and sunny the area was, we questioned our decision to buy the island we chose.  We had been in constant contact with the real estate agent and she assured me to wait and see our new home.  We would be pleasantly surprised, she had said.

The full day boat ride didn’t sit well with Sun, who had been a bundle of nerves since the storm and then had to deal with a fussy little girl who was having trouble motion sickness. We were glad to finally reach land and put our feet on solid footing.

The real estate agent had arranged for us to have use of a small island to camp on during our four day stay in IP and I know Sun was very thankful for the break in the trip.screenshot-41

We set up a small base camp, then ventured across the water by taxi boat to visit the stores for supplies.

Food was our main priority.  We spent over three thousand simoleons getting everything we needed for food and starting a new garden.screenshot-72

We both wanted to stock up on all kinds of books, never knowing if we would ever see a bookstore again.screenshot-77

We also looked at a furniture store, picking out a small portion of the furniture we would need to use right away, and some to be shipped at a later date when we had a house built. After that we spent some time in the library.screenshot-78  Jade played in the toy area, while Sun and I looked into building companies, floor plans and building supplies.  We had yet to agree upon the right floor plan for our family and it was becoming a strain between the two of us.screenshot-79

It was so late by the time we got done, we decided to check into the local resort for a night or two.screenshot-80


“Oh isn’t she a sweet little girl!”

Sleeping in a proper bed again was good for our overly tired and sore muscles.screenshot-82

The next day, Sun was one big ball of anxiety as she worried about the move and our list of supplies.

“I just don’t want to forget anything!  And we have no idea what we will need in our new home.  What if we forget something.  What if we made a mistake in choosing this home. What if we have another storm.  Maybe we should just stay here…..”

This went on and on until I couldn’t take it anymore.  I sent her to the spa, bought her the second best package and wished her a peaceful, relaxing day.screenshot-87  Jade and I spent the morning around the pool.screenshot-85

Then headed back to the island we were renting and waited for Sun to join us there.screenshot-88

By the time she arrived back at camp, it was just about dusk.  Suddenly, all these eerie, creepy sounds began and we realized it was a full moon night.  Sun has never experienced a full moon, but even I had never heard sounds like that before.

“Jin, I don’t like this at all!  Can we leave…NOW.”

I was inclined to agree and called the driver we had hired to take us to our new island.  He arrived within ten minutes and we were on our way to our new home.screenshot-89



“Oh Sun.  Just look! The pictures didn’t do it justice!”


While Jin was staring at the light house, I was looking at all the garbage on the ground.  I didn’t see anywhere I could safely put Jade down.screenshot-99

I walked up to a pile of garbage and pointed.  “Jin, stop gazing up and try looking at all the junk.”….and then I saw it!Screenshot-91.jpg

But this little guy wasn’t alone, he came with friends.screenshot-102


Once we had it all cleaned up and scared away the rats…………………

Our new home was everything we had hoped for; the scenery was gorgeous, there was a fishing pond which excited Jin, two beaches and we weren’t stuck in the middle of no where.  The main land was clearly seen from the beach.  The island was easily four times the size of our last home!  It was a clean slate, a new start and we were excited to make this new island a real home.



Special, Special thanX to my very dear friend Deb, who saved my story by creating this gorgeous island for me!!  Plus all the hours of fussing she continues to do to make sure I’m happy!



This is the last chapter you will find under the Midnight Sun Challenge  found under the Chapters tab.  All new chapters will be found under the Samsara Isle tab found under chapter.fullscreen-capture-12152016-115608-pm-bmp  Next full chapter will be released this weekend as usual!  See you then!

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19 thoughts on “Samsara Isles

    1. Deb did a wonderful job! but just wait because she continues to fuss so I’m about to get another world save to replace this one which moves my lighthouse off my lot and adds some waterfalls. A creator is never happy, they always fuss, I know cause I do it too.

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      1. There’s nothing better than the cooperation between a good builder and a good writer for similitude stories. The builder gets a showcase for their hard work and the writer get the canvas on which to paint their story


  1. That is absolutely beautiful! Deb did a wonderful job. I really love the lighthouse; it looks like it was difficult to build, but turned out so beautifully! I’m really glad they are on the island, we got to see it, and I can’t wait to see the new house and what happens next with our beloved Bell family!


    1. Oh my gosh, to be honest, I built the land and the lighthouse in ten minutes because my daughter was hounding me to get it done so I could play a board game with her! LOL But thank you! I may redo the flyover video now that everything is going to be changing.

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