Chapter 17 The Heart Was Made To Be Broken

“The heart was made to be broken”

In the days that followed her discussion with Maya on the beach, Sun couldn’t get Edgar’s Poe’s words out of her mind. As a child first hearing these words in his poem, visions of red and pink hearts lying on the ground, broken and shattered into tiny jagged pieces came to mind. Never, even as a teen could she comprehend the true meaning behind such a definite statement. Nor could she ever fathom that she herself would be the one person to cause such hurt and despair to another sim.

There was no doubt in Sun’s mind that she was the worst, most selfish sim to be found in Simworld. Since she had revealed her life secret to the family, it was as if Maya had lost the strength to carry on, aging in years over night.Screenshot-44Ian begged and pleaded with her to snap out of it and get up, but no amount of talking seemed to register in Maya’s blank stare. Sun and Ian had no idea what to do to help Maya cope with the news about her best friend, or where to even start. So they cared for her the best they could, hoping and praying she herself would eventually snap out of this state of depression.

They took shifts watching her; Ian bathed Maya and spoon fed her liquid meals in hopes of keeping up her strength, while Sun checked on her in between. When she wasn’t staring off into space, little things would throw her into fits of crying. One evening, Ian came to spoon feed Maya some soup when she suddenly pushed him away eyes wide in fear and began to cry. Ian had no idea what had happened, but while wiping the spilled soup off his shirt he realized he had worn the Eiffel tower one. He made a mental note never to wear that shirt again.Screenshot-9Aria was a loyal friend to Maya sensing the need to keep watch over her when no one was near. She only left Maya’s side, when another member of the family took over watch. Ian was forced to sleep in Jin’s bed as Aria would not give him the other side.

A few days later, Sun popped in to check on Maya while Ian was sleeping in Jin’s bed, as she did frequently throughout the day. Maya appeared to be in a very deep sleep, yet when she tried to leave, Maya grabbed Sun’s hand.

“Sun?”Screenshot-27“Well hello there sleepy head. Nice to see you awake for a change.”

“Do you forgive me?”

Sun looked to Maya with confusion on her face and sat next to her on the bed. “Forgive you? Forgive you for what?”

Screenshot-29“I took your mother away from you. Its all my fault.” Maya burst into tears.

Sun sat back down onto the bed.

“You need to listen to me. I really need you to hear me Maya. This is not your fault! This is his fault. Shen did this to my mother not you. If you hadn’t gotten away from him, it WOULD have been you.”

“But your mother-”

“Maya! You probably knew my mother better than anyone in this Simworld. Do you really think she would have wanted you to stay married to that monster? My mother, she is at peace. Please, please leave her there! I had a good life Maya. My mothers’ were very, very good to me and I wouldn’t change anything about my life.”

Sun wiped the tears from Maya’s face. Softly she said, “Imagine a life without Jin. That handsome, wonderful sim you brought into this Simworld. Think about him in all this. If not Jin, for that husband of yours in the other room who loves you more than his own life. Didn’t he deserve to be happy too?”

Maya closed her eyes and slightly nodded her head.

“No more talk about forgiveness. Okay? There is absolutely nothing to forgive. Now, since you are awake, how about a little food? Food always does a body good, don’t you think? Maybe something with chocolate???”

Maya nodded again and Sun got up to leave the room, but just as she was passing the doorway, she head Maya mumble ever so quietly.

“Sun never would have left me behind.”

Sun rolled her eyes and kept walking. Evidently it was going to take more time and more talking to get Maya to understand. By the time Sun returned, Maya had fallen asleep. Sun left the plate beside her bed in hopes that Maya would eat a little the next time she woke up. The next morning, the plate was still untouched.

“I don’t know what else I can say to her Ian. I should have just kept the secret to myself! I was just so scared. Scared I’m going to be forced to go back to China and marry that man. I couldn’t bare it Ian! I will kill myself before I go back to him.”

“Now now. That will never happen. No one here is ever going to let you go and I doubt that Shen would even have a clue where to find you. It was like Jin was somehow led to you that day when he met you in France. Don’t you think? You were meant to be here with us. To be part of our family and for us to keep you safe.”

Ian pulled Sun into a fatherly hug. “I will go and try to talk some sense into her. See if I get anywhere.”

When Ian entered the room, Maya was awake and lying on her side staring across the Screenshot-46room.

“Well my beautiful wife. I must say I am completely frustrated and disappointed in you. Do you know you have that lovely young lady downstairs completely twisted up in knots?”

Maya turned to look at Ian.

“While you lay up here, she is walking around feeling like she is the most evil, selfish sim the Simworld has ever seen! I’ve got both women in this house crying their eyes out and I’m drowning in tears. You have got to get it through your head. This was not your fault!”

“We killed her Ian. We left her behind! I should have seen what would happen. I should have thought-”

“Maya,” Ian said exasperated. “Sun never would have left with us. You are so tied up in your guilt that you are forgetting just how deep rooted she was to China and your small village. If you had tried to drag her out it would have been kicking and screaming. She never would have left her family.”

Maya reached up and touched Ian’s face. “We should have tried.”Screenshot-48“Maya Bell, I have never in my whole time of being married to you, lost my temper, but I want you to know that I am putting my foot down. Enough is enough! I want you to get out of this bed, shower and come downstairs. Sun wants to get more pictures for the baby book. You are going to do that. So get up!”Screenshot-49Ian pulled her to her feet, made sure she was steady and walked out. He was fuming and needed his space. He loved his wife dearly but this depression was going to stop, if it was the last thing he did.

Maya walked to the mirror and looked at herself. She didn’t recognize the reflection of the sim anymore.Screenshot-50 (1)She would never see herself as anything other than selfish and unworthy of all the happiness she had ever experienced. For in her self centered need to get away from Shen, she had taken a life and that she could never take back.

Maya did as she was asked, first showering then dressing in a comfortable full length dress that fit over her very expanded pregnant stomach. She was sore all over which she attributed to lying in bed for so long and she was glad. It was most befitting her mood and definitely what she deserved.

Downstairs she sat at the kitchen table, never looking up when Sun came over and began to play with her hair.Screenshot-3 (1)“I was thinking Maya, that you need a hair cut. New do for the pictures. What do ya think?”Screenshot-2 (1)When Sun finished cutting Maya’s hair, she led her to the bathroom so she could check it out in the mirror.Screenshot-4Maya resisted at first, but didn’t want to upset Sun, so she pretended to look. Sun had done a good job with the cut so she turned to give her a hug and thank her.

Screenshot-10 (1)Outside Ian took Maya by the hand and pulled her to him.

“Remember so long ago when you were pregnant and we took pics together on the boat? Jin loved those pics and had the photo album out all the time when he was little. He will loves these too.”

Maya couldn’t help herself, but all she could think about was the truth. Jin had those photo albums out all the time because she wasn’t there. She wasn’t a mother to him. Just another example of how selfish she really was. She tried to smile for the photos the best she could.


Screenshot-13 (1)

Screenshot-14 (1)


Screenshot-17By the time the photos were done, Maya was feeling so uncomfortable that she made her way to the beach where she climbed into a chair and promptly fell asleep.

Screenshot-11Ian joined her just to keep an eye on her and she woke up to find him watching the water rolling in on the beach.Screenshot-12 (1)“How are you feeling,” he asked her.

“Just a little stiff and sore,” she replied trying to hide the discomfort she was feeling.Screenshot-13 (2)“We should maybe go inside. Its getting a little chilly out here.”

“Actually I think maybe I will just sit here for a bit and watch the waves roll in. I will be in soon,”
Ian gave her a quick kiss. “Okay but don’t be too long.” Maya shook her head and watched him walk away.

As soon as he was out of sight, she sat back down on the chair. She really was feeling quite poorly and she hoped she wasn’t getting sick again. The pain that had increased in her torso and she was now feeling a great pressure on her back.

After a few moments of sitting in the chair, she thought perhaps a
dip in the hot tub would help with the sore muscles and it did, for a little while. Until she Screenshot-14 (2)felt on large stabbing pain right in the middle of her belly. Breathing through the pain, she thought perhaps she should get out, but before she could climb out of the tub, another searing pain struck her belly.

Maya was starting to panic. This can’t be labour! She still had a month to go before the baby was due. Oh that she was sure. Plus, she knew she had only had one baby but she didn’t think this was normal labour either. She tried to call out for Ian, but was struck by another stabbing pain, that nearly dropped her to her knees.Screenshot-34Then again.Screenshot-31“Help,” Maya tried to cry, but all that came out was a whispered plea.Screenshot-42 (1)I can’t do this she thought and was struck again. There was no time in between contractions as the pain began to quickly overwhelm her, rooting her to the spot. Her muscles we so strained, she was unable to take a step and get herself back to the boat.

Suddenly Ian appeared, threw her dress over her head and picked her up, making an immediate hurry back to the boat. The minute, he picked her up, some of the pain lessened and she was able to catch her breath before the next pain hit.

Maya was scared and feared the worst.

She kissed her husband pouring all the love she felt for him into those few seconds.

Ian stepped into the boat and began yelling for Sun, who had snuck away to the basement to do a little ballet workout while the parents were otherwise occupied away from the boat.

She raced upstairs and found Ian lying Maya on Jin’s bed. The minute her body hit the bed, the searing pain started again.

Hours later, Maya had screamed her voice hoarse from the intense stabbing pain. She drifted in and out of consciousness, coming to with every intense wave that attacked her body.
Sun hadn’t seen many babies born, but she was sure this was not normal and pulling Ian aside, she begged him to get her to a hospital.Screenshot-25 (1)“Please Ian! Something is not right. We need to get help!”

“There is no where to go, we would get to on time.”

Sun help back tears and gripped his shirt. He held her gaze and in his eyes, Sun could see the anguish he was also feeling, seeing his wife go through such an ordeal.

Suddenly from the room, Maya started screaming “Help, I need, I need to push!”

Sun rushed to Maya’s side while Ian got ready to see his child be born.

Maya pushed with all her might for two more hours, struggling and straining with every pain. Finally and long after Maya had given all she could….

Jade Pearl Sun Bell was born with bright chestnut brown eyes and light skin resembling Screenshot-57her mothers. She was a bubbly, quiet baby and even though she arrived a month early, she appeared to be fine in every way.
Ian put her in her crib and went back to help his wife get cleaned up and tucked her into their marital bed for some much needed sleep.

Jade was fast asleep as well so Ian and Sun went downstairs to make a quick meal to eat. All was quiet on the boat with both pets sleeping and the only sound to be heard was the exhausted chewing of two very happy sims.

Maya had barely had time to see her daughter before Ian whisked her away to her crib. She was exhausted and very weak, but she was determined to see her before she went to sleep.

Creeping into the nursery she found Jade awake and cooing. She gently picked her up, trying hard not to disturb her incredibly sore tummy, more than it already was.

Screenshot-27 (1)Jade fit perfect snuggled into her chest and she smelled that baby smell, that made her heart swell even more. Her only wish was that Jin was here to see her and meet his new baby sister. She was so precious with her pretty face and tiny fingers grasping Maya’s finger.




Maya blew raspberries into her tummy and raised Jade high above her head.

Screenshot-29 (1)











Suddenly Maya’s vision went fuzzy around the sides and she grasped the crib to steady herself. She was feeling so dizzy she placed Jade back into her crib, but the motion of bending over, blackened her vision again. A sharp pain shot across her stomach knocking her to her knees and she struggled to catch her breath.




Screenshot-26 (1)Then all at once, everything went black.

From downstairs in the kitchen, Ian and Sun heard a loud thump and took off running upstairs. Sun ran for the master bedroom, but Ian ran for the nursery.

Lying on the floor by the crib was Maya and he screamed her name, bringing Sun racing in.Screenshot-53“No, no, no, no! Maya! Maya!”

Sun covered her face but slowly sank to her knees beside Maya.Screenshot-54
Please Please Please she whispered as she checked Maya for a pulse. It took all she had to look at Ian and shake her head no at him. Ian gently picked up his wife to cradle her in his arms while he cried and begged her to come back to him.

“Please Maya. Please Please Please.  Don’t leave me sweetie.Screenshot-55I  love you Maya. This isn’t the way it is supposed to happen. I’m supposed to go first. Our baby needs you, I need you. Come back to me baby.”

Ian buried his face into Maya’s neck and wept. “I can’t do this without you.”

Sun backed up to give Ian some privacy but before she could leave the room, the Grimm appeared. Ian and Sun held up their hands to hold him back from taking Maya, but in the wisp of a wind, Maya was gone.Screenshot-68Then to their horror the Grimm pointed at Jade.Screenshot-70They begged and bartered with the Grimm to please leave Jade with them.Screenshot-71To give her a chance to live her life as Maya would have wanted. Slowly he floated over to the crib and they began to cry even harder, terrified that before they could get him to listen, he would take her from them. Protective, Sun stood in front of the crib, letting him know she was not going to let him take the baby, no matter who he was.

To their relief, the Grimm conceded and to thank him for leaving Jade with them, they bowed to him.Screenshot-79He turned and began floating out of the room when Aria suddenly lunged at him, crying in loud cat cries. The Grimm nodded to Aria, understanding her need to be with her owner.Screenshot-80He raised his hand and Aria stretched up like she was reaching for something. Within seconds she was gone. Sophie was devastated and began to cry, as dogs do when they are in despair.

The Grimm looked around the room and seeming satisfied with all he had done he vanished as quickly as he had come.

Over the course of the next few days Ian was completely inconsolable over the death of his wife.Screenshot-64

After making a call to give the news to Jin, he spent hours rocking or just sitting in the chair in the nursery, never picking up his daughter.




Sun took over all duties, caring for Jade, cooking meals and cleaning the house.

Screenshot-11 (1)



The first task she took to was stripping Jin’s bed, making the bed and washing the soiled sheets from Jade’s birth.

As soon as she began that task, the washing machine broke down and she had absolutely no way to fix it.

Ian refused to sleep in any bed, finding places all around the boat to take short naps.


Screenshot-2 (2)After the second day, Sun suggested that it was time to have a proper funeral to say goodbye to Maya. For even though she had been too busy to cry, she was also grieving for a woman she considered to be another mother and she needed to let her go. She wanted Maya to be at peace as she believed her own mother was.

Ian agreed and they dressed in their funeral attire. Ian moved the headstone to his favourite spot behind the barn where he would do all his fishing. Sun plant a few bushes and together they said some lovely words in tribute to all Maya had meant to them.Screenshot-4 (1)Sun felt that watching Ian say goodbye to his wife was a very personal moment and left him alone, while keeping an eye on him from the boat. Letting Maya go was more than Ian could handle as he fell to his knees in complete despair. Sun led him back to the boat, while holding back tears of her own. Suddenly he turned to her, frantically grabbing her shoulders.

“You have to promise me that you will take care of my daughter. I’m not going to be here much longer and I need to know you will keep her safe.”

“Ian, you don’t even need to ask-”

“Promise me. Promise me that you won’t give her up for adoption. Stay with her till Jin arrives. Marry my son and give her the happy life she would have had.”

Sun could see the fear in Ian’s eyes and even though she would never do anything else but what he was asking, she gave him the promise he was so frantic to have. “I will Ian. I will love her like she is my own.”

Ian seemed to quickly deflate in hearing Sun’s promise to him. It was if a great weight had been lifted off his shoulders. That night, Sun was able to get him to sleep in the master bed with Sophie at his side.

She still couldn’t get him to eat. The next day he began to vomit, although there was nothing but stomach bile as he hadn’t eaten in three days.

Later that day she sat him down at the table and told him he wasn’t leaving till he had eaten everything from the bowl she had placed in front of him. It took three hours, but eventually he did finish the meal, yet ate nothing else the rest of the day.Screenshot-16

Screenshot-94The next morning, Sun was at the kitchen sink washing dishes when from behind her she heard Ian come down the stairs. Suddenly Sophie began to bark and Sun turned just in time to see a bright flash of light.


Screenshot-95In a state of shock, Sun barely had time to make it across the room before the Grimm appeared in front of her.Screenshot-99

Ian stretched out his hand and greeted the Grimm like an old friend saying to him “What took you so long?”

The Grimm made his eerie laughing sound and before Sun even had a chance to shed a single tear, Ian was gone.

She didn’t know how long she had been standing there before she finally came back to reality. The boat was solemnly quiet and she suddenly became very aware,Screenshot-101

that other than Jade and Sophie, she was now all alone.

CC Used In This Chapter


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  1. 😭😭😭 I’m not crying, you’re crying! This chapter was so sad. My heart hurts. I’m over here sick in bed reading very good but sad writing. Tears slowly slipping out of my eyes. This isn’t fair!


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