Chapter 18 A New Beginning





The moment Ian vanished with the Grimm, Sun rushed up to Jade’s crib and gathered her into her arms. Other than the cooing of Jade and the tapping of Sophie’s nails on the hard wood floor, there were no other sounds to be heard. Sun felt her senses come alive, goosebumps all over her body, ears straining for noises that weren’t there and eyes looking for evil around every corner.

There was no way he was going to take Jade. The instinct to run and hide was coursing through her veins, but where does one hide from the Grimm?
Sophie, stood there staring up at Sun with a confused look on her face. Sun wondered if Sophie was thinking the same thing about her. For in the blink of four days, half her family had disappeared. Did she understand what that meant, or was she sensing Sun’s fear and responding to that? Staring into Sophie’s eyes brought to mind many memories of times lost and then fear turned to grief.

She felt it like a large strong hand pressing down on her and she sunk to her knees, Screenshot-3gasping for air. She carefully laid Jade on the ground beside her bursting into tears as she did so and cried the tears she carried for days in her bid to be strong for Ian. Her family was gone, how could this be? Why? Why did this happen? ‘I’m all alone’ she thought. ‘I’m frightened and all alone.’


Screenshot-4Jin. Oh my, no. I have to call Jin.

Sun shook her head. ‘How do you tell someone you love, he just lost both his parents and he was not here. He wasn’t here. And its all my fault. He will hate me forever!’Screenshot-8


After some time, Sun gathered herself, took a big breath and pulled out her phone to call Jin. ‘He will come home now,’ she thought. ‘Then I won’t be alone. I can’t do this alone.’

Screenshot-10Sun held the phone to her ear and counted the rings, dreading the sound of his voice but longing to hear it too. After 6 rings, it went to voice mail. She didn’t think this was news you left someone over voicemail and she put her phone away, with hopes that she would be better able to handle it the next time she called.


Jade, who had been quiet through all Sun’s tears, suddenly demanded attention and Sun picked her up to rock her in the chair. She needed to figure out what to do next, however not experiencing a lot of death she was unsure as to what to do. She did remember, Maya and Ian talking about friends off and on.
What were their names? The Bears, the Beyers, something like that and some family in a Screenshot-2place called Sunset Valley, but to who she couldn’t remember. Did she make a public announcement? Would they want that?

Really, shouldn’t Jin be doing this anyway?

Looking down at Jade, Sun felt incredible sadness, for she would never know the true depth of all she had lost. Losing her own mother at such a young age, Sun felt a type of sadness for the ‘idea’ of it all. Every child is born to a mother and a father, regardless if they are together, or what kind of people they are. For Sun the loss of her mother was like an open door, or a black hole, something she knew was missing in her life, even though she didn’t know exactly what that was.

But Sun knew the wonderful parents that Maya and Ian were and it was that knowledge that made it all the more sad. Maya should have lived a longer life, long enough to see Jade grow up, bounce her grandchildren on her knee, and teach them all how to paint. Jade had her and Jin to fill that memory for her and she would do all she could so that Jade didn’t grow up feeling she was missing a piece of herself, like Sun had.

The Grimm hadn’t arrived but that didn’t mean Sun trusted he still wouldn’t. She didn’t know if her deep fear was simply just for Jade, or if it had a little to do with being left alone on the island. No matter what it was, there was no way she was going to let Jade leave her side.Screenshot-6


Jade went everywhere Sun went and at the end of the day, she also slept in Sun’s bed with the door locked. Sun even considered shoving the dresser across the door, but she realized how ridiculous she was being and left it be.Screenshot-7After a week of Jade sleeping in the same bed with her, she moved the crib to her room so they both could get a better nights sleep.

Sun continued on as she had before, taking care of Jade and Sophie while attempting to get a minimal amount of housework and gardening done as best as she could. Caring for an infant was more work than she ever could imagine, but she was loving the close bond she was developing with this tiny little sim.

She did her best to capture every moment in pictures for Jade’s baby book. They spent Screenshot-11much of their time on the island soaking up the sunshine that soon would be leaving them. Jade loved being outside and sometimes when she was really fussy, all it took was to take her outside to the beach, and lay her down on her play mat. She would begin to kick her legs, babble and coo all different sounds that just made Sun’s heart burst with love.       Sun had made phone call after phone call to Jin with no answer. On the third try she decided that she had better start leaving him messages so he would understand the urgency in him calling her back.

“Jin, it’s Sun. Please call me back.”

“Jin, I need you to call me back. It’s important we talk.”

“Jin, please answer! Its urgent!”

She had probably called him twenty times, all at different times of the day and different days of the week. Sun didn’t understand what could be wrong and what his indifference to her could possibly mean. Did he not love her anymore? She had resigned herself to the fact that he wasn’t going to call. Fall was fast approaching and his parents had been gone three months now.Screenshot-28The mornings and evenings were chilly and she spent those times in front of the fire with Jade to keep warm. They had settled into a comfortable routine and together they were very happy.

Jade was growing so fast.Screenshot-003She had just begun rolling over and pushing herself up in a half push up. Sun didn’t think it would be very long until she began to pull herself up and crawl. Things were about to get very exciting!

One morning Sun was preparing herself breakfast when she suddenly remembered she hadn’t checked the mail box in about three weeks.Screenshot-24She dashed out to the box and pulled out a handful of mail and dashed back inside. Rubbing her arms to get warm, she looked through the pile of junk mail, till she came upon a letter for Maya that looked official, then another. She wasn’t sure what to do. It wasn’t for her so open it or not? She pondered that while she finished her breakfast and then decided since they looked important, she had better see what they were about.


With each word Sun read, her heart slowly sank into her stomach. This couldn’t possibly Screenshot-005be true!  As the first letter read, Maya had been in default on the loan payment of the boat for two months. She needed to call the bank and make arrangements to rectify the situation. The third letter was not any better. A third payment had been missed and the bank was giving Maya till this date to make good on the loan payments, or they were sending a company out to repossess the boat. Checking the calendar, she realized she only had two weeks before that would happen!Screenshot-006Sun slowly sank down into the chair. How could this be? She thought Ian and Maya owned this boat, which meant she and Jade would have a home here forever. What was she to do now? She was literally stranded on this island! If she knew anything about boats, she could drive it away and find civilization but as it was, she didn’t even know where she was! She had never cared to know until now.

You will not cry she told herself. There is a way out of this. There has to be a way out of this! She could call the bank and explain the situation, but she worried that would only make things worse for herself. She laughed sarcastically, what could be worse than having no home with winter approaching and a baby to care for? Get a grip Sun.

It was now more imperative than ever that she get in touch with Jin! She spent the rest of the day calling his phone, leaving messages for him that became more and more intense as the day went on. Yet he never answered, and he never called her back. Where are you Jin? Sun started to frantically search drawers for anything that might look like paperwork that would tell her anything about Jin or family friends, but there was nothing to find. Ian’s computer! But it had a password, and any suggestions she could think of, was not the answer.

Sun tucked Jade into her crib that night and crawled into bed. She tossed and turned, desperate for sleep but also to find a solution to this problem as well. Sitting up, she stared out the window and watched the waves, only able to see the tips as they rolled over in the moonlight. Jade made a noise in her sleep and Sun got up to check on her, tucking her in to make sure she was warm enough. Outside, she could see the deer eating the grass on the island and of course, Meeko skulking around in his creepy manner as he always did. It wasn’t quite a full moon, but it was bright enough to see much of the island. She loved this place, even with its isolation. Where would she go if she had to leave? She had no money, no way to support herself and Jade. Did she have legal right to Jade if she did leave? She didn’t figure so and there was no way she would ever leave Jade.

“I promise to love her like my own,” she had vowed to Ian.

To never put her up for adoption and she never would. On the island they were protected from all things Simworld. No one knew about Jade. She supposed she could pass Jade off as her own biological daughter, but somehow that just seemed wrong; disloyal in every way to Ian and Maya. So she didn’t have a choice, she had to stay here. The boat would leave.

Which meant they would need shelter, and then it dawned on her. She checked on Jade one more time, walked downstairs and out onto the island. She had never been in the barn before, never had a need to, so she decided to check it out. It was her best option and she just hoped it was in as good a shape as it looked.Screenshot-004


She entered into the barn and looked around. She didn’t know where the light switch was but on the side wall she could see the outline of a ladder. Up she climbed to the second storey to look around where she found Jin’s table, the toy making machine Ian had used to make a few items for Jade and Jin’s tent.Screenshot-007She could use the tent, but Jade needed someplace to sleep and looking at that ladder, it wasn’t going to be easy to get anything up here.

‘I can do this,’ she thought.

Well lets face it, she really didn’t have a choice. This was her only solution and it was going to be a lot of work! Two weeks was not a lot of time either.


The next day she made a list of the few things she thought she would be able to move, which wasn’t much considering, but she was determined to make sure that Jade had everything her mother had provided for her.

The walls need a coat of paint and she found some tucked into the corner of the main floor of the barn. Luckily it wasn’t purple!Screenshot-009She swept the floor and gave it a good scrubbing. Then began moving up what she could, which wasn’t much. Especially through the small opening in the floor for the ladder. That wasn’t something she had thought about but she decided she herself could do without. She didn’t need a bed or a couch or even a t.v., but how to get the crib up was the big question. Eventually she realized that even with taking the crib apart, there was no way she would ever get it upstairs. Not only that, how was she going to climb up and down with Jade in her arms? Sophie couldn’t come upstairs either unless Sun found a way to carry her as well and she didn’t want Sophie to start back tracking in her potty training. One child was enough to keep clean!

She did the only thing she could think of. She sold the toy making machine and the inventors table to put in a set of stairs and pocketed the rest of the money for safe keeping. She didn’t want to start selling off the Bell possessions but what else was she to do? At least for now, the crib would make it upstairs.

By the time the two weeks were up, Sun had moved all of Jade’s furniture from her room and a few odds and ends stored on the main floor of the barn. She didn’t know exactly when they would be coming for the boat, but she figured she might as well just move to the barn and be done with it. She had installed an all in one bathroom with a bit of the money so she wouldn’t have to go out in the dark in the middle of the night and leave Jade alone in the barn. By then, her money was pretty well gone.

There was one last thing she needed to do. It was time to put Ian’s urn in the ground next to his wife. Okay yes she knew it was selfish of her to have not done so before! But she just couldn’t make herself do it, for it made it all so FINAL. She never had a father and even though, she still didn’t know if Ian was her’s, he was in the short period she knew him, the best father she could have known. She was having a hard time letting him go! For Ian she planted an apple tree, which was his favourite fruit. She laid Jade on the ground between her parents graves and took a picture. Luckily the little snickerdoodle decided to stay still for her!

Two days later, the men arrived to take away the boat, and with Jade in her arms she met Screenshot-010them on the dock.


The man introduced himself as George and then pointed to his son Marcello. The men immediately felt sorry for her and the circumstances she had found herself in and offered to move the furniture off the boat and into the barn for her.

Screenshot-012 It was like they had been sent as a blessing from above. They were very strong men and in no time they had removed everything from the boat she needed.


Screenshot-89She stood with Jade in her arms and took one last look around.

Screenshot-90Then with her head held high, she left the boat for the last time, ready to start the new chapter of her life.


CC Used In This Chapter

With Love by Lenina 90
Cleaning Floor Animation by ItsSims3Animated
Little Ones Pose Pack
Camera Pose Pack by traelia (includes camera)
Broken Hearts Pose Pack by Severinka

Other CC  Letters for pose pack-Here    Cloth for cleaning floor-Here


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