Chapter 22 Eddy Returns To Bridgeport

Eddy arrived back in Bridgeport and after a five hour plane ride and trip by car back to the Montegrande mansion he was still steaming mad.  How dare she!  It was one thing to hide herself from him.  But to do it with his aunt and uncle, who had as much disdain for him as he them, was pretty much unforgivable.  He never would have pegged Maya for such an ungrateful selfish wench.  After all he had done for her. She should be begging him to come and take HER back.

Eddy came charging up the sidewalk to the front gate and pushed his way through with this dialogue running in his head.  Just as he stepped through the gate, he saw the Montegrande’s daughter who had been trying to get his attention from the first day he arrived.  He grabbed her arm and pulled her to him roughly, kissing her forcefully until she was breathless.Screenshot-90 (1)
With his hand still gripping her arm, he stormed his way across the backyard to the hot tub, stripped them both of clothes and pulled her down into the tub.  He began kissing her again, pushing her back against the side of the tub and climbed on top of her.

He knew he was being too rough and that her face would be scratched from his unshaven beard from the last few days, but he just didn’t care.  He continued to kiss her and pulled her into the hot water to woo hoo.


He was not gentle, using her body to punish Maya for all the anger he was feeling. Finding his release, he pulled back away from her and fought to gain control of his breathing.  But it wasn’t enough. He took one look at her and was angry all over again so he pulled her under for a second time, pushing harder until he found his second release.


When he surfaced he laid back against the edge of the tub until his heart calmed down and his breathing relaxed.  He was feeling a little better and incredibly exhausted, so he left her to make his way to bed. He should probably be feeling a little guilty, because he assumed it had been her first time.  But he didn’t.  She had practically been begging for it since he first arrived in Bridgeport.  He just gave her what she wanted and judging by all the pleasurable noises she was making, she had no complaints.  He was sure she had enjoyed herself immensely. Perhaps tomorrow he would remember to ask her name, if he cared a little more by then, which he sincerely doubted.

The next morning he woke late, feeling a touch of jet lag and still a little angry at Maya’s stinging rejection.  The band had no plans to play or practise that day, but that didn’t really matter.  He was the lead of the band.  If he wanted to sleep in then it was his prerogative to do so.  Leaving the bedroom he was met in the hallway by his band mates who were concerned about his behaviour the night before.

Screenshot-114 (1)

“Man, what were you thinking?  She is the daughter of our host.”
“You’re lucky I saw what was going on and stopped her father.  He was just about to walk out in the back yard.”Screenshot-117

“You need to get your head on straight.  Go out to a lounge and find a woman there if that is what you need to do.  We’ll go tonight.”

Eddy had to admit that they were right.  He wasn’t thinking straight and he had let his anger rule his behaviour.  He didn’t regret it, but he would make sure that he was unavailable from this moment on so that it couldn’t happen again.

Just after dinner the four of them landed a gig to play at the Waylon’s Haunt bar.  It was a packed crowd who danced and sang along to the music.


The women were plentiful and all seemed to have an eye for Eddy.  He danced with many a woman and signed quite a few autographs, but one woman really caught his eye.  As the crowd began to thin out and the paparazzi left for the evening, he decided it was time to make his final move.  She was up to his flirting and was quite aggressive herself, leading him to the photo booth out back.Screenshot-129

She had a smoking hot body but the woo hoo itself wasn’t really all that great.  Not like itScreenshot-123 was between him and Maya. There was just something about Maya that pushed all the right buttons and rang all the right bells. He didn’t think that was love though, just chemistry. They had really great chemistry.  They at least always got that part right.

The band arrived home around three in the morning and each tip toed to their bedrooms in hopes of not waking the household.  Eddy was about to hop into bed when he turned to see that same daughter in his bedroom standing behind him. She blew him a kiss and offered to give him a massage.

Screenshot-101 (1)

He didn’t know if it was because the last woman was such a disappointment, but once she threw herself into his arms he was doomed.

Before he knew it he was back in bed with the Montegrande’s daughter.


Hot little piece of ass, she was exactly what he needed and when he was done, he sent her on her way, so that no one would find out what they had done.  He would try to find the time tomorrow to explain to her that it could never happen again and perhaps maybe learn her name as well.

He didn’t get much sleep that night because he had another filming day for the movie he was in with Paola called Love After Death. It was a challenging part which forced him to get in touch with emotions he kept buried very deep. Those forgotten emotions brought up all kinds of memories of his mother and the pain he felt when she left. He was severely struggling and he couldn’t wait for the filming to be done.

They had one more day of filming which was just retakes and then the movie premier in a week’s time.

The write up of the movie:

Eddy Mullins, stars as Michael Buddy and Paola Montegrande stars as Simollina Buddy. Two once happily married parents, who must learn to love again after the loss of their three year old daughter KYM, played by Lucie, to leukaemia. Take this journey with them as they deal with her death, walk away from their marriage only to find one another again.

Untitled drawing (59)

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 22 Eddy Returns To Bridgeport

  1. Ooooh, I loved that last picture of the movie poster – very well done! 😀 Hmmm I guess Eddy has deeper issues than I imagined – I believe it all boils down to his mother abandoning him in an early age… I still feel a little sorry for him, but his issues don’t give him the excuse of treating other people so badly!


  2. Oh man! Eddy really does have some issues there. This guy needs some major therapy. I imagine a lot of it has to do with his mother, their relationship, and her leaving him. It sounds like he really didn’t have much of a family life.

    I love the picture of the movie poster. Great job!

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