Chapter 23 Eddy! Eddy! Eddy!

Eddy was just about to step into the shower when his phone rang. He considered not picking it up and stepping in under the hot water, but the phone just kept on ringing, which could really only be one person. Begrudgingly he answered his phone.

“What do you want Jerry?”

“Funny guy Eddy.  What would you have done if it wasn’t me?”

“But it was you, wasn’t it.  So, once again, what do you want?”

“Ya know, remind me to sit down and have a chat with you about your attitude sometime.  But, right now I am calling because I got a call from your band mates who are worried about you and think you might be spiraling out of control.  What’s going on Eddy?  Things aren’t sounding so good.”

“So what.  Since when did you become my father?”

“I’m the band manager Eddy.  I’m in charge of the band’s welfare and the band’s reputation.  You screw up, it reflects badly on the whole band.  And Eddy-you’re beginning to screw it up.”

“That may be your opinion Jerry.  It’s not mine.  I’ve been careful.  Seen anything hit the news lately?”

“Fine Eddy.  I get it.  You’re mad at Maya.  Hell, you’re mad at the whole world.  We all get it.  But doing what you are doing isn’t going to bring Maya back, if that is even what you want.  What do you want Eddy?”

Eddy began to pace the bathroom floor rubbing his eyes with the palm of his hand.

“I don’t know.  I DON’T KNOW what I want!” he said in frustration and with a little less attitude.

Jerry sighed loudly.  “Well until you do you have to find a way to relax man before you do something you will seriously regret.  Go have a massage, do a workout at the gym.  Do something to shake it off and clear your head.  Before it is too late.  Remember, I’m here to talk to anytime you need someone to listen.”

Eddy hung up the phone and tossed it on the counter.  Jerry was right, he was a little out of control but he seriously didn’t know what his end game was.  Right now all he really wanted to do was toss every available female onto her back and pump himself into them as hard and as many times as he could until he felt better or he figured out just what to do next.  He had no idea where he stood with Maya. Were they dating, were they broken up?  Did he even want her back in the first place?  It was all so confusing! The only thing he knew for sure, was without Maya he was free to be more like himself!   No walking around pretending to be this nice guy supposedly considering someone else’s needs instead of his own. It felt as if a heavy cloak had been weighing him down and making him miserable, had finally been lifted. Gawd it felt amazing!  But to succeed it couldn’t last.   He needed Maya for his reputation and for her money.  She was going to be the ticket to his continuing success in the music world.  They had already been named “Favourite Celebrity Couple”. He couldn’t imagine what else they could accomplish just from that.  Even though he was already a fifth level celebrity his popularity had skyrocketed since he had started dating her. The band benefited from that by booking a ton of more gigs and from selling more music.  At this rate, he could have himself almost completely booked for the next four months.  Plus lets face it, Maya was not bad to look at and exceptional in the bedroom. He never got bored in that respect.  If he could only get her to do what he wanted and follow him like any other drooling fan he gave his time.  

Eddy stopped pacing and stared at his reflection in the mirror.  Perhaps, some time at the “spa” would do him good after all.  It would surely help with his stress level, he thought with a chuckle. Eddy hopped into the shower and let the hot water just run down over his head and shoulders soothing his fowl temper and relaxing the tense muscles in his neck.  He stood under the shower head for quite some time, weighing his options in his mind.  If he knew exactly what he wanted from his life, these decisions would be easily made.  Apart from his music career, he never gave anything else much thought.  Beside, he was only 24 years old.  Way too young to be thinking about anything serious like marriage, which was an institution he wasn’t sure he even believed in.  It certainly didn’t work out for his parents.  Yet if it was what he needed to do to keep this good reputation train on the right track, Maya would be a good choice.  Although he didn’t know if Maya wanted to be married.

Realizing where his train of thought had taken him, he shivered at the thought.  What was the matter with him!  He had never planned to have a long time girlfriend let alone get married.  Maya had been the first woman he had spent any great deal of time with.  Snag em, bed them and say goodbye.  That was his motto and had been working just fine for him since his first woo hoo at the age of 15.  It wasn’t like he had to try hard.  The ladies just took one look at him and became putty in his hands. He had to admit he was a really gorgeous guy.

The water had taken a definite dip in temperature, so he got out dried off and dressed in his tight black jeans and dress shirt with a plan to head to the spa.  The thought of returning to a Karma Simptra spa was just too tempting to pass up.  Picking up his phone, he called into the local spa to see what opportunities there were for him.  Two hundred dollars wasn’t a lot of money but every little bit helped.  If he was lucky, he would have time to fit two appointments in before he was needed with the band. The anticipation of the thought was almost more than he could physically control.

A couple of days later, Eddy received another phone call from Jerry.

“What’s up Jer?”

“Wow.  That’s a change.  Feeling better Eddy?”

“I think I can say I’ve been doing better.  Why?”

“Well, I’ve had an idea.  I’ve set up a meeting with Lola Bell.  Thought maybe you should get to know her.”

“Lola Bell?  Are you kidding me?


She’s OLD!  She’s an old person fooling herself she is still young!  Why Jerry?”
“It’s all about the money Eddy.  If Maya isn’t going to fit the bill, you need a backup plan.  Lola is your back up.  Take her out.  Use your charm, bat your eyelashes a bit, I don’t know, do what you do that seems to work with the ladies. Give it a try.”

“Fine.” Eddy grumbled  “When?”

Eddy met Lola at the Plasma 501 that very evening.

His first impression of Lola was just as he thought.  OLD and UGLY.

Okay sure she was only 42 so not really all that old.  But she looked like she had lived a really hard life. Her body was thin and taut, but was so over tanned you could imagine your hand being coated in the stuff just from touching her.  It made her skin look like she was the equivalent of ten heavy smokers.  She wore too much makeup and her hair, which was currently white blond was so over dyed, it had given up any chance of being healthy a long time ago.  She wore silver sunglasses, even though it was night time, of which he was glad because he had caught a glimpse of her eyes and he shivered at what he saw.  She must have been some kind of hard partier in her youth to look the way she did now. What scared him even more was he saw all this in the dim light of the bar.  What would she possibly look like in the daylight!  But he would try his best.

They didn’t spend a lot of time talking.  Lola immediately went to play a set on stage which had the small crowd enthused at her music.  Lola had been a famous rock star since before she was his age and still held her popularity to this day.  He could see the logic behind the two of them getting together.  Like minds and like life styles.  It could definitely work.  After she quit her set the bar basically emptied of only a few patrons.  So Eddy got up and played a few of his songs for her and then even went so far as to sing her a love song.

 Show her a good time, bat my eyelashes, do what I do….so he did just as he was told to do.

All the while thinking about how famous he could become with Lola at his side.

She was ready for him.  As if she had come with the pre conceived notion as to what was going to happen.

If he just closed his eyes and used his imagination, he could get through.  In his arms her body was smoking hot and she kissed like you wouldn’t believe!

When they finished in the elevator, he politely excused himself and went to the washroom.  Fighting the urge to gag and throw up, he washed out his mouth several times and then looked at himself in the mirror. Not the best woo hoo he had ever had.  It was clear she had never had that experience in an elevator before but certainly didn’t lack for enthusiasm.  She might just be the good little playmate in a bed if only he could do something about her appearance.  After all, he had done it for Maya.  But Lola’s style of clothes better suited him than did Maya’s because she was already a rock star in her own right, which of course was his life.

He was a little disconcerted that they had been caught by a photographer coming out when they were still in a state of undress.  He had been pretty sure all the paparazzi had gone home for the evening. Considering the club was already closed, where on earth did this guy come from?

The next day Eddy picked Lola up for a date at noon.  He hadn’t told her but he had planned a day at the spa for the two of them to enjoy.  Lola was going to be getting the full treatment. He had planned for her to have a full deep body scrub to remove some of those layers of the tanning spray, her hair was having the full treatment and she was going to have a facial, pedicure and manicure.  He was pulling out all the stops to try and help her with her image.  Lucky for him she was really excited at the idea.  When she was all done, they stood together checking out the change in the mirror.  He couldn’t believe his eyes.  Under all that make up, tanning spray, hair dye and clothing that was way too young for her, hid a very beautiful woman in her forties.  She was entirely shocked herself.

After the spa he took her shopping for clothes, trying to keep up an image of a very well to do guy. He explained to her that there was a way to look like a hip rocker chick without having to try and look like she was 25.  She should be proud of her age he explained.  Just look at Madonna, who was even older than her, still filling the stands but dressed impeccable in up to date styles appropriate for her age.

Eddy and Lola spent the next four days together, most of it spent in bed.  Lola took the time to show him just how grateful she was for all he had done for her and Eddy discovered that he still did have a few things to learn in the bedroom after all!

At the end of the four days Lola came to Eddy a little sheepishly, wanted to discuss something with him.

“Ah, Eddy.  I was wondering if I could talk to you about something?”

“Sure what’s up?”

“You have been very kind to me this past week.  I have really enjoyed our time together.  But there is just one more thing that I would like.”

“Name it babe.  Whatever you want.”

“Well I’m glad you said that because, you see, I was hoping that maybe you could help me by giving me a child.”

Eddy’s heart dropped into his stomach and he instantly became furious.

“Are you out of your mind!” he screamed at her.  “What makes you think you can just drop that in a guys lap?  Oh Eddy,”  he said mockingly “You’re so kind and sweet.  I just want to have your baby!”

Eddy took a step back from her disgusted.  “Do I look like a guy who wants to have a kid?  Geez, I’m only 24.  Way to ruin a good thing we had going on.  Just way to go.  I’m out of here.”

And he stormed out of the house to the sound of Lola’s tears in the wind behind him.

CC Used In This Chapter


Pose Pack #2 -by eletrodj 

Other CC

Lola’s New Hair-Blackbird by Cazy

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 23 Eddy! Eddy! Eddy!

  1. Oh no! Lol well, to be honest, you don’t go asking for a kid to a guy you met just a week ago! Poor Lola. I loved her makeover though!
    That Eddy though, tsk tsk tsk. He is seriously messed up…

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  2. Oh dear! Lola sure stuck her foot in that one, didn’t she? Asking a guy you just met for a baby is definitely the wrong thing to do. LOL! I did really love her makeover though. She looked 100 times better. Eddy though… this guy has some real issues. A spa day may help, but what he really needs is intense therapy.


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