Chapter 13 The Bell Christmas


ScreenshotThe day after Jin and Sun arrived home to the island was Christmas morning. Maya rose extra early, as she always did on Christmas morning, to prepare a special Christmas breakfast for the family. Ian took care of the pets while he watched Maya working in the kitchen, both working silently with no words spoken between them. Jin and Sun slept soundly in their separate rooms upstairs. All seemed like any other normal day on the Bell boat, yet everything felt subtly different than it had before. The introduction of Sun to the family had shifted everything slightly off kilter and it was noticed in everything they did. Ian took extra care to be more quiet as he moved around metal pet food dishes and Maya calculated the amount of extra food that would need to be made while setting the table for three instead of two. All would be different from here on out, but it was how different, that was the question.

Screenshot-21Ian’s thoughts went from joy to sorrow, as he groomed Sophie with her brush. The thought of having a daughter brought him more happiness than he ever though possible. Yet, if it really were true, watching his only son be devastated in such a manner would put a cloud on any happiness he could truly feel. If Sun were his, the family would never be the same again. He feared that he would lose his son to the outside world and never see him again.

Maya mixed the batter for blueberry waffles, thoughts completely immersed in the situation around Jin and Sun. ‘Wait,’ she thought. ‘Did I already add the milk?’ She kept glancing at her husband and saw the emotions crossing his face, indicating that he too was deep in thought over this situation. She tried not to feel bitter over his happiness. If he had told her he wanted another child, she would have agreed to it, but the conversation never came up and as time went by they were never blessed. Fine, so her health hadn’t been all that good the last while, that was true and she was beginning to feel ill again. However, until she saw Sun, it never occurred to her that only having one child was a concern for Ian. Plus, how could he be so happy when he had to know this would destroy their only son? Probably had something to do with a man’s basic primal need to spread his seed as many times as he could, she thought with disdain. She wished that her best friend Sun would talk to her so they could work this out and have it all said and done in one five minute phone call. Of course the people in her village didn’t have phones.

She had done her research before going to bed and the DNA test would take six months for a result! How on earth were they all going to cope for that long, wondering and waiting. Would Jin and Sun’s relationship change because of this and having to wait that long?


Ian turned to Maya and saw the look on her face. “Maya?’


Ian waited for more, but he saw some kind of change come over Maya’s demeanor and then she just sighed.

“Could you go and wake up the kids. Breakfast is soon done.”

Ian nodded and headed upstairs to Jin’s room. He knocked first as he always did and found Jin fast asleep buried under the covers. He reached for what he thought was Jin’s shoulder and gave him a shake.

“Dad!” Jin whined! “That is my head!”

“Oh sorry,” Ian replied with a chuckle. “Get up your mom has breakfast ready.”

“Nice way to wake me up dad!” Ian left the room laughing, walked to Sun’s door and stopped. Unsure how to handle waking Sun up, he knocked lightly and waited for a response. When none came he knocked again, then finally opened the door slowly and peaked his head in. Sun was sleeping on top of the covers fully dressed in the clothes she had arrived on the island wearing.Screenshot-19Tip toeing to her bed, he noticed her red eye lids and her tear stained cheeks. She was breathing evenly indicating that she was sleeping soundly and he really hated to wake her. She was probably tuckered out from her travels and the emotional mess she had found herself thrust into. She must feel slightly trapped, Ian thought. It wasn’t like she could just easily go anywhere, a fact he was now thankful for, so that she couldn’t disappear.

Ian rose to leave quietly when Sun called his name. “Mr. Bell?”

“Hey. I’m sorry Sun. I came in to get you for breakfast but you were sleeping so soundly I didn’t have the heart to wake you.”

“No. Breakfast sounds good. Please tell Mrs Bell, I will be down shortly.”

“Sun, this Mr and Mrs thing isn’t going to work for us. I know things are confusing and upsetting right now, but no matter what that test shows, the moment you stepped onto this island you became family. You are going to be my daughter, whether that is by blood or by marriage and I am very happy about that. So what do you say we drop the Mr and Mrs and just go with Maya and Ian for now?”

Sun nodded, holding back tears she begged not to fall. “I shall try,” was all she managed to say.

“No long faces. It’s Christmas morning! That means presents! How could anyone be sad at the thought of presents?”

Sun laughed and wiped at tears that snuck from her eyes. Together they went in search of breakfast.


“Would you like to go first Sun?” Maya askedScreenshot-18(Ian is holding his racing heart in excitement of getting gifts! I think secretly he wanted to go first!)


Screenshot-19 (1)


Screenshot-25Ian had to go last because he was too excited! Sophie came to join the family too.Screenshot-41One by one the pile of gifts were dwindled until there were no more left and everyone was quite satisfied with everything they had received.

“Let’s do pictures!” Maya declared. “This is our first time together and we could send some home to your moms in France,” she said to Sun.

“I’d like that. They would like that and I could use my new camera I got as a gift! ” Sun replied.

It took some fiddling and some of the pics that Sun tried to set up just didn’t work.


But eventually she got everyone to look where they were supposed to- at the camera on the tripod instead of at her.

Screenshot-46They decided to use this as one of their post cards to all their friends. Here Maya and Ian were just goofing around.Screenshot-44

Then Maya got some pics of Jin and Sun.


Screenshot-009Maya was pretty proud she caught this before Jin looked away. Depending on how things turned out, this picture would either be a keeper or need to be thrown away. The power of her son’s love for this young woman was clearly shown in this moment. She decided to call it J’Adore.

Afterwards, everyone was cleaning up the basement from Christmas paper and the odd stray bow that fell off a box, when Sun saw this.




She quickly looked away not wanting this man, who may indeed be her father, see that she had witnessed his desire for his wife! But it was definitely something that she felt she would never forget.

(Again? Really Ian?- writer BMiT04 does a face palm!)

“Sun, have you been to the third floor yet?” Maya asked her.

“Ah, no. I was wondering what was up there though.”

“Well follow me. I could use your help with all this stuff that Jin brought back from France.”

“So this is the third floor. Here we keep the chickens and I have been attempting to grow my garden, but I’ve been so sick the past while that Ian decided to just let it go. He figured I could build it back up again when I felt well enough to do so. But since we are so far away from anything, this garden is our main food source. Everyone helps to keep it up and look after the chickens. Do you have any gardening experience?”

“Not really no. We didn’t have a garden in France and my moms placed a lot of emphasis on education than anything else. I worked hard to graduate early from school. They thought perhaps I could spend some time travelling the world…” Sun’s voice trailed off as she ended her statement.

Maya sensed Sun’s discomfort and sought to put her at ease. “Well, I think you couldn’t have come to a better place. Besides, married or not there is no reason why you can’t still do some travelling. Ian and I have been all around the world for different reasons.”

“True,” replied Sun “and I want you to know that I really am happy to be here. Jin was very clear what his world was like before he even asked me to marry him.”

“Good, I’m proud of him. I had no idea when I came here so I’m glad he didn’t make the same mistake his father did. Now we are going to get all these wonderful plants Jin brought back planted in these pots. So lets get to work.”



Maya and Sun worked for the rest of the afternoon till everything had been fully planted and the garden was looking better than it had when they first came upstairs. Plants had been weeded, watered and tended and Sun learned a lot from Maya in which plants grew best in the light of the greenhouse roof of the boat. When they finished Maya declared she was suddenly very tired and needed a nap. Sun went to look for Jin to see what he was up to.

Jin had taken it upon himself to start dinner, but what he was actually making was a huge mess. Sun shooed him from the kitchen and tried to salvage what she could of the meal. In the end what she served was some version of goopy garbano that was a little more runny than it was supposed to be, but everyone declared the meal to be very good and ate every bite they were given. Sun was incredibly embarrassed by the meal and assured the Bells she really was a good cook. Excellent, stated Maya. Another cook in the house would be a welcome change and she was looking forward to having some relief from feeding the family!

After dinner Sun began cleaning up when Ian and Maya told her they wouldn’t allow it. You cooked they said, so it was only fair that they did the dishes. She placed the dishes back on the table and turned to walk away. It was just another one of those uncomfortable moments that she had been experiencing all day. She understood the family was working hard to fit her into their normal routine but the motions were disjointed and left her feeling out of place. Everything felt so awkward and forced. She knew they were happy to have her there but in some ways, her presence was inconvenient and placed a burden on them they weren’t prepared to deal with. It was clear in their life choice. What family would choose to live completely cut off from people and life and then not feel put out by having another person interrupt their carefully planned life. It would be safe to assume that they possibly didn’t think they would ever have to deal with Jin finding a wife. Segregating him in the middle of nowhere almost surely guaranteed that. Question became, should she stay or should she go. Six months was a long time to live in limbo. In her dreams, she would have been married to Jin in a few weeks and they could then begin their life from that moment on, whatever that may be. She was happy to live on the island for the rest of her life, but only if she truly felt she fit here.

Worrying about this was doing her no good, and she went in search of Jin to try and ease her mind. She found him in the basement, playing his new racing game he had gotten for Christmas. She sat down beside him and he acknowledged her with a quick glance away from the screen.

“Want to play two player?” Sun asked him.

“Nah, that’s okay,” Jin replied

“Oh, okay.” Sun taped her fingers on her legs and after a few minutes she said “Why?”

“Because girls can’t play a racing game. Racing is a guy thing.”

“Jin Bell you over conceited…… girls can do anything guys can do! Give me that controller!” Sun snatched the controller out of Jin’s hand and exited his race. “Now we shall see who is the boss on the track!”

Jin laughed and retorted, “you’re on,” while grabbing the other controller.

“HEY! That’s cheating Jin!”Screenshot-9“I see nothing!” Jin laughed.

Maya responded by nudging Jin in his arm and side with her elbow to throw him off track in his game.Screenshot-8“HEY Sun! Play fair!” Jin cried.

“What? I know nothing. Hehehehehehe.”

Then Jin retaliated by poking Sun in the side, but as determined as she was she never budged or took her eyes off the screen.Screenshot-7When it became clear to Jin the he was indeed going to lose the race, he tossed his controller onto the other couch and began to mercilessly tickle Sun’s stomach. She began to laugh so hard, struggling to get away from his hands that she fell off the couch taking Jin along with her who fell down on top of her.

Instantly the situation changed from funny to serious as Jin lay on top of Sun looking into her eyes. Her lips were parted and her breathing rapid as she tried to gain control of her racing heart from the exertion of their laughter and physical struggle. Yet now her heart was racing for an all together reason as she remembered the familiarity of Jin’s body close to hers.
Jin looked deep into Sun’s eyes and down at her parted lips as her chest rose and fell with her sharp breathing. He felt his body grow in need for her and leaned down to kiss her, missing the feeling of her moist lips on his.Screenshot-10He was desperate to feel that intimacy with her again, but at the last second Sun turned her face away from him.

“Jin, NO! No please!”

“Just one little kiss. No one need even know. C’mon Sun, I just miss the feel of you so much.”

“Jin. Jin, please get off me,” she firmly stated as she began pushing against his chest.


Screenshot-3Ian was upstairs in the kitchen teaching Sophie to jump for a treat when he heard a loud thump coming from downstairs. The kids had been making a lot of ruckus playing, what he could only think to be the new racing game Jin had gotten for Christmas. It was heart warming to hear the friendship his son had formed with this lovely young lady he had also asked to marry him. If things worked out between them, he felt that they had a real chance at a happy life together.

Since the thud, all had gone quiet and he thought perhaps he should see what was going Screenshot-15on. He made his way to the stairs but stopped near the top when he heard the conversation that was happening between the two.

“I really don’t see what the problem is Sun. You have to know that this will all turn out to be nothing. I mean we don’t even look like one another.”

“No I don’t know that. How could we? I mean you don’t even look like your father. You look more like your mother. Who is to say that isn’t the same for me and we still have the same father? Your mother even said I am the spitting image of her best friend. She has no doubt that I am her daughter. As soon as the birth certificate gets here, we at least will have that answer.”

“I refuse to believe that I traveled as far as I did, to fall in love with the one girl that I can never have. Seriously, life can’t be that cruel!”

“Jin, you have no idea how cruel life can be. You are lucky that way.

Jin sighed and sat up.Screenshot-14“I guess we will just have to try harder. I will have to try harder. But Sun, six months is a long time to be around each other and pretend there isn’t more between us.”

“I know,” Sun whispered as she wiped tears from her eyes. “Maybe, maybe I should go home for a while.”

“NO!” Jin stood up and was instantly angry. “NO! This is your home now. You are not going anywhere!”

“But Jin I don’t know what else to do,” replied Sun. “It might be the easiest solution all around.”

“Great so every time things get a little difficult for us, are you going to go running home to your mommies?”

“That is not fair and you know it,” Sun yelled back. “I’m just trying to do the grown up thing here. Why don’t you try growing up a little yourself and meet me half way!”

Jin fumed and raised his hands. “I can’t talk to you right now. Just leave me alone for a while.”

Jin went stomping upstairs and met his father half way down. Ian shook his head at Jin and continued on down the stairs to Sun who was pacing the floor in obvious distress.

“He didn’t mean it Sun. He’s just upset. Truth is we all are, but he is right. Leaving is not the right solution for this situation.”

Screenshot-16Ian reached out his hand toward Sun and she easily took it needing any comfort to help
calm her uneasy heart.
“Please don’t go.”
Sun wiped the remaining tears from her cheeks and nodded to Ian.
“I’m feeling really tired I think I will just go to bed early if you don’t mind.”

Sun walked to the stairs but Ian’s voice calling her made her turn around. He met her at the stairs and very gingerly reached out to lay his hand on her shoulder.

Screenshot-009 (1)
“It will work out for the best in the end. Whatever that may be. I promise you.”

“I certainly hope so,” she quietly said back. “Goodnight”






In her room Sun sat in the chair in the corner, holding her head that was pounding like a drummer had taken up residence. She had decided she would stay, for now, and do her best to make this situation bearable for everyone. All she needed was a few things to focus her energy on and away from Jin.

(Jin has some mild sexual thoughts coming up-just a pre warning)

On the beach, Jin sat in the darkness at the edge of the water that lapped at the toes of his boots. It was the first day of spring and the temperatures were still cold like winter, yet as angry as he was, he didn’t feel a thing. It was a stupid stupid fight and he knew it. The thought of her leaving him, was more than he could handle. What if she left, went back to France and changed her mind about marrying him. Or worse, met someone else! No, no here was where she had to stay. There was no way he was going to allow her to leave! He said he would have to try harder and he would. Even if it killed him to do it. It was just that every time he saw Sun, all he wanted to do was pull her body to him and feel the warmth of her skin on his. He imagined all the erotic things he was looking forward to doing with her once they became husband and wife and his body took over all sense from his head. Just the feel of her lips alone on his….Jin groaned. He imagined while kissing her, running his hands down the curve of her back onto her buttocks and pulling her hips into his as he gently rocked up and down against her taut stomach. Rocking and feeling his need for her increase with each pressure and motion…. OH GOD! Jin stood up and adjusted the front of his jeans for comfort.Screenshot (1)

Enough of that he thought and went to warm himself by the fire. He knew there was no way he was going to sleep tonight. Judging by the night sky, he figured it already had to be about one in the morning. He had to do something to work off all this sexual frustration he was feeling or he was never going to be able to make this work.

Walking back towards the boathouse, he saw the basketball lying on the ground and picked it up to toss it into the net. Score! Then again and again. The more he played, the more he began to relax and enjoy himself.

Screenshot-4 (1)


Screenshot-5 (1)Jin played till the morning light rose from the horizon line while Meeko stood off in the distance and watched. He was having a grand ole time, until he saw his parents leave the boat and walk onto the island in his direction……..

CC Used In This Chapter


By IMHO-Manipulation, Do Not Be Sad Baby, 12 Poses Jam
By  Sempre
Sugarly Sweet Pose Pack by Eternila
Falling For You by Sweetwilight


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