Sims Used In The Story

The Main Characters


(not for download at this time)

My Sims (Sims have been temporarily removed from my studio)


headshot_original (2)

Screenshot-040          Caeruleus Alula (blue skin in studio)

headshot_original      Carlos  (crime lord/club owner)

Screenshot-53    Firefighter Travis Reid

honor face    Honor Riley

Screenshot-008    Jason Cobb (Soccer coach)  not uploaded yet

Screenshot-005         Jessa Jones

Screenshot-018     Jesse Mills

headshot_original-001     Kenna Song

Screenshot-038           Lady Maria Meirs (young adult in studio, adult here)

headshot_original (7)         Lady Michele Meirs

Screenshot-005       Maria Barton (twin to Katie)

Sarah Sim         Sarah Sims

Sims I Borrowed From Friends

headshot_original (3)      Brenda Lee by PSTll0

headshot_original-002     Cameron Simms by ddutoit

Screenshot-115           Dallas Daniels by Simollina_Sims

headshot_original (4)        George by LieseMietze  (moving guy Gen 2)headshot_original (5)     Marcello by Poetrygirl3  (moving guy Gen 2)

Screenshot-039      Rana Rosa by Simollina_Sims

headshot_original (6)    Rosaleigh Poe by RosemaryMarie

w-600h-450-2333185    Spencer  (as Lady Charlotte)


Nea O’Reilly  by Prickly Hedgehog
Freya Miller by Funnyaa


Special Editions 

Screenshot-6     Polovina at TSR (Quad birth)

Screenshot-007  Lasota (not uploaded yet)

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