Generation One


Chapter 1   Meet Ian

Chapter 13  Surprises and Regrets Chapter 25  Ian Fights For Maya

Chapter 2   A New Life 

Chapter 14  Ian In The Running

Chapter 26  Maya Returns To University
Chapter 3   Day Two and Three

Chapter 15  Eyes Wide Opened

Chapter 27  Reality and Deadlines
 Chapter 4   Day Four -11

Chapter 16  Do What It Takes

Chapter 28  Lies and Deception
 Chapter  5  When Life Gives You Lemons

Chapter 17  Maya For Christmas

Chapter 29  The End is Near
Chapter 6   Ian Meets Maya

Chapter 18  Friend or Foe

Chapter 30  Be That Girl
Chapter 7   Maya Meets Ian

Chapter 19  Maya With the Landgraab Family

Chapter 31   Liar Liar

Chapter 8   Ian and Maya’s Homecoming 

Chapter 20  Maya and the Tea Party

Chapter 32  The True Story

Chapter 9   Best Laid Plans-Baby Makes 3 

Chapter 21  Christmas In Sunset Valley

Chapter 33  All Things Come To An End
Chapter 10 Maya’s New Life

Chapter 22  Eddy Returns to Bridgeport

Chapter 34 Live In The Moment

Chapter 11  Maya the Celebrity Part 2

Chapter 23  Eddy!  Eddy!  Eddy!

Chapter 35  To A Bright New Future

Chapter 12  Dear Sun

Chapter 24  Ian-Maya and the Unveiling

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