It’s My Life – A Story of Jade Lee

Hello All! It’s nice to see you again in this capacity. I’ve missed writing and although this looks like I have abandoned the Bells, it certainly isn’t the case. A lovely friend of mine decided to tackle “The Bachelor” in her fantastic story found HERE. I submitted a sim and well, she was not the final rose. But that’s okay because she has more story to tell for about 3 chapters I’m thinking. We shall see how it goes. I simply don’t have time to take on another story full time right now, but this lovely lady needs her final say after participating in the show. I hope you enjoy reading along!


Sim:  Jade Lee
Origin:  China
Backstory:  (for those who have read The Bells, this will sound familiar)

Jade has been raised by two unhappily married parents in China. Her father who runs a small business, was very angry to see she was born a girl. He was counting a boy to take over. When Jade reached the age of 8, she began her training to be the perfect wife for her arranged marriage. But while she mastered all the skills, cooking, cleaning, sewing etc, her parents could not train out the independence and sass. She just couldn’t pretend to be demure no matter how hard she tried or what punishment they inflicted. And so she was rejected by their chosen suitor.
Sent to Sunset Valley to work in her aunts shop as punishment, she longs for love, passion (especially passion) and a life of her own. Her main goal is simple, she just wants to be happy. If she can find that, anything else that happens in her life will be a blessing on top.

Jade has a easy going manner with a good sense of humor who loves children and hopes to be a good wife and mother. She has eyes that are light grey green and violet.
Her favourite colour is also purple, of every shade. 

Let’s begin!



Walking out the front door, I let out the biggest sigh I have ever made in my life!

Standing outside Jamie’s home in the beautiful Scottish lands with my suitcase in tow, I had no idea how much stress I had been under during the entirety of the show.  It was not surprising really.   From the moment we all stood together the first night in the meet and greet party, I knew I never stood a chance at winning Jamie’s heart.  It’s not that I wasn’t worthy or even unappealing in looks. 

I’m pretty enough, just not the same classic pretty you think of when my homeland is mentioned.  My face is too wide, my cheeks are too thick and my eyes are this odd colour mixture of green, grey and purple.  I’m not even petite like I should be.  I’m too tall, I have a little too much muscle to be called graceful (from all the physical labour) and lets face it, my breasts are too big.  In fact when you take in the whole picture it’s hard to believe I’m Chinese at all and recently, someone even said I look more Spanish than Chinese. I must admit, the comment has started me thinking about a great many a things, since it was so casually tossed out. I wonder.…

Anyway, with all that said, I stood there that night thinking I was definitely going home by the end of the evening.  I felt like a wilted leaf standing next to all these beautiful women, such as Brynn who was incredibly stunning and sexy. 

Peyton, who just oozed confidence and capability and even I, with all my training to be demure, could not pull off the kind of sweet personality Grace came by naturally.

So imagine my surprise when I was given a rose to stay and made it all the way to the final five, or was it four?  I’m not really sure anymore, not that it matters now.

But back to the stress I mentioned.  Being mixed into a group of women with all the right features left me wondering just who I needed to be, if I wanted to stand even a glimmer of a chance to win his heart.  Now you are probably thinking, just be yourself but seriously, who I am is how I got here in the first place!  I mean I was kicked out of China for being sassy and too independent to make a successful arranged marriage match!  Imagine if you please, being kicked out of a whole country for being just as you are!  Okay I know, I’m being a little dramatic, but still, it’s appropriate to some degree, if not amusing to say the least.  However in the end, I stayed true to myself, not because I felt it was the right tactic, not at all.  I really did want a better life for myself and if Jamie turned out to be that for me, then fantastic.  If not, I was sure there were more adventures ahead for me.

So the show ended and I’m set free. Did not win, shocker! But to my surprise, I discovered there are no travel arrangements to get me back home.  No rose?  Boom, you’re on your own.  There I was, in a strange country and had to find transportation, pay my own way to an airport, then cough up the simoleons for the flight home!  So heed my warning all you ladies who wish to be on the show, have lots of cash or credit before you go, just in case.

Yet I made it back to my aunts dress shop in Sunset Valley where I helped out as a seamstress. 

I liked the work, even though the days were long and some of the clients could be a nightmare to deal with.   

My aunt was always kind enough to me, considering her traditional strict ways and we worked well together; as long as I worked quickly and to her satisfaction. In fact, I had only received one punishment since I arrived, for which I was extremely pleased!

The shop served as both home and employment. My aunt lived on the second floor in this gorgeous, small apartment and I could be found in behind the store.

It’s not as bad as it looks and I tried to make it as homey as possible. Before I was informed I had been entered into the show, I had plans to make that little shed a real home.  I know it sounds incredibly silly, however you must understand, anything beats the small home in China where I lived with both my parents.  There, my bed was a thin mattress on the floor and I had no privacy at all.  So as you can imagine, I was content living in Sunset Valley with what I had, at the time.

The morning after I arrived home, news of Jamie’s death was everywhere and within a day, the paparazzi had found their way to the front of my aunt’s store. 

Reporters and camera sims began making a huge ruckus, shouting my name requesting interviews and also blocking the customers from getting into the shop. 

As I watched out the window, I wondered if Grace and Brynn were dealing with the same thing in their home town, but I had no way to reach them. 

I didn’t know what to do but I hoped if I ignored the paps, they would simply lose interest and go away.  However, by day four they were still camped out on the sidewalk and my aunt wasn’t putting up with it any longer.  She packed my bag and dragged me out of the house a little before midnight.  She dropped me at the bus station, shoved a ticket to Aurora Falls into one hand and an envelope of cash in the other.  Payment for services, she said.  Then she wished me good luck in a slightly snarky tone, got back into her car and drove away.  No explanations, no hug goodbye.  Tossed out onto the curb with no idea what I was to do next.

I stood there terrified, alone.  No idea where I was going or who would be there to greet me when I did.  Naively assuming someone would be there to fetch me at the other end, right?

The more I thought about it, the angrier I became.  Finally I said to myself, Jade you are twenty-four frickin years old!  It’s time you take charge of your life and made it your own!  I found the ticket booth, manned by a lovely old man with droopy cheeks and sleepy eyes.

“I want to exchange my ticket,” I said to him.  “Where is the first bus heading to, I don’t know, to anywhere?”

He looked at the schedule, exchanged my ticket for a new one and after six hours on the bus, I finally arrived in Sunlit Tides.

The sunrise was just beginning to light up the surrounding area and in looking around I found the bus station was set right next to the beach.  In giddy excitement I ran to the deserted sand, dropped my suitcase and looked out at the bluest water I had ever seen.  Which I know doesn’t really say much since I have been almost nowhere in this lifetime and certainly never to a beach.  Glancing in all directions, and still seeing no one around, I dropped the veil of proper behavioural training, to practice a few dance moves on the soft sand.

This is heaven, I thought.  Total and utter freedom for the first time in my life!  I plunked my generous behind down onto my suitcase and while I watched the sun rise above the horizon line, I made a plan.

Finding a job was first on my list and I had a few ideas there, then lodging of course.  Wasn’t sure where to find either, since I had never had to do that before, and to be honest I was terrified at the thought. So I pulled out my phone to find the local online newspaper and a map of the town.

Which took me forever to do because I’d never had a cell phone before and I still didn’t really know how to work it.  Ten minutes later and in total frustration I shoved the phone back in my pocket with no information learned other than I was very close to a cafe. And as my stomach was making noise, I knew where I was headed first.  I only hoped they were open early. 

I turned to reach for my luggage when I saw it…..the moon so bright and large slowly making it’s decent into the horizon.  I was completely amazed. 

The sun was shining on my bare back, already heating up my skin and the moon was disappearing in front of my eyes on the other side of the island.  I imagined you would never see this miracle anywhere else in Simworld and I took it as a true sign of hope. 

“I’m going to be okay,” I said to the moon, as if it was an entity that could answer back. “From this moment on, everything will be okay!” 

Then I smiled, picked up my luggage and started off on the first real adventure of my new life.


Special Note:  Thank you to the author of Jameson’s Chance for allowing me to borrow three pics from her story!  Also to Octavia, author of Girl In Hiding for allowing me to use the picture of Grace.
Dress shop can be found HERE at TSR
Poses by me at

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11 thoughts on “It’s My Life – A Story of Jade Lee

  1. I’m sooooooo glad to see what happened to Jade after The Bachelor! She was my favorite, and I was hoping she would win, but maybe this is a better outcome for her anyway. It’s good to see her take charge of her life and by the end of the chapter, to feel so alive and free.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww, thank you Kymber! I completely agree, this will be better. Now she will learn to be fully in charge of her life and make her own decisions. Let’s hope they are good ones at least!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello bee 🙂

    Unfortunately, I haven’t paid much attention to your story page so far. I’m sorry for that.: / I can’t find the time to read your previous stories / chapters. But I would like to do that with the new story about jade. I like the beginning very much and I’m excited to see how it goes from here 🙂

    I took a quick look at one of the previous chapters. I like Travis very much and hope to see him again sometime later. 🙂
    I would be happy if you would also link me on Facebook when you post a new part so that I don’t miss it 🙂 (Mandy Nowak)

    have a nice day ♥


      1. Mandy! How could I forget you! No worries about my past story about the Bells. It will always be there if you someday want to start. I’m currently redoing first gen with Ian and Maya and even taking new pics. I was such a noob to everything back then the pics in the first half of gen one, I was having rendering issues and they are terrible. I’ve also created a better looking Ian for the first half of gen 1 as well. Travis is my favourite sim! You see him in my posing pics as well. I posted a pic recently of Travis on FB on my profile.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you freja! I’m trying to decide just how the wind will blow for her. Cause one wind means the story will drag out a bit longer than planned, and the other is all neat and tidy like I had planned. It’s like a war of the winds, currently.

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