4 -Times Everything!

If Jin and Sun learned anything about parenting quad children, it would be everything had to be equal and in supporting this equality, their pocket-book took a severe hit.  If one wanted a tablet, they all had to have a tablet.  If one wanted new clothes the rest had to have new clothes and if one didn’t get what others did, well. you can imagine the eruption it caused.  It’s not that the quads were spoiled or taking advantage of their parents wealth.  Oh no, for they had no concept of money or the ways wealth worked in a world.  No, it was simply that the island gave them very little to do and as such, their parents supplemented that with all their time, and well, their money.  It almost made them long for the toddler days, which they now referred to as, the easy years.

Putting that aside, as much as it was all true, each child had their own distinctive personality with their own individual wants as well, that reflected on none of the others. So while a tablet was a cool toy, a desire that matched their traits was all their own.  Jin and Sun had decided to toss out conventional schooling for their children.  Focusing on each child’s desires or what they seemed drawn to, as well as giving them the opportunity to learn from their parents’ own personal accomplishments.  Only the best equipment was purchased for them to learn these skills, with no expense spared.  They felt they were doing what was right for the children, learning from what they felt were mistakes, in raising Jade.

Jin focused on art, athletics and writing to teach the children.  Sun, added cooking and logic to their education.  The rest, they learn on their own; by reading and by doing.

Here are the quads:

Alexander Bell


Traits: virtuoso, animal lover, athletic
Favourite colour – dark purple

Alex is very much an introvert and prefers to play by himself, and work on his skills by himself.  At times he can be found playing in the same area as one of his sisters, but they are never really playing together.Screenshot-10.jpg

An animal lover by heart, Alex has many pets and is always asking for more.  He loves to watch his ant colony for long periods of time.Screenshot-007.jpg

He takes great joy in rescuing animals from outside as well.Screenshot-002.jpg

His room is getting full!  He does however take very good care of them…so far.



He is currently learning to play two instruments, the piano and the violin.  One he likes and the other he tolerates and gets through each mandatory playing time, by playing very badly on purpose.  If you didn’t guess, the latter is the violin.

He picked up the piano quite quickly and often sits down to play first thing in the morning, no matter how badly his stomach is growling.Screenshot-013

With his shyness however, he really hates being watched.Screenshot-019.jpg

“Go away!” he will say to his sisters.

“Why does it matter if we watch?” Bella argues.  “It’s not like we can’t HEAR you all over the house anyway.”

“Hearing, is not watching!”  Alex will counter, but usually he gives in because he is not the type of child to stand up for himself beyond that.Screenshot-20

Alex hates the violin simply because it is too big for his body and he can’t properly hold it.  All he can make it do, is squeal in high pitch tones that hurt his ears.  However Sun insists he learn, saying, “I’ve always wanted a child who knew how to play the violin.  How fun that would be listening to them play at family parties!”

Sun always has this dreamy look on her face as she declares this, and so, Alex tries to play the violin over and over.  For his mother, hating it every time.


Bella Bell


Traits: Loves To Swim, disciplined, athletic
Favourite Colour – light purple

Bella is an athletic sim, choosing to be outside as much as possible.   Her favourite time of day is when her father plays some kind of sport with her.Screenshot-8.jpg Although, she tends to be a sore loser.Screenshot-004She is hopeful that someday she will make it to China, where she can study with the masters to learn more about her family’s culture.

She loves her sisters very much, but she prefers to sit somewhere quiet and play with Wiggles.Athletics and Wiggles, are her two main concerns throughout her entire day.Screenshot-26


One day she was having a tea party with Wiggles, when she saw her sister running towards the beach.  She jumped up and began yelling, “Bonnie!  Come have a tea party with me.”Screenshot-13



Anna Bell


Traits: Bookworm, genius, eccentric
Favourite Colour – pink


When her nose is not in a book learning something new, Anna can always be found with Bonnie.  While the quads are all extremely close in their own way, Anna and Bonnie seem to click the best.Screenshot-003.jpg

Since Anna has the genius trait, she is more curious about learning than the other three and requires more to do.

“She can’t learn everything from a book,” Jin justified to Sun when he purchased another piece of equipment for their daughter.  “You saw her test scores!  We must nurture her intelligence, not hold her back.”

Anna’s favourite piece of equipment currently, is the inventing table and she loves thinking of new things to create.  The sound of metal being moulded and twisted into shape is like music to her ears. (and way better than that violin) Which is usually what she is escaping from, when she retreats to her little shop area.  Jin has told her many stories of his creating days when he was a child with his own table.



Bonnie Bell


Traits: clumsy, excitable, family oriented
Favourite colour – yellow

Bonnie has a great attachment to her aunt Jade and wants to be just like her.  As the only child in the family who looks apart, she longs to be more Chinese in appearance.  


Unlike her siblings, Bonnie has no discernible traits for her to focus her attentions on.  She watches her sisters and brother being encouraged to increase their skill levels with great sadness, for two reasons.  On one hand she loves all the free time she has to do what she pleases and wishes her siblings had the same.  On the other, there are many hours in a day to keep oneself busy, and it would be good to have something to work towards.  She decided to take up baking for now and seems to be quite good at it.  Nothing burned so far.

Bonnie is quite the clumsy sim, more so than any other sim usually tends to be when they have the trait.Screenshot-45

“This is not a criticism Bonnie, not at all.  It’s just you are more than a little clumsy on your feet.  Perhaps it runs in the family, as your auntie Jade is also clumsy.” Sun told her.

“She is?” Bonnie asked excitedly.

Sun looked at Bonnie with a questioning and concerned look on her face.  “Yes,” she said carefully.  “And I know she hates it terribly.  So I was thinking I would help you learn ballet, and perhaps your balance will improve.”

“I guess,” Bonnie responded.  She was secretly delighted she shared this unusual trait with her aunt, yet at the same time, was not the least bit convinced ballet was going to help her at all.



She did however seem to enjoy it once they started, as well as the uninterrupted, individual time she had with her mother.

The Bells have a new family member to introduce.

Caesar – The Cat


The family was greatly saddened by the loss of Biscuit two years ago.  Recently, Jin visited a rescue shelter to bring home this beauty, who is also quite the character!

Traits: quiet, friendly, lazy
Favourite toy – the red dot

Caesar is well-loved by all the family members and he loves them, yet his favourite sim is by far:Screenshot-52

Anna laughs!  “Caesar, that tickles my toes!!”Screenshot-51

No matter where she is or what she is doing, Caesar will always seek out Anna to find and be with, often interrupting a learning session.Screenshot-42.jpg

For some reason, Caesar finds the children playing royal court to be extremely upsetting, often hissing at them from different angles until they stop and get down.Screenshot-58


Caesar prefers sim food to the stuff that is left in his bowl for him.  Whenever the family leaves food on the counter, up he goes to take his fill.Screenshot-050

But at least he never scratches the furniture.Screenshot-053.jpg

Jin and Sun

There was no doubt, this time around Jin and Sun wanted to do more for their children and most importantly, be better parents.  Which for them meant the quads were their number one priority.Screenshot-22.jpg

A few hours every day are spent in some form of group activity.


Meals are spent together where conversations are encouraged.


Jin, eating his burnt marshmallow and hating it, but still eating the smoky mess.  Is that really setting a good example…hmmmmmm?  Enjoy your upset tummy Jin.


They like to take turns telling ghost stories.


Yet when all the children are in bed, they are happy to make their relationship a priority.

Untitled drawing


My new pose pack is now available!  8 Poses for friends!  HERE

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So this is me. I'm 51 years old (Yikes), happily married for 30 years with four beautiful kids that keep me busy. I've met many wonderful people through this game, both players and creators alike and I am so happy that my best friend encouraged me to take up the game. Poses By Bee My main focus for poses will be real life situations and scenarios that can be used for different situations and in different combinations. I will also spend more time with children, as that age grouping seems to be lacking around the net. Stories By Bee Focuses on the Midnight Sun Challenge and the Bell family, but also a few fun short stories as well. I hope you enjoy reading along with me as I also go through this journey. On the net you can find me at: T.S.R.-Profile jessesue Mod the Sims- Profile jessesue Poses By Bee Poses By Bee - Tumblr Sims3Intimates - Tumblr

19 thoughts on “4 -Times Everything!

  1. They all so gorgeous and so very different. Where did that blonde hair come from Bonnie? Don’t fret it girl, be glad you are different! ❤️ I can’t wait to see how they do as they get older. It seems like Jin and Sun are finally in a good place in their lives. They have learned through experiences with Jade, but did they? They are, at least, trying to encourage them to be who they are. But life on the island exclusively? Didn’t they learn that they need to be exposed to other people? That is one lesson I don’t think Jin will ever learn. He is still extremely protective. Look out for puberty….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Audrey, they are good looking kids for sure. When the quads were born, Alex was super dark in skintone, the middle girls were as they are. Anna has green eyes which is unusual. Bonnie was born as is, blonde and light skin. I am told the game will randomly do this and I was miffed at first but now I like the differences. It certainly helped me to know who they were by sight when they were babies and toddlers. I ended up lightening Alex’s skin because I couldn’t get any good pics of him, no matter what kind of lighting I used. So I cheated a bit there.

      So the challenge rules say they live on an island and have no contact with the outside world except two times they can leave to find a mate. only once if they go to uni. I have broken that rule a bit to make for a better story. Jade left as a child to go to camp and help to correct a bit of her shyness. There she met Jilly which started the whole thing for her. Had she not gone to camp, she wouldn’t know any different and her story would have been more plain. I wanted to hear more about Jilly’s life which is why I broke the rule with Jade. I’m not sure what is in store for the quads yet. I have a few ideas…but no definite plans so far. Right now I am sitting back and watching them like a tv screen, trying to grab pics as quick as I can! That is a challenge I tell you, with so many in a house!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The kids are super cute and I loved the pose pack you made with them as models! I love how distinctive each of them is. The cat totally reminds me of Kymber’s best friend! And it’s nice Jin and Sun have more time for one another than when the quads were toddlers!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. So the boys in the first pic of the pose pack are sons of all my best sims I ever made. I placed them in a fun game and let them procreate so I could get some new sims to play with. The second set is the Bell kids. I knew I would need a front page pic of the kids so I made this right after they were born!

      Caesar is Kymber’s adorable cat. I couldn’t get him as orange in game as her cat, but I love him just the same. This is my second cat in game. Aria, which was Maya’s cat, was so mean!! I killed her off when Maya died and I was quite happy to do so.

      Jin and Sun are always with the kids during the day doing something together, so I am making sure their relationship doesn’t hurt because of it. it is a challenge with 4 kids in the house I will tell you that.

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  3. This was lovely! I really enjoyed meeting each quad and reading about their distinct personalities. I’m really glad Sun and Jin are doing things a bit differently while raising them. As parents, we always wish we had done some things differently. lol I’ve said it before, but those children at absolutely beautiful! I love this game so much and a lot of that has to do with genetics and the anticipation of children.

    This was really awesome as usual, Bee!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Kymber! We are just beginning to see their personality come out and I look forward to what will happen in the future.

      You are so right about wishful thoughts with our own children. I believe, even if we were given a chance to go back and do it again, we would still end up with those wishful thoughts.

      I know you and I love the gentics of the game, trying out differing pairs to see what the children will look like. That is the reason why I started that fun game! Matching differing pairs of my sims to see how the kids would turn out…..hmmmm, I think I will go back this weekend for a while and see what else I can turn out. LOL

      Liked by 1 person

  4. We get to see more of the quads!! YAY!!!
    I love how each one of them has their own personality, likes, and dislikes. And I like how Jin & Sun are tailoring the school curriculum to fit each of those different traits.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Stephanie. I’m not sure how it works in the game when you have children where there is no school. So I am worried about that. I know it will affect their traits. Have you ever played with no school before?

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but you make the cutest toddlers I have ever seen for the Sims, and clearly this talent translated into making them as children! I always found it difficult to make cute kiddos and maybe that was because I didn’t have much cc back then, but for the upcoming generation I definitely want to reach this level of adorableness ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! I love making toddlers!
      I will give you a hint with kids….the nose is the key. The game gives every child a default nose, completely disregarding the genetics from their parents. So I always alter the nose. Now with that said, if you do alter the nose, you will have to fix it as a teenager. Basically whatever you alter on a child, will require fixing as a teen, which means you lose the genetics of the parents just a little. If you have, slider values on your facial sliders (because of NRAAS MC) you can shape the nose just like one of the parents, using their sliders.

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