Travis And Alex!

“Love you,” Alex had declared.

Two little words with such huge connotations, lifting me up to dance on clouds at the mere memory of his voice I imagined in my head.

Since then,  I basically stayed glued to my computer, desperately waiting for those few moments spent alone with him on-line. He hadn’t said it again, but we certainly had become closer, sharing more personal details and stories about one another. There was no doubt I was completely enamored with this guy and I was desperate to say the same in return. Yet, I didn’t know how or when to casually slip it into the conversation.  I wondered if he was waiting for me to do so, to validate the feeling he had shared with me, which made me more nervous as the days continued to pass.  I wished I had a girlfriend to talk to about this dilemma and because that need was so strong, I often looked up to the night sky to tell Jilly all my woes.  If she couldn’t be here with me, then perhaps she could help to direct my life from above, like the angel I knew she had probably become.

A week had already passed, when Alex messaged me to say he would be gone for a week or two on a school soccer trip.  He didn’t know how long the trip would take, as it depended on their wins and losses.  He told me he would miss me terribly, but the minute he got back, he would message me straight away.  I wished him good luck and told him I would miss him just as much.  I was just trying to find a way to tell him I loved him too, when our connection suddenly went dead, which it sometimes did if his dad walked in un-expectantly.  He never did come back on for the rest of the night and I was so mad for losing my chance once again!

I checked out his Simbook page to see the trip announcement to his family, and a cute pic of him next to Zach in their uniforms.


I had no idea what I would do with myself for the time he was gone!

I sat by the computer, reading and fiddling with other things for a few days in hopes somehow he would be able to send me a message.  When I heard the ding come in, my heart startled and I raced to open it up, yet there was no message pop up.  It took me a minute to realize, the “ding” had come from SimGoogle messaging, which I had set up a long time ago in hopes of keeping in touch with Travis. (back when I hoped he would be special to me) His constant travel on the water with no satellite made it impossible for us to ever speak that way and we had always done so by him sending me letters or via email.



I’m messaging you from China!  We made it here in time for me to compete for my black belt!   I’m sorry it’s been a month since we spoke last, but I was training from sun up to sun down and after that, I basically fell into bed. Been thinking about ya.  I know I’m not the same kind of friend as Jilly, but friends we are and I hope you can talk to me, tell me things straight up.

Anyway, I’m in China for another few days so I hope you get back to me.  It would be great to actually talk to you, instead of just writing letters and waiting to hear from you again.  Travis

Travis, I’m here!  I’m doing better than I was before.  No worries.  How did it go?  (*note to self, must update the profile pic!)

Jade!  Finally! This is so much better isn’t it?!  And we get to talk for two days if you aren’t busy.  Okay so, when I got to China, I lost my first two competitions.  I was still a blue belt then.  The masters would ask you to spar anywhere to test your ability.  Once I even competed on a hill, which was no easy feat.  Okay, I’m not going to lie….I fell down the hill, but the master didn’t laugh at least.  I’m not sure if it was a test of my karate abilities or my character. Maybe both?  Anyway 
I fought four Sims in the competition, and I won!  How cool is that!  All those months of working with the training dummy and just five days of training with a live Sim!  Here is a pic of me training:Screenshot-98

BRAVO!  So happy for you!


Thanks!  We’ve had a lot of fun here in China.  You would love it here!  Check this out:Screenshot-91
Just look at that view!  I did a lot of climbing in those hills collecting rock and minerals for my science study.  I love me some rocks, all kinds!

I gazed at that photo, as one did longing for something wonderful to come their way.  To be able to travel and explore…….  how I envied him!

Here is another one:
That is called The Dragon’s Maw.
It’s this really old cave that leads to a bunch of tunnels with hidden rooms.  My dad forbade me from going anywhere near it, but one day I told him I was spending the afternoon with Daiyu.  Which technically wasn’t a lie, we just spent it in the cave instead of walking the hills.

Who is Daiyu? 


She is the daughter of one of the families in the hills.  I ran into by her by accident while searching for rocks.  She speaks three different languages, so we were able to communicate really well.  I think I have a pic of her somewhere, hold on.

Okay, this is the only one I can find:Screenshot-99

                     But it’s not at all what it looks like.


Uh-huh.  You’re such a guy Travis!


NO really!  We were taking a selfie so I would have something to remember her by.  Right before I took the pic, she said my name and I turned to say What?  She kissed me, I swear!  And not on the lips even as I pulled away a bit.

Fullscreen capture 1072017 114801 PM.bmpLeaning back in my chair, I stared at the picture of him and Daiyu with growing annoyance.  Zooming in and out, I tried to picture the scenario as he told me but no matter how I tried, I just couldn’t see it.  I had a strong suspicion he was lying to me!

Just a friend he said.  Right!  This from the guy who kissed me within two hours of meeting me!  I was such an idiot!  A: for letting it happen, and B: for thinking he saw me as someone special!  Apparently he was like this with every girl he met! 

“I was training from sun up to sun down” he said, then when did he have a chance to be running around in the hills to happen upon this girl?  It meant he had met this girl after the competition and spent several days with her, only contacting me now.  Did she suddenly become unavailable and he thought of me? The more I thought about it, the more annoyed I became; at him and myself as well.  For really, why did I care at all?


Jade?  You still there?


He probably thought I was some lonely gal alone on an island with no hope of having a boyfriend.   Poor Jade!  No prospects, no chance at a real life. Just willing to hang on his every word.  Well guess what?  Two can play that game.

Yup still here.  Sorry about that!  I was just talking to my boyfriend Alex.


Boyfriend?  What boyfriend?


Oh he is this great guy I met.  We spend all our free time together and he is just the best.  Treats me like I am the most special thing in the world.


So you have met him?  Like you met me?


Well no.  We met online
………… Slowly, the story of my declining mental health, the website S.A.I.D. and meeting Alex poured out of me.

Travis was quiet for about twenty mins and I said not a word to him, allowing my news of a boyfriend to sink into his brain.  Take that, for throwing Daiyu in my face!

Jade?  Sorry I was quiet, I got distracted by something here.  I have to go, but will you be around later, or tomorrow maybe?


Sure.  I mean as long as I am not busy around the house or if I get a chance to talk to Alex.  He’s on a school soccer trip right now, so I have to wait until he gets a break and can call me.  Otherwise, I should be around.

I didn’t hear from Travis until the next day.  He messaged me all excited with the news his father was flying them to Bridgeport for a mini vacation.  “I wanted to go to a beach,” he had told me, but since they had gone to China for him, it was Callie’s turn to have a say.  “The hotel has internet,” he said.  “So we can talk the whole week I will be gone!”

Travis and I Skyped everyday, along with his sister at times because little kids just can’t resist being in the way!  They had pretty much done the whole town, starting with new haircuts, which caused a fight with his dad since Travis didn’t think he needed one.  He let the lady cut his hair anyway…..just not short, like his father intended.Screenshot-9


After their hair cuts, they went immediately to Santa’s Workshop, which was the main reason why Callie wanted to go to Bridgeport in the first place.  To meet Santa.  Unfortunately he was gone up North that day, they told her, but they still managed to have a little fun.

Screenshot-11  Screenshot-12
 Screenshot-13  Screenshot-15
 Screenshot-19 Screenshot-21

On the way back, Travis had his dad pull over so he could snap a pic of this for me:Screenshot-22
This is what a big city looks like he had written.  Just thought you should see. 

It looked like an alien world to me.  A future world in a movie or some amazing thing like that!  All those bright lights!

Before I knew it, almost two weeks had passed since Alex left and I had spent the entire time talking to Travis.  So much for the worry of what I would do to pass the time!  They spent the last three days in town lounging around the pool, giving Travis and I the entire day to talk on Skype.  We covered a lot of topics, things I had never even thought of before.  I felt I knew Travis, his likes and dislikes and definitely his quirky personality.  The guy knew every joke in the world and could pull one out to suit almost any moment.  We also talked about Alex as well.  He asked me many questions about Alex’s life and he even looked up his Simbook for a pic.  

“Feels weird to say since I’m a guy, but not bad.  Not bad at all in the looks department.”

“I have no complaints,” I said with a laugh.  “What about you?  No girlfriend waiting for you somewhere?”

“No,” he replied.  “Contrary to all this charm you’ve seen the past two weeks, I’m really not that good with the girls.”

I burst out laughing, almost dropping the laptop off my lap and into the sand below.  “OH PLEASE!  We were together for like half hour before you kissed me!  Not good with the girls my foot!”

“Yeah you were different though.  It felt really easy with you, like I had known you a lot longer?  I mean seriously, didn’t you feel it?”  I stared at him not knowing what to say.  “Okay, honesty time.  I have kissed a total of three girls.  A girl when I was 13 and we were doing that junior dating thing that doesn’t even count.  Kissed her once.  You on my boat, and Daiyu, which doesn’t even count as a kiss since I wasn’t trying to kiss her and I pulled away before she got a full on kiss.”

“So, you really didn’t kiss her then?”

“Noooo!  We were together for like two days, which was fun when we walked in the hills but the moment we ever got back to town, she sat down and put her nose in a book.  Not really attractive, you know.”

“Hmmmm, I guess I misjudged you then.  I mean I thought when you showed me that pic, you were trying to make me jealous or something.  But I didn’t know you as well as I have gotten to know you now.  It’s been fun being able to chat directly like this.”

“I will definitely miss talking to you this way.  We are leaving at ten tonight to fly back to the boat in China.  Then we are off again.  Dad is actually talking about settling down on land finally.  Where I don’t know.  It would be good to have a house, stable land under my feet.  I want to go to college to study science just after Christmas.”

From behind Travis, I heard his father call out his name.  “I got to go pack.  I will miss you.  Talk again real soon?”

“Till we talk again. Bye Travis!”

I went to bed that night, happy in the knowledge that I had a good friend in Travis.  Someone who enjoyed me for just me and not my celebrity status, whatever that truly meant.  My world was expanding while still remaining safe and I slept peacefully for the very first time since Jilly’s death.  All was good and great.

I woke up abruptly the next morning and rolled over to look at the clock.  Seven thirty in the morning….I laid there quietly listening for the sound of toddlers moving around in their cribs, but heard none.  Something must have woken me for I had that feeling I was pulled from a deep sleep, with the remnants of whatever woke me still quietly ringing in my ears.


Travis!  He was my first thought and I jumped out of bed to quickly run a brush through my hair before sitting down with the laptop in front of me.


Morning beautiful!…………………..
Wakey Wakey!


Screenshot-062   Alex!  Hi!  I’m awake.



Hey…did you miss me?

Maybe………………  okay YES!  How did it go? 
(Then I had to listen to a long winded explanation of soccer terms and such I didn’t understand but acted happy for anyway.)

So what did you do while I was gone?


Well I helped look after the todds like usual, did a bit of homework and an old friend got in touch with me.  We spent most of the time you were gone talking on Skype.

What friend?
(I explained how I met Travis -minus the kiss of course and some of the things we talked about)  Do you have a pic of this guy?



I shared the only close up picture I really had of Travis, which was this one after he got his black belt in China.  After a few moments Alex came back asking for Travis’s last name.  I told him I didn’t think Travis would want me to give that information out.  Alex came back with “Has this guy seen my Simbook?”

“Well yes, but-“



“So it’s okay for this guy to check me out, but I can’t check out him?  You spent the whole time I was gone talking to another guy, but I can’t check out the competition?”



“No, it’s not like that Alex.”


“Funny thing is Jade, I thought you were different.  I never would have guessed in a million years that you would go spending time with another guy the minute I wasn’t there to be with you!”


“Please don’t say that Alex.  Travis is just a friend.  I don’t like him the way I like you.”


“Like?  Really?  I tell you I love you and you like me?”


“No.  No that isn’t what I meant.  I meant love you.  I love you Alex.  I just didn’t know how to say it.  Please don’t be mad.  I didn’t mean to make you mad.  Please Alex!  I’m sorry.  I’m so so sorry and I won’t do it again.”

“You won’t talk to him again?  Like ever?  Cause I won’t have you talking to other guys!”


“I promise Alex.  I won’t talk to him again.  Never again.”


“Okay.  As long as you keep your promise, I won’t get mad again.  But you have to understand.  If I had done the same thing you would be just as mad, or hurt like girls get.”


“You’re right.  I understand.”


“I got to go.  I’m too pissed off right now to talk to you.  I will come back later when I am in a better mood.”


I spent the rest of the morning freaking out!  I blew it, totally blew the first relationship I ever had.  I would be lucky if he even stuck around.  I’m such an idiot!  Of course I shouldn’t have been talking to Travis, just a friend or not.  He is a guy after all.  I had to make this up to Alex, make him love me the same way again and after a few moments, I had a plan. 

Three hours had passed since I last talked to Alex, when I heard the “Ding” again.  He came on and started talking to me like nothing had happened.  I was completely amazed.

“I have a present for you,”
I said to him.  Then I sent him an attachment.  “Do you like it?”Screenshot-006

“Awww!  It’s really sweet.  I wish I had one that was more close up than this.  I don’t really have any good pics of you.  I would love one to hide in my room that I could pull out any time I was thinking of you, or when we talked.  It would be like I was talking to you directly, since we can’t use Skype.”

“I can do that.  I would love to do that.”


“Good.  Oh and while I was cooling off this morning, I decided that to be fair I would show you a few pics of my own.” I received a couple of attachments.  “These are some pics of my old girlfriends.”Screenshot-81

“The first one is Sherry.  I was fifteen and she was thirteen  She was my sister’s best friend and a little chunky but I didn’t care. She had the biggest breasts of any girl I had ever seen. I met her one night she slept over at our house.” Screenshot-87 “We spent a lot of time on her bed talking and making out while her parents were at work.  She was my first kiss and my first…well you know.   We did A LOT of that.  Her family abruptly moved away about six months after we started hooking up.  Then I met Jenna when I was sixteen.”Screenshot-80

“Jenna and I dated for almost two years.  She dumped me three months after my sister died.  Told me that I was a sad, depressed guy and she didn’t want to deal with that anymore.  Nice huh?  But man, was she gorgeous with the most perfect figure.  She was a dancer, sooooo…….  Now we are even.  I’ve seen Travis and you’ve seen mine.”  

“But Travis never was my boyfriend.  I don’t think of him that way.”


“Oh but he thinks of you that way I guarantee it, for no teenage boy spends two weeks straight talking to a girl unless he is interested in her.  Plus he knows where you live and I don’t.  He can get to you at any time he wants. ” 

“I’m sorry Alex.”


“I love you Jade.  In six months I am graduating from high school and then I am out of here!  My dad will have no more control over me then.  I want us to be together.”



“I know.”


“I’m going to sign off for the night but I will tell you this. You had better make up your mind, because I don’t want to waste any more of my time with you if we don’t want the same things in the end.”

Untitled drawing (2)
*First I would like to thank SweetPoyzin and RosemaryMarie, for pre-reading this chapter and convincing me to go ahead with it!

*Santa’s Workshop can be found HERE

*Alex is a sim made by Funnyaa at TSR!  ALEX





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25 thoughts on “Travis And Alex!

  1. Whoa! Stay away. Stay very far away. Alex is bad news.

    I wonder if he is even really the guy he pretends to be if they don’t skype. She has only seen the pictures he sent her, never seen him live. Or am I forgetting that he did. Regardless he is a big creep and Jade has been too sheltered to realize it. Jin has hurt her more hiding her away than letting her loose to experience the real world.

    Travis, on the other hand is totally awesome. I love that he is back. I ship these two so bad! Trade or Javis? Maybe someone can come up with a better ship name for them.

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    1. Thank you Audrey! Very good questions indeed and no she has never seen him live. He has a very controlling father since the death of his sister and mother who won’t let him do anything at all. He is desperate to get away from him and live his own life.

      I also think Travis has his faults, like any teenage guy tends. Will be interesting how this plays out. I do like playing Alex, Zach and Alex’s sister in the fun game. They are all quite fun together. Travis loves his little sister very much too. Very sweet. Plays with her a lot


  2. Oh my… I had high hopes for Alex. But he is showing really possessive behaviour and Jade isn’t registering the warning signs, thanks to her being too sheltered and having no other people to learn off, really. I think the best solution is for her to completely cut him off now…

    I didn’t really like Travis before, I like him more now. But I am still wary of him and I do hope he is being honest and won’t hurt Jade. These boys 😶 It’s especially hard if the relationships are almost purely online, she can’t judge them in person. *sighs* I sense a rollercoaster of emotions coming for Jade…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Lila! Poor Jade has been through enough! I think some guys are so good are being possessive that you don’t even know it is happening until it is too late! We shall hope that Jade clues in before it goes too far.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Whoa!!! Big signs of a blooming narcissist in Alex – bad news!! I hope Jade can recognize something is a little “off” about Alex, now. He is a real disappointment, darn it! I don’t know that Travis would be any better, but at least he isn’t trying to be controlling. I have visions of Alex coming to the island and Jin having to set him straight! Travis at least has plans for school and ambitions. Alex just wants to get away, which is sad because we don’t know all his circumstances. This is turning out to be quite a sticky situation!! Can’t wait for the next chapter to see what develops. Poor Jade! =( She’s just starting to return to normal, and now there is a new heartbreak possibly coming her way. Great chapter!!

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    1. LOL Thank you Marj! Was a complete wake up call wasn’t it?! I’m sorry he let you down. I wonder if something spurred on such possessive behaviour or if that is truly who he is. Hopefully we will find out.

      Travis is a mystery at this point, but unlike Alex who is putting romantic demands on Jade, he only seems to want to be a friend. She could use that at this point so it could be a good thing for her.


  4. Okay, I had my comment all figured out but upon re-reading, I’ve realized that if Jade was mad that Travis may have lied to her and so she tried to make him jealous, too, by telling him about Alex….. does she still, deep down, have feelings for Travis? :O

    I think it goes without saying that I’m extremely worried about Jade right now. My very being is screaming at her to run as fast and as far away as she can from Alex! I realize, though, that with the sheltered life she’s had, she may not see the red flags, or if she does, she thinks it’s because she’s at fault and so is dismissing this big flaw in Alex. I’m really afraid at how controlling and narcissistic he sounds. If she gets into a relationship with him, it’s going to be all about him and everything that is ever wrong in his mind will be her fault even though it obviously, to every sane person, is not.

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    1. Thank you RO. 😦 You provide a very insightful look upon this type of relationship and we certainly do not want to see that happen to Jade! Does she have feelings for Travis? Does she really have feelings for Alex? Or is it all just teenage hormones and immaturity…….. The need to be loved and wanted by another. With her unstable footing, you could see how Alex’s attention would be exciting for her, whether she has actually met him or not. Or how one kiss from a boy she was with for 2 hours would cause her to dream and hope.

      Alex or Travis? Or neither at all? We shall see how this all plays out.

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  5. I do think Alex is no good news, but at the same time…that thing with Travis and his Chinese girl. He may just have something to hide as well! I don’t know. He didn’t even try to contact her for a month? Even for a short talk. And now he suddenly reappears and is being that nice.
    I agree with Lila, the situation is unusual, too, because she doesn’t speak to both of them in person. Also, she has very little experience with talking to her peers, being sheltered on the island.
    Please, Jade, stay away from Alex. Talk it over with Sun or whatever. Just don’t let him do anything to you. He seems like a lot of trouble.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Jowita! So Travis is traveling on a boat with his dad and has to wait till they dock for him to be able to mail a letter or get in touch with Jade via messenger. He wishes he could talk to her more, but after his mom died his dad sold everything to take them on this around the world trip to educate them about the Simworld. Chapter 10 Goodbye Puppies, Hello Blue Eyes. I know that it’s hard to remember details of my story because I haven’t been able to pose every week. I am going to try and work on that.

      I agree that Alex is probably more trouble than we know. We shall hope that Jade has a better head on her shoulders than she does right now.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. No worries. I just feel bad that I can’t post every week as you do. It’s one of the reasons why I do add more detail to the story than I maybe wouldn’t do otherwise, in hopes of reminding people even a little.

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          1. I do post every week and it’s driving me mad a lot of times. I am just here trying to figure out when I will write a birthday bonus when I barely can write the normal chapters. I’m leaving on a trip tomorrow and coming back in the evening on Saturday. Literally no idea where to fit in some writing time.
            No worries, Bee. You do so much for everyone, it’s no surprise that you often do not get some quality time for yourself.

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  6. Reply 2.0 😉

    Yipes! Hope Jade wakes up quick …. vintage movie maybe & a long chat with Sun, or the grandma. No matter what I hope she gets a wake up fast before she gets hurts worse than she was by Jilly’s passing.


  7. It’s easy to say after a chapter like this, but I didn’t trust Alex from the beginning. 😉
    Somewhat in his simbook pictures made me feel uncomfortable. But I couldn’t have named what it is.
    I agree with every warning for Jade about the behavior of this young man. After reading the chapter, I looked at the pics again.
    All his girls he had before were blonde and Jade has black hair. None of them is looking happy. Why ?
    And the last pic gave me the creeps.. these staring eyes and his mouth seemed to belong to two faces. A maniac. 😦
    Perhaps it isn’t even his fault.
    Maybe Travis swindelt a little about the photo. But why did he show it at all, when he had to hide something serious?
    He hadn’t gone through a tragedy like Alex and his face seems more innocent and less selfconfident. Like a puppie.
    Anyway – just as Jade, we don’t really know them. So, I will bite my nails until we learn more.
    Fingers crossed for Jade, that she will not run into the next disaster.

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  8. Okay not cool Alex. Jade you need to dump that jerk right away and go with Travis. He will treat you like you deserve to be treated. Trust me Alex knows who you are and is with you just for your celb status even though you don’t understand that. Alex is a womanizer who will treat you badly. Run and run fast and far.


    1. hahahaha, don’t be sorry! I love everyone’s opinions! Oh my did you get all the way caught up already? Wow! You are a fast reader. Thank you so much for taking the time and I hope to see you back again.


  9. I audibly gasped when I saw Travis little picture icon. Travis is really cute. I hope Jade and him can meet again in the future. On the other hand, I hope Jade and Alex never meet because he’s a psycho. He seemed like such a nice guy but then he started getting jealous and territorial and rubbing his past relationships in Jade’s face. I can already see how this is gonna turn out with her and Alex if this relationship keeps up. Alex is going to be a dangerous boy and he needs serious help.

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