New Name Poll!

My readers are awesome!

I’ve had a lot of votes in the name poll to name baby girl # 2.  I have however, had so many comments in regards to the name Clara, that it reminds them of a cow.  Must be an American thing I think.  Also, people weren’t loving Coral.

Therefore I decided to alter the name poll, to add a few more suggestions given to me by ciane.  I know many, many people are asking for the name Blue.  To be honest it was the very first name I thought of myself.  The difficulty in using that name lies with a good number of my readers also read RosemaryMarie’s blog story, where her character is named Blue.  I believe this would just be too confusing to the readers and so I have decided not to add the name to the poll.

Now, the poll was reset to zero when I added the names.  I do hope you will go back to check the other name suggestions and hopefully vote again but Please DO NOT vote for the same name again.  I have kept the previous tallies and will add them at the end.

Thank you for taking another look at the poll for me.  I hope you see names you like.

Here is the linky to the POLL


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