Dear Jilly

Dear Jilly,

I miss you.  It seems like forever since we were at camp.  So much happened over the last few weeks that I am dying to tell you.  Jin says soon I can have a simmail account and then we can talk to each other all the time.  Do you have one? If you tell me what it is, then I can write you as soon as I get mine!

After crying so much when Jin picked me up from the camp, I slept for most of the boat ride home.  We got here just as it was getting dark.  So I didn’t see much of the house. Mama Sun made me ravioli for supper and apple pie, which is my favourite.  Even though I slept on the boat ride home, I had a bath and went to bed.  It felt good just to sleep in a real bed and the new one is sooo comfy.  Mama Sun said the bed was a gift from her cousin Ciane and it came from very far away.  She said Little Bee Designers wanted to use another bed, but Mama said this one was a much nicer bed and they couldn’t use any other one.  I don’t care, I just love it.  My whole room is just awesome and purple, just like my mom liked best. I’m thinking I want to do some pictures of my own to put on the walls.

Jin snuck in and took this picture when Mama was reading me a story.  So I included it so you could see my pretty Mama Sun.  Only Sun could make a book about gardening sound fun.screenshot-56

I woke up really early that morning.  Jin and Sun were still sleeping, so I took my camera outside to take pics to show you.  Then Mama Sun developed them for me to include in this letter.  Here is the front of the house.screenshot-3

Mama Sun says it’s a work in progress and that it will take time for us to make it a real home.  I asked her how we do that and she said a real home is filled with stuff we love and all the memories we make there.  She also said the house is tropical storm proofed with all the best construction things, so we would always be safe no matter what.  I wonder if they kept fighting all through the building, like they were doing before I left. Cause I know Jin had different ideas for our house than what we got.   I’m kinda glad I wasn’t here after all.

I really like the gazebo next to the house.  We can hang out there together as a family, or paint.  In the picture you can see a painting Jin is working on.screenshot-001

His painting skills are just so good.  I wish I could paint like that!

I did some exploring around the island for the next few days.  It’s really quiet now that it’s just me.  I miss all the girls at the camp, but I miss you and Violet the most. Mama Sun said I don’t have to start with school work till the Fall, so I can enjoy the summer.screenshot-40  Jin lets me play in the water at the beach as long as he has time to watch me.  I am NOT allowed to go swimming without an adult. The buddy system he calls it.  Never swim alone.screenshot-42

Remember the day Violet almost drowned in the pond at camp? And Miss Quinn was right there too!  That was really scary!  So it’s not a rule I am ever going to break! Not EVER!screenshot-59

The days are long to fill, so sometimes I spend a lot of the day staring up at the sky on the pool bed.  The waves just keep pushing me back onto the beach so I never go anywhere.

But Jin makes me paint too.  Painting is not something I like to do, but he says it’s important I practice.  He tells me stories about how my mom practiced a lot with Mama Sun’s mom when she was just my age.  I do not understand how everyone fits in this family.  I hope someday, they explain it to me so I’m not so confused.screenshot-53  To make Jin happy I paint, even though I don’t think practicing is really going to make me any better.

After a week of being home, Sun surprised me with the news we were heading to France to see her moms.  Two moms, another thing to understand.  We left Sophie home and went for three days.  You would not believe what happened!  Jin and Sun got married! They didn’t go to get married and it all seemed to be about they had to instead of romantic like.  I mean they wanted to, I just think there was something behind it that I don’t quite understand.

Sun was such a beautiful bride!  I will show you pics in the next letter.  Oh and I got my hair cut to look almost like yours!  But the best part is, we have a new addition to the family as well.

His name is Biscuit.  Jin and Sun got him for me over in France and he is just the tiniest sweetest thing.  He is very clever too.screenshot


(Sun was busy with her camera again!)

When we got home, we had to introduce Biscuit to Sophie.  But Jin said he really wasn’t worried, because Sophie was such a sweet dog that he figured she would just look out for Biscuit.  We took a video of it too, but I can’t show you that in a letter.  Maybe later, when I get my simmail account.

Biscuit follows me everywhere!  We have this blue and white lighthouse up on a tall hill behind our backyard on a really steep hill.  It’s tough for me to climb, but he still makes it! Watching him run back down the hill is really funny.screenshot-147  Sometimes he does somersaults, because he trips on his own feet from going so fast!

Sun says I have to say goodbye now or it’s going to cost a fortune to mail this.  If you don’t have a simmail account, can you ask your mom and dad to get one.  We could talk all the time then!

Write back soon please!


P.S.  Jin uploaded Biscuits video to his simvideo account.  Here is the link for you to look it up.


Jilly’s reply written by RosemaryMarie.  You can find Jilly’s story at


Dear Jade,
I was so happy when your letter got here. Isn’t it exciting to get mail just for you? I think so. I miss you so much, too. And I miss camp and Violet a lot.
I asked my mom about simmail and she thinks I’m too young. But she did say that if you were allowed to have an account, she would think about it again.
Your new room sounds really nice. Purple is my favorite color. I would like to see the pictures you make for your walls. I bet they will be really pretty.
I really liked seeing the pictures you sent to me so I put some pictures in the envelope to send to you, too. Your house is so pretty. And your island is, too. I wish I could live on an island but I’m not sure I could live without my twin brother Leo. Remember, I told you about him? He’s always in trouble.
Anyway, here is a picture of our house that my dad took:
Storybrook County is a nice place to live with lots of children and parks to go to. Our school is pretty nice but I only go there for half days right now. Next year, Leo and I will go all day. I think it will be fun, but Leo says he would rather play in our tree house.
This is Leo:
Momma calls him ornery. Sometimes she says he needs to shape up. I don’t know how he finds all that trouble, but he can’t seem to help himself. He always has ideas that I just know are going to get him put in the corner. I tell him so, but he does them anyway.
This is me and Leo in our back yard. I like to lie in the grass and watch the clouds. Leo isn’t watching the clouds, though, he saw a cool looking helicopter.
Did I tell you that Leo calls me Jillybean? I don’t like it when other people call me that because it sounds like candy or something. But Leo can call me Jillybean because he says it different. I can’t explain it.
This is me and Leo learning piano from our dad:
Daddy says music is very important and that it will make us better in math. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I guess I will find out next year in school. Leo is really good with the piano. I really miss all that drum playing I did at camp. Daddy said I could have a drum set at Christmas maybe.
France sounds like so much fun! I wish I could have seen Sun’s dress. I can’t wait to be a bride someday. I’m going to have the biggest, fattest wedding dress anyone ever saw with a train twenty feet long! And I will ask you to be my maid of honor.
I think your dog is so cute! Did you know that my momma and daddy had a dog once named Biscuit? They had another dog, too, and its name was Gravy. I don’t remember the dogs, though.
What is it like growing up without having to share your room with little sisters? I bet it is really nice! I have to share my room with my little sisters. They are twins just like me and Leo. Their names are Rachel and Daylynn. Here is a picture of them:
Leo thinks they are cute and so do I. But he doesn’t have to share a room with babies. I wanted to share a room with Leo but Momma said no. She said girls in one room and the boy in the other. I don’t understand parents sometimes. Sometimes I sneak out of my room and sleep in my sleeping bag on the floor in his room.
Here is my momma:
I think she is so pretty. Everyone in my family has red or reddish hair except for me. I wonder why my hair is different? My dad said it is something to do with jeans. But I don’t know what wearing jeans has to do with my hair color.  I even tried switching from blue jeans to red jeans but my hair didn’t change at all. Not one bit. Daddy’s pretty smart, but I think he might be wrong about that.
Well, that’s about it for now, I guess. I hope you write back to me soon because this is fun!

So Many Special ThanX To Mention

I want to say a special thanX to my sim friend ciane who bought me the Topsy Turvy single bed from the store, that I so greatly wanted to have for Jade ever since she was born. However, due to one of the last updates, I am unable to use store content in game without suffering glitches.  I’ve planned this for so long, that I couldn’t leave it out of the story.   Ciane, Thank you so much for buying me that gift!  Hopefully it will all come around, and those of us having issues, will be able to use store content again!


Did you see those really cute poses with Biscuit?????  Deb came to my rescue again she is so awesome!  There are a few more to the set and I will surely include them in the next few chapters.  Big shout out to Deb for all her hard work!  Thank you!  You can find more of Deb’s poses  HERE  I haven’t gotten them all up yet but I will.

Thank you to RO and SweetP

This collaboration with RO and SweetP has been a lot of fun!  We have more to show you coming up so stay tuned.  I’m really pleased to be able to show RosemaryMarie’s readers, Jilly’s young life that RO didn’t get a chance to write, as her focus was on Leo.

RO and I hope to see you again!

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16 thoughts on “Dear Jilly

  1. Thank you so much, Bee, for allowing me the opportunity to have fun with Jilly again. 😀 I really adore what you’re doing with Jade. Her story is so good and only going to get better as she gets older. Little Biscuit is so darn cute! I loved the video, too. That island is absolutely gorgeous!

    P.S. Jilly forgot to mention that she really loves Jade’s new hairstyle 😀

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  2. hahahaha! She can mention it in the next letter! It comes up then too when she is in France. I’ve had so much fun with the camp and all the girls to letter writing a friend. Its almost like we get to be little girls writing to each other!. Can’t take credit for the island, it’s all Deb, but you are right-it’s absolutely gorgeous!

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      1. I will think on it .. right now I am having a pretty rough time of it. I made the mistake of asking someone their opinion (I thought they would tell me some pointed advice for sure but they told me my whole story was boring) they were pretty brutal with me. I guess never ask for what you are not willing to hear ❤ It has hit me hard (you are the only one I have shared with because I know you have come under hurtful fire before too).

        Liked by 1 person

          1. TY ❤ blessed by your words. It is strange how a a strong criticism on your writing style is like a strong hit to your heart .. makes no sense but it is like a deep wound to a hidden part of yourself.

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  3. Oh my dear, Jilly ❤ I loved going back to times when she was with us. It made me so sad and melancholic to think that she never got to get her big wedding party and gorgeous dress. Biscuit is a cutie and I love their new house, too. It must have been super fun to have a collab with Kym, amazing how you can combine your stories, that will mean that when Jade is an adult, we would get to the time when Leo started out as a rock star, right?

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    1. Jilly was my favourite and I was so made what it all happened, even though I knew it was coming. We shall see how far things go in our collab.
      I lucked out on getting Biscuit, so cute he is. The house isn’t entirely to my liking simply because in my head I had both Sun and Jin wanting two different things and I couldn’t reconcile them into one house. I tried I really did. I built five of them before I decided on a tropical house that was made of solid stamped concrete, instead of wood. So frustrating it was.

      I saw you liked the chapter so I was literally just sitting here waiting for your comment to come it as I knew it would! LOL

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      1. Yeah, I always comment on your lovely story, haha. That is nice with the house, I usually don’t have time nor skills for building houses, so I just make an interior that suits me and everything my sims would like to do.

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  4. I loved Jade’s letter, but Jilly’s response about not understanding how jeans makes her hair dark and trying to wear red jeans to make her hair red just made me laugh. I am loving this co-op between the two of you.

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  5. 😭😭😭😭😭 this was so cute! I love their little relationship and how both of you expressed Jade and Jilly’s personality through the letters! I’m crying because Jilly and Leo! I need those two to be alright but they won’t be alright until Leo is dead.

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