Time For A Break

Time to give my big brain a break.

At the beginning of Dec, I decided that after Christmas I simply just needed a break from life.  There is a lot going on, taking care of my mom, kids and general day life.  We are emptying our house of all things no longer needed and getting ready to move to a smaller home some time this year.  On top of that, we are renovating as well, to get the house ready for sale. But most importantly, getting my mother well has been my top priority and she takes up a lot of my time.

I’ve forgotten myself some where in that list-I am continuously told by friends.   No, not forgotten.  Just simply no time. So I am taking a break, giving my big brain a rest, catching up on life and then I can throw myself back into the story.  Funny thing is, now that it’s not even on my list of things to work on, I’m getting all kinds of ideas of what or where I want the story to go next-and I really want to work on the story now!  Isn’t that always the way.


My last chapter intro was a little snarky and I knew it even when I wrote it.  I apologize. It’s a clear indication where I am at both mentally and emotionally these days.  I do appreciation ALL comments I get.  Keep em coming, no matter what.

The Story

We are jumping Jade ahead in age when we come back.  I promised I wouldn’t draw out her story and I won’t, since we already did Jin as generation 2.  So you will see Jade as still age five in the first chapter but then, ahead we will go.   I just want everyone to have their story told and for that reason, I won’t be having a large family like I normally love to play.  This is not an heir challenge.  It’s about five generations living on an island and as such, everyone needs to have a voice, if even a small part.

The Island

The island is working out great!  The big test will be when we have a baby for gen 3 and we see if any of the old issues from the last island pop up.  I just know they won’t so I am not even worried.  Deb did an awesome job building this and I will keep saying it over and over and over! She has built another one that would make a good camping/resort vacation spot as well if anyone is interested.  It’s so pretty!

In Conclusion

Even though I am on break, I may surprise you with a chapter.  I’ve got a great idea I want to work on and if I get it done I may post it. However, I am going to try and stick to my plan and so I will see you Jan 28th or Feb 4th with my next chapter!

Have a great month!


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5 thoughts on “Time For A Break

  1. Good for you!!! I look forward to seeing your next entry when you are ready. Quality is always preferable to quantity, and you are the writer! Enjoy your hiatus…hugs! =)

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  2. I second what the three smart ladies said before me! Now that it’s been seconded, all in favor say aye (unanimous) any opposed? (total silence). Good, that’s all settled then. Enjoy your break… you certainly deserve one. See you when you return. ((((BIG gentle virtual hugs))))

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