Camp I Can – Time For Goodbyes

Dear Mama Sun and Jin,

Monday morning, I was really scared.  I wondered what kind of punishment Miss Quinn would give out for breaking her rules.  I didn’t really break the rule, neither did Violet. But we did leave the camp property and that was wrong too.

Miss Quinn sat the girls down and told them she had called their parents to discuss the problems she was having.

screenshot“Are we going to be sent home?” asked Taryn.

“No,” said miss Quinn.  “But we do need to really talk about what is going-”

“How much money did my dad offer you?” Brianna said interrupting Miss Quinn.

“I beg your pardon?” Miss Quinn said back to her.

“That is what my dad always does.  I get into trouble and he gives people money to keep them quiet and do what he wants.”

Miss Quinn sighed, “That is so sad Brianna.  I thought……”  Miss Quinn rubbed her eyes then.  “I believe in always telling the truth.  It’s a good rule to have girls.”  Then she looked at Brianna.  “Yes he did.  But I told him no.  I turned him down.”

“You… you turned the money down?  Why would you do that?  You obviously could use it.”

“Because Brianna.  You are more important to me than any amount of money!”  She turned to Taryn.  “So to answer your question, no you are not being sent home.  Taryn, your dad tells me you never get into trouble and he is very concerned about this attitude you have developed since you came here.  He will be calling you this morning, so pick up when he calls.”screenshot-2

“What about me?” asked Layla.

“I don’t know.  Your parents were busy and all I got was a personal secretary who said she would pass the message on.”

“Oh,” said Layla sadly.

That is all I heard through the open window, because Violet and Jilly signaled that Mr Huntley was coming and we dashed behind the cabins.


“I’m going to put on a pot of coffee while we talk this through,” Locke told Quinn.screenshot-46

“I don’t know what to do.  In all my time working with girls, I have never seen ones so desperate for attention and so obviously lacking in it from their mom and dad.screenshot-35  I mean, what kind of parent just shoves their child aside and tosses money to cover up the problem?”

“I don’t know but I also don’t think you could say that about Taryn though.  Nor Violet or Jade.”

“Oh definitely not Taryn!  If you could have heard her dad yelling and how mad he was when he heard.  I’m sure she will be well dealt with.  I didn’t even call Violet or Jade’s family.screenshot-36

What do I do Locke?”

“You will figure it out.  Deep down you know what you have to do.  So go…do it,” he said gently.  Quinn sighed.

Quinn was about to call the girls for under the tree time, when her phone rang.  She almost didn’t pick it up, until she noticed it was the bank.  They were informing her that a large sum of money had been deposited into the Camp account of about twenty five thousand simoleons.

“I don’t understand, where did the money come from?  I never made any such deposit.”

The bank then informed her the money had come as a charitable donation from the Valencia foundation.  Quinn started to protest that she didn’t want the money, when the bank manager advised her she could not return the money.  As the money came from a charitable foundation to her camp which fell under the education act, legally she could not refuse it.   Nor could she give it away.  She thanked the manager for letting her know, then hung up the phone with a frustrated scream.

“Of all the sneaky, underhanded…….”  Then she told Locke.

“I know exactly what to do with it too,” he said.  Then they discussed his ideas.


Later in the morning, Taryn and I were in the main house when the phone rang.

“It’s my dad,” she said looking really nervous.


She said a lot of one word statements like: but, no, yes.  Basically he told her that he was very disappointed in her behaviour and that she had better have an attitude adjustment, or he would be coming to bring her home pronto!  He had arranged with Miss Quinn for Taryn to help Mr. Huntley as needed, to work off her punishment and that she had better do that without attitude!  He was not raising a daughter who thought she was better than everyone else just because they had been fortunate in life with his business.  Did she understand?screenshot-38

“Yes daddy.  I’m sorry daddy.”

“Good girl.  Now go be eight years old and have fun the rest of the week.  I love you Taryn.”

“Love you daddy.  Bye.”

Taryn didn’t have to tell me what he said, because I heard it all word for word.  He wasn’t yelling, but he was sure upset.  I hope I never make you that mad Jin.  I would hate to do that.

Another thing happened then.  Miss Quinn had just called for under the tree time, when Mr. Huntley said she needed to come see something and to bring Layla.

“This just arrived,” he said.  “Courtesy of Layla’s father.”

Miss Quinn’s face went red Mama Sun!  She stood there almost holding her breath, with her hands into fists.  Like she was ready for a fight or something.  Layla reached out to her.

“It’s what he does,” said Layla.  “Don’t worry about it,” then she started to walk away.screenshot-9

“No hold on Layla.  I meant what I said this morning.  I don’t need a new van.  My old one was perfectly fine.  I’m sending it back!”

“Good luck,” Layla replied.screenshot-024


Miss Quinn didn’t really get a chance to say anything.  The faces she was making said many things though.  When she got off the phone, she looked really sad, almost scared.

“Miss Quinn, keep the van.  Really, I mean it.  You needed a new van anyway and trust me, you do not want to take on my dad.  You won’t win.  In fact, you will lose, more than you ever knew you could.  I’ve seen  him do it.  So keep the van, okay?”

“Layla.  I feel very sad for you,” said Miss Quinn.

“It’s okay Miss Quinn.  I’m used to my dad not caring about me.”

“No Layla, that’s not entirely what I meant.  I feel sad that you are only ten years old and you’ve already had to learn so many terrible life lessons.  If I could hold you and keep you here with me, I so would.”  Then she gave Layla a hug.  “Promise me you will come back to camp every year.”

Layla nodded. “I will, Miss Quinn.  I promise.”

Miss Quinn called for Under The Tree time to finally start and she told us everything was going to change at camp.  Instead of focusing on skills, we were just going to spend time together. Work on our friendships and just have fun.  She said we could still do a bit of skill work, but most of the time we would be together playing games and stuff.

Then she told us to pack away our clothes.  From now on, we would be wearing a camp uniform, to teach us that we were all the same and no one was better than anyone else. She said she no longer wanted to see makeup, or nail polish, or jewelry being worn.  Only watches if we had them.  Last she said, no more grown up hair.  If we had long hair she would prefer if we put it in ponytails or braids.  If we wore it down, it had to be done without hair gels or spray.  It was time we all looked and acted our age.  We talked about what it was like to be a grown up too and how we needed to ask ourselves if we were in a hurry to grow up and why.  I don’t think I’m in a hurry to grow up.  I think it’s fun to be a kid.

Layla asked if she could keep in her small ear rings, because she just got her ears pierced before coming to camp and she didn’t want them to grow in.  Miss Quinn said that was fine.

That afternoon, Mr Huntley took the girls with the artistic skills to the Prism art gallery, while Miss Quinn played outdoor games with the athletic girls.  I think it was nice getting to go somewhere as a smaller group.  Mr. Huntley used to work at the art gallery making all their glass items for sale and we got to watch him make a dragon egg.screenshot-67After that we did a tour of the gallery to look at all the stuff.screenshot-72

Then Mr. Huntley taught us in a painting class.  It was about perspective.  He asked us to paint something close up and then scenery in the background.  I don’t know if I did it right, but I liked it when it was done.  Half way through the class he started to complain about being hungry.screenshot-77


I thought Brianna’s was kinda neat, but I have no idea what Violet was trying to do.   I think she had her mom and dad on the brain.  Perhaps she was missing home.screenshot-76

Afterwards we got to go to the town park to get food.screenshot-79

Even after a plate of fries, I still had room to do the hot dog contest.screenshot-81

And I won too.screenshot-84

Tuesday morning we woke to a heat wave.  At least that is what Bren called it.  I felt just awful and didn’t want to get out of bed.  Violet went to get Miss Quinn.screenshot-22



“Oh and Violet, please get into your uniform.”

“But Miss Quinn, you aren’t in your uniform!”

She give Violet a fake stern look.  “I’ll be getting mine on after the grounds inspection Miss Violet.”  Violet giggled then and Miss Quinn smiled.  “Off you go then.”


“Well you definitely have a fever, that is for sure.  Do you think you could eat anything?”

I just shook my head at her.  “I feel so strange,” I said to her.

“Violet, please go tell Mr. Huntley Jade is sick and he will be in charge this morning.”  Then Violet left and Miss Quinn rocked me back to sleep.screenshot-26screenshot-17 I slept for a couple of hours, had a bowl of soup and Miss Quinn put me in a cool shower.  I felt better after that and my fever seemed to be gone.  I wasn’t full of energy but I seemed better than I was.  Violet came to see me in the kitchen.

“Are you feeling better?”

“Some.  I think I will be all better tomorrow.”

“Miss Quinn is taking us to the drive in theatre tonight!  Are you going to come?  It’s just sitting and watching a movie.”

“I think so.”Screenshot-028.jpg

“Oh good!,” she said happily and then gave me a hug.screenshot-029

When we got to the drive in movie theater, Miss Quinn said we weren’t allowed to sit with someone we had already spent time with.  So for example, I wasn’t allowed to sit with Violet or Jilly.  She actually used that example when she said the rule.  Brianna was not allowed to sit with Layla or Taryn either.  I sat with Reisa, but she never noticed.  I’m still not quite ready to be bold yet.screenshot-031 We watched a comedy.  Something I can’t really remember the name of because I was feeling so sleepy from not being well.  I was happy when the movie was over and I could go back to camp to my bunk.

Wednesday I woke up feeling better but it was hotter outside than it was on Tuesday!  It felt like someone stepping on your chest every time you tried to breath.  Some of the girls spent the morning in the pond swimming with Miss Quinn.  I went to the music building to practice the piano instead.  Violet came in and asked if I would teach her how to play.

We stayed there till two in the afternoon, when Miss Quinn said it was time to leave.  We had no idea where we were going, as Miss Quinn had not told us.

We got to the science center and Miss Quinn said we were going to take a tour of the lab and take an inventing class.  She said she had always wanted to do this with her girls but it was too expensive.  But now, due to a generous donation, we were going to do all kinds of fun things that wasn’t on the schedule.  When Miss Quinn went to the desk to pay for the classes, it was six thousand simoleons!  That is a lot of money!  The class was a lot of fun, but inventing really isn’t my thing at all.

Thursday was our hottest day yet.  All the buildings were too stuffy to go into, so Miss Quinn pulled out the sprinklers and the extra slip and slide for all of us to play.

After lunch, she took us to the City Hall for a tour.  It was a nice air conditioned building, thank goodness.screenshot-039

“Miss Quinn, are we going to meet the Mayor?” Bren asked.

“Yes we are!”  Then all the girls cheered except me.

“Taryn, what is a Mayor?” I asked quietly.

“The Mayor is the sim who is in charge of the town.  They make decisions and all the rules the townsfolk have to follow.”

Well, that sounded interesting.  But really mama, all I cared about was that it was finally cool.  I never wanted to leave.  I would have slept on the hard floor just to stay cool!  Some of the older kids started begging Miss Quinn to go to the beach.

“Oh all right.  Lets go!”

We weren’t at the beach very long before it started to get dark.screenshot-011

Miss Quinn made hamburgers, which is good cause I have really decided I don’t like hot dogs!screenshot-009



We stayed all the way till ten thirty at night.  By then, it had cooled down….A LOT!screenshot-012

Friday was a busy day. We all spent time working on our skills to get ready for Sunday. That was the day some of us would be performing for the group or show off our paintings.  I was really looking forward to it.  I was missing home, but I was going to be sad to leave.  The girls were busy taking photo’s of each other and getting addresses or phone numbers.  I was really hoping to send letters to a few of the girls after I get home.

Here is me and Violet being silly.screenshot-020  I’ve grown some since I got here.  I’m almost as tall as her now.  Violet said her mom would say that fresh air and sunshine did it.  I think that is a funny thing for a doctor to say, don’t you?  She also said she wouldn’t show her mom this pic, cause she would be in big trouble for forgetting sunscreen.  Ouch that looks like it hurts.screenshot-021

I have no idea really what we are trying to do here.  Violet said to look cool.  What does cool look like anyway?

Miss Quinn asked me to meet her in the art room just after lunch and to wear clothes I can get messy in.  Like art clothes.

“Jade, I noticed that you still haven’t tried working on sculpting yet.”

“I know.  It’s just those blocks of clay look so scary.”

“Hmmm, I can see that.  But I would like you to give it a try anyway.  I will be over here cleaning if you need any help.”

So I did.  I looked at the big block of clay for a few mins and starting hacking away.  I had no idea what I was trying to do.  I just kept working at it and then something started to take shape.



I think I remember Violet coming in to say hi and watch but I’m not sure if that is true.screenshot-009

When it was done, I didn’t really know what it was or where I got the idea from.  Miss Quinn seemed to like it.  She had this funny look on her face that I think was a good one.

“This is wonderful Jade!  Is it okay with you if I display it outside?”

It didn’t matter to me so I said yes.  I mean, it was my first try so I wasn’t sure it was that good.  I heard Miss Quinn dialing the phone as I walked down the stairs.  Then, “Hello. This is Quinn from the camp.  You will never believe what just happened!”

She put the statue in front of the art building.screenshot-015

The heat wave finally went away and Saturday was a much better day to be outside.  Miss Quinn planned a picnic by the pond for everyone.  We were allowed to wear our regular clothes for it too.  Once again she asked us to try and sit with a friend we hadn’t spent much time with yet.  But we all just basically sat with the girls we wanted to sit with.  I sat with Jilly and Violet.Screenshot-15.jpg

Then everyone wanted to join us.screenshot-16



It was a good day.  After the picnic we worked on skills a little bit and just playing together.

I woke up on Sunday feeling happy and sad at the same time.  I was happy to go home, but sad to leave camp.  I was really going to miss everyone here.  After the picnic it was back into uniform to get ready for the performance.

Everyone helped with camp chores that day.screenshot-014

There was lots of hugs goodbye from everyone.  (autonomous I must add.  It’s like the sims knew it was over that day!)screenshot-033

“I am really going to miss you Taryn.  Will you write me?” I asked.

“As long as you write to me!”  Then we both giggled cause it was a bit of a private joke in our group.


Violet found Brianna crying in the sandbox alone.  She really didn’t want to go home!

The day ticked on fast and before we knew it, we were standing on the stage getting ready to play for the performance.

After the performance, everyone went to grab their bags. Miss Quinn called Brianna and Layla over to talk.

“Girls, I’ve been thinking. I really could use some help around here this summer. Mr. Huntley leaves to do his other jobs and it’s just far too much work for me to do alone. Would you like to stay and help for a few weeks? I’ve cleared it with your parents.”

Layla looked at Brianna and Brianna looked at Layla.

“Yes!” they both said at the same time. I was kinda jealous.

“I shall really miss you Jade.  I hope you come back again next summer!”screenshot-016

“I will miss you too Miss Quinn.  I shall try.”Screenshot-017.jpg

I gave all my friends a hug goodbye. I started to cry then and didn’t want to go.  Jin picked me up to carry me out.screenshot-018 Behind us, Brianna and Layla were saying good bye to Taryn.  Jilly was saying goodbye to Violet.screenshot-019  All the other girls had already gone.

So that was my time at camp. I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot of things. Miss Quinn says she runs a camp for teens near the end of the summer and I’m thinking maybe I will want to try that when I grow up. If that is okay with you Mama Sun. Miss Quinn says she gets to do many different things with the older kids.

But, I’m happy to be going home too. Is the house done yet?

I will see you soon!


Old Fashion Drive In Theater by BMiT04

MTS Kids Can Series


Miss Quinn
Violet is from SweetPoyzin
Jilly is from RosemaryMarie at Noble Doubt
TiVoxi is from PSTll0

All other sims were created by me and can be provided on request.  The camp at this time, is not currently uploaded for download.  I have plans to change a few things and add a few things as well.  Thank you for reading!

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So this is me. I'm 51 years old (Yikes), happily married for 30 years with four beautiful kids that keep me busy. I've met many wonderful people through this game, both players and creators alike and I am so happy that my best friend encouraged me to take up the game. Poses By Bee My main focus for poses will be real life situations and scenarios that can be used for different situations and in different combinations. I will also spend more time with children, as that age grouping seems to be lacking around the net. Stories By Bee Focuses on the Midnight Sun Challenge and the Bell family, but also a few fun short stories as well. I hope you enjoy reading along with me as I also go through this journey. On the net you can find me at: T.S.R.-Profile jessesue Mod the Sims- Profile jessesue Poses By Bee Poses By Bee - Tumblr Sims3Intimates - Tumblr

14 thoughts on “Camp I Can – Time For Goodbyes

  1. Oh, I loved reading about the girls. I am certain that this camp was a lot of fun, but it also required a lot of work (14 sims to take care of, like woot!). I also really enjoyed the final concert, it was very nice. I must say I adore Miss Quinn’s attitude, she’s an amazing role model to the girls. And I can’t wait to see Sun and Jin and the new house.


    1. It was a lot to manage for sure Jowita. But, often it was just trying to get there in time to catch a pic! I shall miss them all greatly. Playing Taryn has made me miss my Ichtaca family and so I may go back to them for fun. Did you really think Miss Quinn did a good job? What a stress that was! The new house……hopefully I can finally decide on a floor plan. I have so many ideas bopping around in my brain!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Seeing Jade and all the girls at camp was such a joy! I’m feeling a bit bittersweet about saying goodbye again to Jilly. Who knew she could have been Leo’s drummer? 🙂 It was really great to see Jade grow during this experience. And I’m glad Quin is able to keep the two girls there with her a bit longer, too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for loaning Jilly to me. It was much more fun tackling this challenge with friend’s sims there that I already loved and had a connection to. I really believe it helped me get thru all the frustrations I dealt with on a daily basis.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I never got to go to camp myself, but my two girls did (my boys wouldn’t go) and so I went off what I saw with them At their Christian horse camp, there is under the tree time, so I borrowed that from them. I wish I could have added horses but I thought it would be too much to handle. The horses in this game tend to steal all the attention!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I hate to see camp end! I loved camp when I was a kid, too. I feel sorry for Brianna, but Miss Quin will be a good role model for.her. Great chapter!


  4. awww sorry to see camp come to an end. Poor Layla having her Dad yell so loud the rest can hear. Glad he dad is keeping her from being a spoiled brat, but it is still embarrassing. Glad Jade made a few friendships that I think she will be keeping for life. Looking forward to seeing the new home and how Jade will adjust to island life now that she has been able to spend time with other kids.

    On a separate note: what mods do you use to get the kids to sculpt and play the piano and drums?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes Taryn is a child from one of my favourite families, the Ichtaca’s. I would never allow her to become a spoiled brat. She comes from a very loving family with parents who spend a lot of time with her!

      I’m very glad you enjoyed the camp chapters! Jade will keep these friendships, even though they are against the MSC rules.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. well it is OUR games and OUR challenges nothing wrong with some modifications to the challenge to make it your own. I use some of my own rules for the legacy challenge, but I think my view of a legacy is a little different.


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