So Much To Tell You

Dear Jin and Mama Sun,

Monday Miss Quinn took us on a field trip to practice our sketching.  She took us to the country where there was lots of trees and stuff.  I didn’t draw anything I saw.  I made a picture of a horse.  I imagined a horse in the field and drew that instead.  Miss Quinn said she would be posting our pictures on the parent account page.  Did you see it?

After we were done sketching, some of the girls started this game called catch me if you can.  You run after a sim, then tag them, then they chase you.  It’s very fun but you get tired really fast!

Miss Quinn says she loves the sound of children laughing.  It was a fun day.  We had macaroni and cheese for supper.

The next day, she took us to the pretty park next door.  It has lots of butterflies and birds and even a waterfall with a stream.  She asked us to sketch some birds.  That was really hard.screenshot-021I just mostly drew the bird houses.screenshot-020

I sat with Violet for most of the time.  Jilly and Taryn played in the stream.  Most of the girls weren’t drawing like they were supposed to be.  They were running through the butterflies and trying to catch the lady bugs.  I like Violet cause she does what she is told.

On Wednesday, we just worked on our skills.  Did you see the video Miss Quinn posted of me playing the piano?  I love the piano and it’s so easy to learn too.  Reisa is a good teacher.  She has been playing the piano since she was three!  She is 9 now.

After that Briana called me over to a group of girls.  She said: “Is your mom’s name Maya?”  I had to think about that cause when she said mom I thought of you Mama Sun.  I almost said no.

“Yes,” I said.  “Why?”

“Your mom was a very pretty model.”

I said, “No, she was a painter.  Not a model.”  They just giggled and I walked away.

Was mom a model Jin?

screenshotI was feeling hot so I went up to the playroom.  I remembered there was a big machine full of coloured balls I wanted to look at.  But I wasn’t quite sure what I was supposed to do to make the balls fall down.

Ti Voxi came upstairs and I felt really shy.  I just looked at the floor.

“Do you know how that works?” she asked.

“No,” I whispered.

“So you put in the simoleons up there, then you turn the dial and the gum ballscreenshot-17 falls down into here.”  Then she gave me a coin!

And I had my first gum ball.  It was yellow, my favourite colour!  I think it was lemonade flavour.

“Thank you,” I said.

I sat on the couch chewing my gum ball and she came to sit beside me.

“I’m Ti,” she said.  I just nodded my head cause I didn’t know what to say.screenshot-29

After a minute I asked her, “Why are you green?”

“Cause I am an alien.  Aliens are green.”

“I didn’t know aliens are real.”

Then she held out her arm, “Pinch me,” she said.  So I did, but just a little.

“Ouch,” she said.  “Seeeeee, real!”  Then she giggled and I laughed too.

We played with the dress up costume box for the rest of the afternoon.screenshot-26Thursday after breakfast, Annette asked me to play pillow fighting with her.  Its was a lot of fun.  I didn’t really want to hit Annette at first, but she was good at hitting me hard.

screenshot-20So I whacked her a good one.  She hit me way more than I hit her.  She was good at this game.screenshot-19

Later Annette got sick with a fever and Miss Quinn sat with her for an hour reading her books till she went to sleep.screenshot-019  Do you think I made her sick when I hit her with the pillow?  I feel so bad now.

Miss Quinn also took us to the bookstore to buy skill books.screenshot-005 She helped me cause I didn’t know what to buy.  I got a piano book and a book about talking to people.  She said it would help me feel more comfortable talking to people in big groups.  Jilly got a book about drums and Violet got some guitar music and a book about art.  I guess she likes both things.  I wish I liked art.  I should like art, shouldn’t I?

Oh this really bugs me but I am only going to tell you.  No matter where we go, Violet always gets to ride in the front seat.screenshot-014 Even if Mr. Huntley comes with us!  She does this thing where she calls “shotgun” then jumps in the front seat.  I wish I could ride in the front just once.  I would like to see what that feels like.  Mr. Huntley doesn’t seem to mind.  I think he is just happy to get away from fixing things all the time.  Sometimes he cooks too.  He sleeps in the tent.

Miss Quinn had soup cooking on the stove all day and it was so good Mama Sun.  There was carrots and potatoes and something called leeks in it.  She said that’s a type of onion but it tasted really good in soup.Screenshot-012.jpg

Friday, all the older girls were really excited but I didn’t know why until Miss Quinn rang the bell for under the tree time.  She explained that later in the afternoon we would be leaving for our Friday night cook out.  Miss Quinn said we couldn’t make it there in the van, so she made it a race contest.



I don’t think Annette felt well enough to run.  Miss Quinn cheered us on!  “C’mon girls, RUN!”screenshot-62

Jilly is a really fast runner!  At the last minute, she just took off and ran past everyone, including the older girls!


Violet came in last.  Probably because she had to stop for a stone she had stepped on.  We set out our sleeping bags in a circle just like Miss Quinn asked us too.  It looked like a pretty rainbow.screenshot-66

You can tell who the nicer sleeping bags belong to.  Briana said, her bed was top of the line for camping, then Taryn and Layla showed each other their bags.  I had to borrow one from Miss Quinn cause I guess you didn’t know I needed one.  But Miss Quinn said she keeps extras just in case someone forgets one.

We all played games while Miss Quinn cooked supper.  It looked so neat, I took a video on my phone to show you.

Layla was not happy about having to use an outhouse!screenshot-68

Just after supper, Violet got in trouble with Miss Quinn.

“Violet, this is the second time we have had to talk about wearing shoes while at camp.”

screenshot-76“But Miss Quinn, I’ve been wearing my shoes like you told me to.  We were playing in the sand when you called for us to leave.  I don’t like sand in my shoes so I take them off.”

“Then why didn’t you put them back on before leaving the camp?”

“I just kinda forgot.  I was excited about coming here.”

Miss Quinn sighed.  “Okay, I understand.  But Violet, I don’t want to have to talk to you about this again.  If I do, it will be a call to your parents.”

Miss Quinn walked away, then Violet giggled and said quietly to me “Good luck with that. They are on vacation.”

Miss Quinn didn’t even turn around when she said loudly back, “But your mom does have a cell phone………………”

Violet’s eyes just went WIDE!

We got to roast marshmallows over the fire and Miss Quinn told another ghost story, but I didn’t listen.  I was already scared about sleeping outside.screenshot-78

Then we all went to bed.screenshot-79

I’m in the yellow one, so I can’t complain!  Here is Violet who was beside me. Jilly was on the other side, so I felt a bit better.screenshot-80

The next morning we all played a bit, or worked on sketching until Miss Quinn yelled it was time to go back to the camp.  Violet played the guitar.screenshot-001

So much happens at camp and I want to tell you everything.  But Miss Quinn says I am starting to write a book instead of a letter!  I think she is joking.  Today we are having a party so I can’t wait to tell you about that!!!


Love Jade


Jilly is a sim I borrowed from RosemaryMarie.  You can see Jilly in her own story HERE

Violet was borrowed from SweetPoyzin and you can see her story HERE

Ti Voxi is a creation belonging to PST.  Link to follow.

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14 thoughts on “So Much To Tell You

  1. You do such a great job of writing like a kid would! It sounds like she is having a great time, and it’s even more fun with the other ‘story’ girls there, too. Jade seems to be getting better at making friends! Good chapter =)


  2. That camp sounds like a lot of fun. I happy for Jade is feeling a bit better being around the other girls. This was so funny, too! I cannot watch the videos, though, they are marked as private.


  3. awesome chapter. So glad Jade is having so much fun. She really seems to be coming out of her shell. This summer camp is really doing Jade some good. Can’t wait to hear all about the party.


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