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Dear Jin and Sun,

I hope you enjoyed the video of Jade playing the piano.  You would never believe that is only after three days of this friend teaching her to play.  As I said before, Jade is very focused when she takes on a task.

I hope you don’t object, but since painting seems to cause Jade such frustration, I’ve instructed her to spend more time focusing on other skills.  She really sees painting as a chore and we want her experience here at camp to be an enjoyable one.  Perhaps when she is older, painting will come more naturally to her.

Jade is experiencing a lot of “firsts” at camp and she is growing in enthusiasm for trying them.  She was very shy in the beginning, but I am so pleased to see how relaxed she is becoming with the other girls and the camp itself.

Please check back to the parent account again for more postings of pictures and news!




To check out SweetPoyzins blog where Violet is from check HERE.
To check out RosmaryMarie’s blog where Jilly is from check HERE

The children are able to work on these skills because I installed the MTS Children Can Series found HERE  which makes this camp possible.  However I do have some items on camp site the children can’t use, like the climbing wall and the chello.  I did this with the idea that the camp could be used as a teen camp as well.

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6 thoughts on “Camp I Can-Parent Account 1

  1. Adorable! That is so cool that you can have a video of her playing the piano! I am anxious to see, as you said above, what she is really good at.


  2. This is just too awesome! I think it’s great seeing all the girls at camp and also to see how Jade is progressing. Jade has a very unique voice and I can’t wait to hear more from her. I also wanted to tell you how beautifully I think you did these pages for your post. You’re very creative and the icing on the cake was the great video. 😀

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