Camp I Can- First Letters Home

**I’m writing this as a combination of Jade’s memories she is thinking about, as she is writing a letter home.   So her letters wouldn’t actually be this advanced, nor would the full conversations be apart of her letter.

Dear Mama Sun and Jin,

How are you?  I’m fine.  I was a little sad when I got here.  When Jin kissed my cheek goodbye at the gate, Miss Quinn said “Let’s go meet some of the girls.”  I didn’t want to go into the camp.  I just wanted to run after you and ask if I could go home.

I started to cry and Miss Quinn took my hand to walked me into the camp.  I think I will like her. She seems very nice.  I was too busy crying and looking at my feet to see anything.  I just wanted to go home.  I was very mad at you and Mama Sun for making me come here.screenshot-006

“Violet, Jilly.  Come say hi to Jade.”

“Hi Jade.  I’m Violet.  This is Jilly and Erin.  We are all in your cabin.  I saved you a bunk with us.  Come see!”screenshot-020

Then she grabbed my arm and started running.  All I had time to do was say “Whoa!” and see Jilly as I ran by.  She showed me the cabin and which bed is mine.

“I saved you the bottom bunk.  I hope that is okay.  Jilly is up top and I’m over here.  Erin is here.”  I nodded my head not sure what to say.

“How old are you Jade?  I’m twelve,” Violet said.

“I’m six,” said Jilly.  “Erin is six too.”

“Five,” I whispered, then looked at my feet.

“Let’s show Jade the camp!” Violet said but then this bell rang.  “Oh Under the tree time.  Let’s go!”  Then Violet grabbed my arm and we were off again.screenshot-17

Did you know, under the tree time really is under a tree.

“Jade!  Come sit with me,” Violet yelled.

We sat on benches.  Miss Quinn told us the rules and gave each of us a frisbie and a sketch pad.  What is a frisbie?  I don’t want to ask anyone.

When Miss Quinn was done talking, I walked down the hill and saw a playground.  I thought that looked safe.  I played in the sand Mama Sun and it’s fun!screenshot-11There were a lot of kids there too.  They were laughing and talking to each other.  I watched them and listened to what they were talking about.  Miss Quinn had gone into the big house to cook supper.  We had hot dogs that night.  I don’t really like hot dogs, but I ate them anyway.

After supper, Miss Quinn told us a ghost story.  Some girls went to bed already.  It was a really scary story!


ghoststoryendingThen we went to bed.  I got really sad and I started to cry.

screenshot-038“What’s the matter Jade?” asked Jilly.  “Are you missing your mommy and daddy?”

I shook my head under the blankets. “I don’t have a mommy and daddy,” I said.  I cried more then.

“Everybody has a mommy and daddy.”

“I don’t,” said Erin.

“Neither do I,” said Violet.  “I mean I do.  I have a mom and a step dad and he is just like my real dad.  I call him dad and I love him like my real dad.  But I’ve never met my real dad.”

“Come sit on the floor with us Jade,”  Jilly said.

So I got out of bed.screenshot-037

“Who do you live with Jade?” asked the girl in purple.  But I don’t know her name yet.

“I live with my brother and his fiance.  I call her Mama Sun cause she has looked after me since I was born.  I didn’t meet my brother till I was one years old.”

“That sounds…… confusing,” said Violet.

“My real mom and dad live with me.  I have a twin brother Leo and 2 younger twin sisters,” Jilly told us.

“My mom and dad are divorced,” said Erin.  “He left when I was three to go live with another lady and they just had a baby.  He calls me sometimes, but he lives very far away.”

“I bet you miss him a lot,” said Violet.  But Erin just shrugged.

“What about you Taryn?” asked Erin.

“My story is….complicated,” said Taryn.

“Complicated?  How bad can it be to be the daughter of a prince?” Violet asked.

“Does that mean you are a princess,” asked Jilly.  She was really excited.

“I’m not!  He’s not a real prince either.  They just call him a prince.  When I was born, I was with my mom.  Then my dad took me away from her and now he is married to someone else. I like her a lot and she acts like my real mom so I call her mom.  I live in the same city as my mother, but I never see her.”

“Where is you dad Vi?” Erin asked.

“I don’t know if I want to tell you.  I may freak you out a bit.”

“Now you have to tell us,” said Taryn

“Ummm, well my dad, he isn’t a real sim…..exactly.”

Then she told us about her mom and her imaginary friend.  That isn’t true is it?  They don’t really come to life do they?  I’m really scared about that now.  Does that mean Wiggles will come to life?

All of a sudden Erin said, “My mom sent me to camp because she thinks I am fat.”

No one said any thing.  “It’s okay, I am chubby and I don’t know why.  My mom sent me to camp hoping I would lose some weight.”

“My parents are on vacation in France,” Violet said proudly.  “My mom said she would bring back presents for me! But I am missing my new puppy.  I wish I was home with her.”

“I don’t know why I am here at all,” said Taryn.  “I mean this camp in particular.  I’m not good at art, I can’t play music and I don’t like learning things like chess.  I’m worried I will be bored.”

“I’m not good at art or music either,” said Erin.  “Maybe we could play together.”

“What about you Jade?” Violet asked.

“Mama Sun and Jin are building us a new house.  They said it would be better if I wasn’t there while it was getting done.  So they sent me here.”

We talked some more and then Jilly said, “Do you feel better now Jade?”

“I guess,” I said back.

“You are going to have so much fun at camp,” said Violet.  “You will see.  Just stick with us.  We are going to have a blast!”

screenshot-8I went to bed feeling better about being here.  I had made my first real friends and they are really nice.  I hope camp is as much fun as they say it is.

We have to write letters every few days Miss Quinn says.  I will write more later.


P.S. I just found out that Taryn is 8, she is so pretty Mama and she has the best clothes.  I bet she is rich!  I wish I had clothes like that.  There is one girl here who has hair the colour of gold! She is pretty like a model.


“Hey Jin, we just received an email from Miss Quinn at Camp I Can.”

“What?” Jin yelled over the hammering and sawing of construction.

Sun sighed and pointed at the computer screen.  “COME READ THIS,” she yelled.


Dear Jin and Sun,

Jade has been with us a few days now and I wanted to send you an update on her progress, to ease any concerns you may have.

Jade is incredibly shy and tends to keep to herself, but the girls in her cabin have been giving her lots of support, sticking close to her when they are not busy or when we are all together.  Her tears from drop off did not last long, and she has been doing fine ever since.  Today, I saw her approaching small groups of girls, standing quietly until she was spoken to.

During the week I encourage the girls to work on their skills and during certain days or times, we have special events such as group activities or field trips.  Jade is incredibly focused when working on a project I have noticed.  I’m sure I will have many things to share with you in the next two weeks.

I’m reminding parents to take this time to sign up for their parent account on the camp page where I will be posing pictures, videos and camp news.  Please read the attached Letter to Parents as a reminder of camp policies.

In the meantime, here are just a few photos to show you Jade at camp.


Miss Quinn Archer



Pics of Camp I Can


screenshot-41(I still need to fix the swimmable pond, but they do love swimming in it!)













Note from bee:  I built this camp quickly and I still need to put final touches on it.


Crying Jade pose with Miss Quinn was made specially for me by Deb!  I sure will owe her a big favour!  Thank you very much Deb!

Big thank you to SweetPoyzin for lending me her Violet for this story!  You can see Violet in her own blog story here:

Thank you also to RosemaryMarie for lending me Jilly from her own story.  Find out what happens to Jilly here:

These two stories are just incredible ones to read and I urge you to give them a try if you haven’t already!

Our little alien girl Ti in this story, comes from my best friend PST, link to follow.

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17 thoughts on “Camp I Can- First Letters Home

    1. Awwww ThanX! The camp is really just in it’s base stage right now as it needed to be play tested before I could finish it. I will be uploaded it to TSR when the story is over. I believe you are right, Jade will be gorgeous, but she had very nice looking parents so I am not surprised! Thank you for reading!

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  1. Wow, Jade surely has some problems, but no surprise since she was away from her peers, she needs time to socialize. Vi and Jillie were so amazing, I loved them! Such a shame, Jade has no idea that adorable girl is going to end up in such a sad way. Jin and Sun are probably a bit worried about Jade, but I hope she will finally break out from her shell.

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    1. Thank you Jowita! I posted this so late last night I forgot to add the links for the girls in their stories and you just reminded me! All done now! I was hoping that people would catch on where both the girls were from if they were reading all the stories! We are going to see Jade grow and learn in the next two weeks, come out of her shell to be a much happier child. We shall see if she returns to Wiggles in the end!

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  2. I absolutely love seeing these girls together as new friends at camp! What a creative and wonderful idea! 🙂 This really makes me miss Jilly all over again. lol I can totally understand where Jade is coming from, but I’m really glad she’s realizing that going to camp is more fun than she thought it would be. 🙂

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    1. Me too RO! You know how much I loved Jilly! Forget the girls…the camp leader (me) is having so much fun doing this! Playing this family reminds me how I am missing my large families I always played! Thoughts are brewing…………………………………

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  3. Oh sounds like Jade is having an incredible time. Glad her growing pains didn’t last long.
    OH A Jilly and a Leo. I did not realize your story was set ahead of RO’s. Will be interesting to see if and how the two of you intertwine your stories in the future!
    Loved it Bee ❤

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    1. Jilly was my favourite character and RO knew just how mad I was when she died. So I asked for a copy of her and then could I put her in the story. So for Sweet, it’s her current story but for RO we are seeing Jilly’s past. It was just something fun to do! Jilly is so cute at camp!

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    1. Thank you Lisa! The camp is set up as an all girls camp and does include some items that children can’t use, such as the chello and the climbing wall. I thought someone could do a teenage skills camp as well.

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  4. Such a delight to see characters from other stories I love! I had a big smile on my face when I read Jilly and Violet’s names, and thought “no, she didn’t!!”,but I am very glad you did include them…such a wonderful idea!! =) I can see how Jade might worry about Mr. Wiggles now…see what happens there!?! Can’t wait for the next chapter, and I hope you are feeling a bit better, sweetie! ♥

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