Chapter 30 Dear Witness Part 1

**Note for the purpose of speeding up and finishing Jin’s story line, we are back to EA time lines, where pregnancy is 3 days long etc.  Also, only the first pregnancy was my doing, everything else was not.  Enjoy!


This account will be as detail oriented as it can possibly be  with mainly facts but a slight sense of story as well.  It must be both, for you to fully understand.

I’m taking you all the way back to the very beginning and because I am doing so, this account will be long, so please bare with me as we go.  We will start the day I learned that my life was changing again.

Cameron and Caeruleus had just found out they were expecting triplets and even though the expectation was for me to move out, when I went to do so, Cam had an emotional melt down and begged me to stay.  “I can’t do this,” she said.  “You need to stay and help us.”

Now I knew that was just the hormones talking.  Cameron couldn’t wait to be a mom, but she looked at me with such terrified desperation that I agreed to stay with them.  We moved to this small country lot way on the outskirts of town, no where near where they wanted to be and too far from family as well.  Funds were tight and we were lucky to afford this house and so, we were happy.

The house was perfect, as far as they were concerned.  Caerul wanted to get back to his fairy roots and although Cameron supported him, she drew the line at living in the forest in a tree.  The house had grass floors and only what was absolutely needed that ran off electricity, which was harnessed from the waterfall on the property.


I started my job at the police station and by the fourth day I had been promoted several times to patrol officer, where I walked or drove the streets to fight crime and deal with minor disputes.  However in the town of Monte Vista, any kind of dispute seemed to be non existent.  So basically I was bored for eight hours a day but I did get a lot of exercise passing the time.

Screenshot-82Cameron struggled at the beginning of the pregnancy but after the vomiting stopped, she just blossomed and looking at her, watching her work around the house and yard, you would never know she was carrying three babies.  Her excitement was contagious and I found I couldn’t help but dote on her and her pregnant belly.

It was two in the morning one night when I heard Caerul yelling and I ran into their room to find him off the rocker panicking while Cameron gripped her stomach and Screenshot-89grunted in pain.  Here is where my two best friends had been butting heads again; Caerul wanted a home birth as fairies do, while Cameron was determined to head to hospital.  Seems  in this case considering his reaction, Cameron knew her husband better than he knew himself!  Yet by the time she had changed and reached the bedroom door, it was already too late.Screenshot-90

Screenshot-97  Screenshot-99 Screenshot-98
FOSTER                                                  OREN                                             DAIN

Before we knew it, three handsome little men joined our family.  It was a tight fit but we made it work.  The triplets and I shared a room, which I wasn’t entirely happy about, but Cameron had asked me to stay and help, so that was what I was going to do.

Shortly after the triplets were born, Cameron learned she was pregnant again and even though deep down she was very  happy, there were lots of tears too- all day long.Screenshot-12


But once the initial shock of it all wore off, she jumped into motherhood using all her natural gifts I knew would help to make her a great mother.   Just before she was to give birth, the triplets aged up to toddlers and she set to the task of getting all three trained in all their skills before the baby or babies were born.  We had no idea what was coming and mentally we were preparing for more than one.



Foster was definitely the leader of the group and without a doubt the most mischievous. We knew he would be the one to give us trouble and make life interesting.


Oren spent a lot of time in the garden always talking to the plants and never playing with toys.  They only way to get him to stay inside was to lock all the doors so he couldn’t sneak out.


Dain, who was human had a real drive to learn things.  He was the first to learn everything and if he wasn’t playing with a toy, he was reading books.  We felt we had a scholar in the bunch, at least so far.Screenshot-26

Cameron was outside with the toddlers when labour began and I’m embarrassed to say, it was me that totally  freaked out this time. However, two little girls and one boy safely joined the family; Fayette, Orla and Kalen

We were all exhausted trying to keep up with their needs, Cameron more so, who had all six children alone for the eight hours both Caerul and I were at work.

After the second set of triplets were born, Cameron declared she was no longer willing to live with grass floors and no electricity.  It caused quite a bit of tension between the two, but Cameron was very firm.  As the first set of triplets had become toddlers and were crawling, she couldn’t keep them clean on the grass floors which grew small wet puddles up from the ground.  The boys were continuously dirty and she wasn’t going to do it anymore, so either they needed to install floors, or it was time to move.

Caerul’s parents stepped in and declared the house way too small for such a large family. They bought the house being built across from the school, somehow managing to convince the person building it, to sell it to them instead.Screenshot-31

At this time, I planned to move out but once again Cameron used her tearful pleading eyes on me, and I stayed.  The house was no where near finished with unpainted walls and no outside landscaping finished, but it suited us for the size of family we had become and we were grateful, to say the least.

At this point we were all walking around like half awake half asleep zombies, wandering from one crib to the next and crawling into any available bed space we could find. Sometimes it was Caerul with his wife, Caerul with me, Screenshot-63or even me with Cameron. Screenshot-72

It didn’t really matter who, as we were fast asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillows.  The toddlers were at least sleeping through the night as this point, but they all woke VERY early in the morning.  Caerul and Cameron had gotten so good at the sleepless thing, they had even learned to sleep with their eyes open.  Which seriously creeped me out.Screenshot-36

The only good thing was at least I was no longer sharing a room with the babies.

Just before the second set of triplets aged up, I convinced Caerul to take his wife out on a date to give her a break.  “I’ve got this,” I said to him.  “Go and have a good time.”  Not long after that……..

I cornered Caerul in the house and gave him a good talking to.  “Are you OUT OF YOUR MIND? I told you to take her out!  Not get her PREGNANT!  Are you trying to kill your wife?”

Screenshot-21At first Caerul thought it was amusing until I lit into him some more.  “You have no idea what it is like for her!  Five days a week, for eight hours a day you get to leave this house while she is left behind to take care of all of them.  She barely sleeps, barely eats and do you know how much laundry nine people in a house create?  No, because you have never done a load of laundry in your life I bet!  She is completely wore out.  I’ve taken so many sick days to stay home and help her just get through some of the worst days.  She can’t take any more Caerul! Badly done my friend!  Badly done!”

After that Caerul himself began taking sick days from work or coming home early to lend a hand so Cameron could sleep.  He also hired a maid service to clean the house and do all the laundry. The only good thing was the shortened duration of pregnancy and infancy for fairy children, which I wasn’t aware of myself.  Otherwise, I don’t know how any of us would have survived.  Now it made sense how fairy families were so large.Screenshot-13

ScreenshotWith all the extra help and the first trips aged up to children now attending school, Cameron was able to focus her attention on the second set of toddlers to get them all trained before their birthday, which was just a day away.  This third pregnancy didn’t give her any symptoms at all and so we, or at least I prayed it wouldn’t be another set of triplets on the way.

The second set of trips aged up to children and we all breathed a bit of a sigh of relief.  It wasn’t that they required less attention, it was at least we were able to get a full nights sleep, which gave us the energy to keep up with all their needs. Screenshot-72This pic is one for the memory books.  The trips in order of birth.  I love how the boys all look pretty well the same while the girls have their own distinctive look.  Fayette and Orla both look like their mother each getting her best features, but Fayette does look like her more. Out of the boys, Foster is most like his father.

Foster is still the leader of the group as they all look to him for pretty much everything. He is still getting into trouble, leaving many booby traps around- EVERY WHERE!  But he is the most responsible of the group, always lending a hand cleaning up the kitchen or helping to take care of the toddlers.  He spent a lot of time playing peek a boo with Kalen. Perhaps it has something to do with a guilty conscience?!

Dain never says so out right, but I know he feels different being part of a household of fairies.  He spends his time in fairy tale world always dressed in costume acting out some story, usually standing on chairs.  He worries and wonders why he is human and not fairy.  He is getting straight A’s in school, not that we are surprised.

Fayette tends to be more proper always setting her self separate from the group.  For example, if we are all in the water at the beach, she can be found lying on a towel sun tanning. Yet she is incredibly kind as well as an excellent student.

Orla is very quiet barely saying boo to anyone.  Usually you can find Oren with Orla; reading together, playing outside, or finding a quiet corner to do homework together.  I wonder if its the middle triplet thing that brings them together. She is very sweet and more in tune with the emotions of others in the household.  She loves hugs.

Oren is just as quiet usually, but he is very inquisitive.  When he starts in with the questions, we usually just redirect him to a book to find the answer for himself.  Simply because the questions are too in-depth and most of the time we don’t know the answer anyway.

Kalen is just very happy go lucky, always with a smile on his face.  He loves to play outside and hates doing homework.  I think it’s his happy nature that attracted Foster to play with him all the time.  You could often find them at the block table together.  Kalen also has the pointiest ears of the bunch, which is odd considering he is human.  His ears are even bigger than his fathers.  My hope is that he will grow into them as he grows up.

I wonder how another baby or babies will fit into this dynamic that seems to work so well. However, it is early days yet and “teenage-hood” is just around the corner for this bunch, so we shall see.

Cameron’s parents came home from a very long horse competition tour to find they were grandparents to six children who were absolutely fascinated by their new grandpa.Screenshot-38

Poor Travis was bombarded by a ton of questions, mostly from Oren who asked “Hey how come you don’t look like a grandpa?”

Screenshot-39“Don’t grandpa’s have white hair and wrinkles?”  I really don’t think Travis knew what to say!

Honor was so pleased and shocked over being a grandma to so many children.  Then to find out her daughter was pregnant again.Screenshot-36

“I’m so sorry I wasn’t here for you through all this!  What a terrible mom I am!  Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because mom, this competition tour is very important and I know its where you make a lot of your money for the year.  I couldn’t ask you to give that up and come home.  We were okay, we had Jin.  He has been more wonderful than you could ever know.”

“Well I am here now!  Anything you need please ask.  I’m so excited about being a grandma.  I just hope I can remember all their names right away!”  Cameron laughed and took her to meet them all.

The kids made themselves at home in the house.  They were completely entranced by the television, which was something they had never seen before.  Screenshot-61

The kids really took to all the horses, and the horses eventually took to them.  Out of all of them, I think Fayette will be the horse person to take over from her grandma.Screenshot-46

Simply because, Chardonnay the guard horse and the one that bucked me off, walked right up to her and nudged Fayette for affection.  Amazed the heck out of me especially since I myself will never go near him again!

Seeing Honor and Travis with all the kids, got me thinking about Caerul’s parents.  We had all been coping with the heavy load of life the past while, that it never occurred to me that Caerul’s family have never been to meet any of the kids.  Not once.  Caerul’s mom had called once or twice to check in but she hadn’t been over to help at all.  I found that odd considering the doting mom I knew her to be with Caerul and his sister Rana Rosa.  Having Rosaleigh’s advice would have been very helpful to Cameron with all her worries she had been carrying around around about giving birth and raising fairy children.

It was odd.  Very odd.

I think that is all I have to say about the family that is relevant for now, with the hope I have covered everything carefully.  It’s important that all persons involved are mentioned in this report.  I may have to digress a few times from this point on if more details come to mind but its time to start into the real mix of things.  As I tell you this tale, you find it hard to believe.  But trust me, everything I tell you is true.  No matter what you hear in the news.  No matter what the official report will say, this “unofficial” report will tell you the truth as I saw it and I experienced it.  This is where I have chosen to begin:

On one of my work patrols I came across this old stone shed way out on the outskirts of town but not too far away from the house.  It appeared to have been abandoned for quite some time, and after some investigation I found out it was an old utilities building for the city that was never used.  Thinking to Katie and her request to have somewhere to meet, I fixed it up just enough to make it usable but not noticeable to anyone on the road.

To be honest, I was also thinking about a place to get away from all the noise at home.  I didn’t want to leave Cameron without my help, but the thought of more babies crying all night long didn’t please me either.  I loved all my “nieces and nephews” but some part of me felt that Caerul needed to be thrown into the deep end, as they sometimes say, to really understand the impact of what life was going to be like for him and his wife.  I kept looking for an opening, or the right time for my exit from living with them, but with this new pregnancy I didn’t see it coming any time soon.  This way, I would at least get a break and hopefully get to spend some time with Katie.

For that I was going to need some furniture.  I found an old bed frame at the dump which I cleaned up, found a cheap table just sitting at the side of the road and bought two chairs, some oil lamps, a couple counters and the cheapest fridge I could find.  After a sink was installed I went out to get an all in one washroom, then installed that myself as well. I accomplished most of that at night, so no one would see anything being moved into the building and no one would even know I was there.  Not even Cameron or Caerul knew I was gone.

At the time, I had no idea just how important this little safe haven was going to become.

I’m sure you are wondering why all the secrecy, but I can’t tell you.  Not yet.  We haven’t reached that part of the story.

All in due time


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  1. So much happening! And such a mystery, too! I loved the pictures of all the children! I’m wondering in a big way what is going on. I’m so excited to fine out! Great chapter!


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  4. Wow you are awesome at story telling for sure dear.

    On Sun, Jul 17, 2016 at 6:51 PM, Stories By Bee wrote:

    > bmitjessesue posted: “**Note for the purpose of speeding up and finishing > Jin’s storyline, we are back to EA time lines, where pregnancy is 3 days > long etc. Also, only the first pregnancy was my doing, everything else was > not. Enjoy! This account will be as detail o” >


  5. Oh, you certainly threw a bomb at all us, readers, with a whole bunch of kids and a mystery going on. I love how you described them, it feels so real when they are not just a bunch of supporting roles, but individual characters. I can’t wait to see what Jin going to do with his new “house” and what Cameron carries in her stomach. Do we get nine? Well, dressing all the children took you certainly lot of hairstyles to get plus taking care of such a giant family- what a mess!


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