Chapter 11 Jin In Paris Day 3

The next morning I woke to the sun shining through tiny pin holes in the seams of the tent causing small colourful spots on the inside of my eyelids.  Without opening my eyes, I rolled away from the light and reached over to snuggle up next to Sun.  I came up empty and realised she was not in the sleeping bag next to me.  I sat up in confusion and rubbed the sleep from my eyes.

“Sun?”  I paused and listened for any sound outside the tent, but heard nothing but the birds in the trees.

“Sun are you out there?”  When no response came, I unzipped my sleeping bag and crawled from the tent.

Looking to the sky I determined by the sun for it to be around seven in the morning.   A search of the washroom, turned up no sight of her either and if it weren’t for the smell of her perfume on my clothes,

I may have believed she had never been there at all.

How did I sleep through her leaving and when did she go?
I had to admit,  not knowing much about girls, I was a little lost on what to think.  I would have thought when invited to spend the night, the expectation would be to also wake up next to that person. It made me wonder if she even stayed the night at all or just left the minute I fell asleep. What was I supposed to do now?  Call her? Wait for her to call me this time?  All I knew, the doubt I was feeling left me out of sorts as I went through the motions of cleaning up and getting something together for breakfast.

When I was done eating, I had worked it out in my mind that I would let her come to me.  It was the only way for me to know for sure that she felt as strongly about me as I did her.
Still I couldn’t help myself.  Thinking back to Sun saying she and her friends hung out at the cemetery, I headed there first just to take a quick peak, since it was just down the hill.  No one was there and I thought to myself “move on man”.

Hang on, what’s this?

As I was walking out of the cemetery, I almost stumbled into a tiny hole in the ground, Upon closer inspection I realised it wasn’t any ordinary hole.  It had definitely been put there for a reason.  Taking a deep breath, I stuck in my hand, felt around and knocked some kind of switch, then heard the sound of some door opening.





Turns out there was money in

those small buildings!  Looking around and then feeling quite like a thief, I stole everything out of all the buildings but one.

One of the chests required a heart shape key, which I found in another chest.

Once I put it into the keyhole, I couldn’t get it out. The last chest also had that same heart shaped key hole.  But since I couldn’t pull it out of the first keyhole chest, I had to leave it.

After pillaging the chests, I took a look around the cemetery to see if it held any other secrets but found none.  By that time I figured it to be about eleven in the morning and still no call from Sun.  I was not happy to say the least.

What I did know was that I was wasting precious time.  My parents had given me a very clear list of instructions on items to collect and people to see.  I didn’t want to let them down and risk loosing any possibility of leaving the island again.  I figured I might as well spend the day searching for supplies and then visit the Fouchiers.  I was really struggling to find any of the supplies and after a couple hours I was even more frustrated than before.  I decided to give up and make my way to visit my parents friends.  I was sure that mom had called ahead to everyone, and if I didn’t show up I would be in a world of trouble the minute I got home.


By the time I had reached the Fouchiers, my mood hadn’t gotten any better. It was hot, I had plenty on the list still to find and no word from Sun.  I made it a short visit only staying long enough to catch them up on the news at home and meet their two children who were born shortly after we left France.

I explained in my slightly limited french that I didn’t want to sit down, as I was dirty from walking the hills and picking up supplies.  I bid them goodbye and promised to pass on their news to my parents.

I began walking down the street back towards town with the intention of going to base camp for a nice cool shower, my thoughts filled of Sun.  Perhaps I had come on too strong, or too needy. Maybe I scared her away?  If that was the case, then not calling was definitely the right thing to do.  However if I didn’t call her after asking her to spend the night, then what did that say about my character?  I dunno.

I was so deep in thought that I almost ran right into Sun, who was walking towards me apparently not watching where she was walking as well.










“Sun!  Excusez moi.  Je suis…..ahh, I was deep in thought and wasn’t watching where I was going.”

“I too Jin.  Ummmm, how are you?”

How am I?  “Hot.  I was just heading back to base camp for a cool shower?  What are you up to?”  Keep it cool Jin, I said to myself.

“I was just heading home.  I, ah, had to babysit some children a few blocks over.”

“Oh, so you live around here?”

Sun looked at my quizzically.


“Yes.  Weren’t you coming to see me?”

“No.  I was just visiting the Fouchier’s.  They are friends of my parents and asked me to stop in while I was here.”

“Oh,” was Sun’s reply as she looked down at her feet.

“Well I had better go.  I still need to make it to the winery this afternoon and I still want that shower.”

“Do you think, maybe I could go with you?” Sun asked.

“Sure if you want to, I guess,” I replied trying to seem aloof and not at all needy.

Evidently I went a bit too far in my tone, because Sun stood up tall and said, “Fine I won’t go.” Then she turned and tried to stomp away.


Never knowing I could react so quickly I reached out, grabbed her arm and pulled her into a kiss.

“Wow,” I said when the kiss ended.  “I mean, now are you coming?”

“I guess I could,” she replied and gave me that sly smile of hers.  “I will meet you there because I want to change first.  See you later mon amour!”

I ran back to base camp, took a quick shower then scarfed down some food to fill my nervous stomach.  I made it back to the winery just as Sun was pulling up on her scooter. Hand in hand we walked into the winery for me to meet the owner of the establishment, Gaston Dutiel.  Before I left, my parents asked me to stop in at the winery to say hello to their dear friend Gaston.  It was then I learned that while in France, my parents had become quite the wine connoisseurs.  The list of juice they wanted me to bring back was quite long.

“But mom,” I had said.  “I’m just a teenager. He can’t sell juice to me.”

“Don’t worry Jin.  I’ve already paid for the juice.  You are just picking it up, and besides, things are different in France.  I’m sure you will see plenty of kids your age drinking.”

So I walked into the winery nervous as heck.  I’d been in France for three days and I had yet to see any teens drinking.  Granted I hadn’t spent a great deal of time in town, but still.  I walked up to the till and introduced myself to Gaston.

“Ahhhh, Jin!  Welcome, welcome!” he said as he urged me to come around the counter.

“I can’t believe how grown up you are already!”

“Oh this is Sun…..” It was at that moment I realised I didn’t even know Sun’s last name.

“Ah, yes yes.  I know Sun well.  She comes in here with here with her mothers at least once a month.  How are you my dear?”

Sun nodded to him then turned to make her way to the shelves.

“Well done my boy!” and he gave me a high five.

“She is quite the beauty.  If I weren’t happily married myself with two children I certainly would be looking her way!”

 Uh huh!  The man is a pervert, I thought. It also explained Sun’s indifference to him.  I mentally took my high five back.

“I understand your mother would like some grapes to build up her garden, yes?”  I responded with a nod.  “The garden is just outside to the left.  Help yourself to whatever you need.”  Then he walked away to help another customer.

You bet I would be helping myself,- to most of his crop if I could manage it!  Sun joined me in the field and we picked grapes for a couple of hours, working silently as we bagged as much of the crop as we could. I was sure my mother would be pleased with all our efforts.  I gave thought to ordering a wine making machine before I left as well.  I wanted my mother to have everything she needed that would give her happiness and comfort.  She had been through so much in the past year.

The afternoon light began to turn to night when Sun came to me and said it was probably time for her to go.  I walked with her to the road when she turned to me and smiled.  I reached up to caress her cheek and pull her to me.

She held back embracing me as we stared into each others eyes.

A deep panic began to set in and I felt like I was receiving a wake up call.  What are you doing Jin?  Tomorrow are you just going to get on a plane and never ever see this girl again? The more I thought about it, the more panicked I became, until I knew exactly what I had to do.

She began to turn from me and leave when I said “Wait!”

Sun turned back and I knew I just had to say what I was thinking.

“I love you Sun!  I’ve never loved anyone in my life but I know I do love you.  I can’t imagine just getting on that plane tomorrow and never seeing you again.  If I do, I never will. I need to make you mine.”

Then getting on bended knee I said, “Sun, will you marry me?”

Sun looked stunned at first,

then cupping her face with her hands she began to jump up and down while saying yes over and over again.





I was so relieved that my arms had become like jelly and it was all I could do to slide the ring onto her finger.

She threw herself into my waiting arms and we kissed, our first kiss that would lead us to man and wife.

“I need to call my parents!”  Mom answered on the second ring with concern in her voice.

“Jin?  Are you okay?”

“I’m fine mom.  Better than fine.  I’m just calling to let you know I am bringing someone home with me tomorrow.  You are going to love her!”

“Her? Who is it?”

“I will tell you all about it mom when we get there.  See you soon!” Then I hung up the phone and kissed my soon to be bride.

“We need to celebrate,” said Sun.  “C’mon!”  She pulled me into the winery where we announced our engagement to Gaston and all the patrons.

Juice began to flow and when we ran out of that Sun began mixing drinks at the bar to serve all our new friends who were celebrating with us.

I have to admit that living on an island in the middle of nowhere my small talk skills were limited.  It wasn’t long before I just wanted to grab Sun and get her alone for a minute.

 “Cmon,” I said grabbing her hand and pulling her along into the back room of the basement.

“Not so fast Jin,” she said.  “I think I am a little tipsy!”

Pulling her into the room, I turned and embraced her for a passionate kiss.

She pulled back when a light came on in the room next to us. “What is that?” she asked.

“I don’t care!” I replied and pulled her away from the door way and against the wall.

We began kissing as two people starved for one another until she turned her head and cried “Jin please stop!  I’m so lightheaded I need to sit down.”

Slowly she slid her back down the wall till she reached the ground.  “I am so juiced, the room is spinning.  Is it spinning for you?”

I had to admit the room wasn’t quite right for me either.  I had never been juiced before and it was a heck of a buzz!  Sun kept looking towards the doorway where the light had come on with a confused look on her face.

“I’ve must have been in this shop a million times, but I have never ever seen that doorway before.”

 “Good!”  I stated.

“Good?  Why good?”

“Because it means no other guy has pulled you back here to make out.”

“Ha ha Jin.  For your information,” she said as she held her head with one hand probably trying to stop the spinning of the room, “I have never made out with another guy.  What kind of girl do you think I am?”  Then she gifted me with a smile.  But it was short lived as she once again looked annoyingly at the room.

“I need to find out what that is!”  Awkwardly she rose from the floor and slowly made her way over to the room.

Juiced as she was, she still managed to figure out how to open this secret door.  We went through and followed along the corridor till we reached a room with another locked door at the end.

Checking the chests we hoped to find a special key but found none.

“Oh well.  You know I should probably get home.  It’s late,” said Sun.

“I don’t think there is any way I can drive, ”  I told her.  She agreed and we settled on a cab which took us to the town square.

“I can’t believe I am going to leave this place,” said Sun looking around.  “Its so beautiful here!  Is your island beautiful Jin?”

“It is, in it’s own way,” I replied.

“I know let’s take some pics! Something to remember our time together here.”

“Oh my head.  I can’t go home like this Jin.  I can’t let my mom’s see me like this!”

“Come stay with me at the base camp.”

“I can do that?  You won’t get in trouble?”  asked Sun.

“Trouble by who?  Come.”

“Jin we should stop.  We should definitely stop before things go too far.”

“I want them to go too far,” and I began kissing her again.

“Goodnight Jin!”

“Can’t I sleep here?”

“Mr. Bell, I know what you are doing!”

Jin laughed and said “Fine I will go.  See you in the morning.”


Enter commentator:  And even though they slept in separate rooms, they still dreamt of each other and their future together.

The End

(of this chapter)

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CC Used In This Chapter

Sun’s hair-Amelia by Cazy

 Jin’s Hair (not seen in the whole chapter) Joey by Cazy



10 Poses Everyday by IMHO

11 Poses of Passion by IMHO

Eva Pose Pack by MsBlue

Bride and Groom by Mashelle

Summer Pose Pack  by Hepis


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