Chapter 4 The Pink Full Moon

The night of the first full moon was the most eerie night we had experienced, and left us feeling like strangers on an island we knew so well and had made a home.  The slightly cloudy sky was tinted a pinkish red, that reflected the same onto the water and gave the impression the moon was resting on a very foggy horizon. Never had we seen a moon like that, nor so big-anywhere. It was mesmerizing, yet ominous, to say the least.

The moon and the sky should have just been a beautiful moment in our lives that we captured on film and perhaps hung on our walls to remember this one night we were almost in essence, visited by the moon.  Yet it was what came after, that brought the sense of eerieness under our skin and a quickening to our heart and senses. Fear took over the island.

On any normal night, the wild life on the island became alive, foraging for food, engaging in friendly social activity or sleeping soundly and peacefully under the bright sky filled with stars. Yet outside under the glow of the pink sky, the animals became restless, darting this way and that looking for, what seemed to be a safe place to hide. With their ears perked listening for every sound and noses to the air, their every movement was clearly on alert.  It was almost as if the animals knew what was coming, knew danger was on its way.

*          *          *          *          *          *           *          *          *          *          *          *         *        *        *        “Dad, supper is ready,” I said pulling his concentration from his computer.  Dad had been furiously typing away on his computer since day had begun to turn to night.  He asked mom to make supper because he said he had words in his head he just had to get into the computer for a new book.

“Thank you Jin.  Please tell your mother I will be there in a moment.  I just have a few more things I need to get down.”  I walked away and left my father to do his work as he began to furiously type again.

Maya had made us a simple supper, too distracted by the changing light and the animals outside to focus on anything more.  She stood at the bay window to watch the animals scurrying around in the darkened yard, clutching her arms around herself as if she had become cold. The wind had picked up a little, bringing a cooler breeze to the night, yet the boat itself was still warm from the hot sun of the day. The hottest we had experienced, since we landed on the island. There had been no breeze all day long and very little sound.  Even the small waves seem to roll up onto the beach silently.  It was as if the water almost stood still.  No rustling of leaves, no chirping of birds or insects.  Just silence.  It should have been a clue that something was coming, but as new residents to the island, how were we to know?

By the time we had finished our meal and the dishes had been cleared away, the wind had begun to have a sound to it that almost made you believe you were hearing voices on a soft echo.  Maya visibly shivered but then looked to Jin and smiled.

“Its funny how the wind can make you think you are hearing things isn’t it?”  she asked. “I’m sure it’s just the sound of the wind through the leaves of the plants and the trees. There won’t be anything there.  Don’t worry.”

Perhaps if mom had just smiled and given me a hug I wouldn’t even have thought anything of it.  But it was her “don’t worry” part that actually now had me worried.  She was obviously feeling a little freaked by the night and it did nothing to make me feel safe.  We decided that we should head upstairs for an early night when suddenly the door burst open and in dashed Socks!

Her chest was heaving and her nostrils flared in fright.  She looked around the house till she settled her eyes on me and quickly made her way over to me.  Dad came racing from his office to see what had happened and cautioned me to not touch her.  “Animals in fright can be very dangerous,” he said to me.  But then Socks nuzzled my side and I couldn’t help but stroke her neck to help calm her down.

“Can she sleep in the house dad?  Just for tonight.  She is really scared and I will feel better knowing she is safe in here with us.”

Dad looked like he was going to protest, but then mom said “What harm could she really do? She is just a baby after all.”  She gave him one of her looks and he agreed, but just for one night.

Mom checked to make sure Aria and Sophie were still in the house while dad went to lock the doors. Mom went to turn off the lights and when she passed the bay window she saw something outside.

It was a white horse, glowing so bright it seemed brighter than the moon.

It raised its head and let out a really long, loud whinny before racing across the yard and disappearing into thin air.  We thought we had all imagined it, so we watched and waited to see if the white horse would re appear.  It never did.

Dad whispered quietly to mom, that he wondered if the appearance of the white horse had anything to do with Socks suddenly seeking shelter and safety.  She thought perhaps he was correct and was thankful that she had a safe place to go to.  They couldn’t see the other horses anywhere and wondered if they had found a safe place to hide, if they needed to hide at all.

Sophie, who had been pacing around the house from room to room, and barking at the windows, finally settled herself down on the seat by the bay window.

Aria continued to stare and growl in low tones that kept raising the hairs on the back of my neck.  I’ve heard that cats can see ghosts; was that what was happening?

It started to really bug dad so he started turning off the lights and looking out the windows to see if he could see something.  It was when he looked out the kitchen window that he got the scare of his life.  There on the deck of the ship, was a three headed horse!

The horses kept fading in and out as if three objects were trying to occupy time and space in the same spot but weren’t quite able to do so.  At least that is what dad said.  All three were raising their heads in unison to whinny very sorrowfully to the sky; which was a loud and frightening noise to say the least.  He reasoned that it really couldn’t be a three headed horse and that his eyes must be playing tricks on him because of the darkness and the strange light coming from the moon.  He said we would sort it out in the morning when we would be able to see everything clearly in the light.

Socks had made herself quite comfortable on the floor by the drafting table, so we decided we should head upstairs and try to get some sleep.

Sometime in the middle of the night I was woken up by Sophie rolling over in bed.

I sat up and looked around finding Aria sleeping on the floor.  I smiled over the thought that Sophie had regained her spot on the bed.

It was nearly light out which meant that morning was soon upon us. I figured it would be safe now to go downstairs to get a glass of water.

Looking outside at the island through the kitchen window, I saw a little girl standing near the edge of the water by our dock.

She was just standing there still as can be and staring at the boat. I was curious as to where a little girl had come from and considered waking dad, but decided to investigate it on my own.

I walked up to her slowly and tried to introduce myself to her.

“Hi.  My name is Jin.  What’s your name?”

The little girl smiled at me and then looked at the boat.

“Are you lost?  Where are your parents?”

Again the little girl just smiled at me.  Then she walked towards the dock across our deck and into our house.  I didn’t follow at first so I had to run to catch up to her.  By the time I got in the house, she was already half way up the stairs, so I raced after her.  She walked down the hallway, into my parents room and then, walked right through the outside wall!  I stopped, stunned at what I had just witnessed! Then it occurred to me that she wasn’t actually walking, I think she was almost floating.  Plus she had this tiny bright light just above her head.  I was so freaked that I ran back to my room, jumped into bed and threw the covers over my head.  I couldn’t wait for this night to be over!

Before long night turned to morning and I heard my parents downstairs making their usual breakfast noises.  Sophie came in to my room bringing me the paper.

It was yesterdays paper, but it was the thought that counts.

I raced downstairs to tell them all that had happened in the night. Of course I got in really big trouble for leaving the house in the dark. I’m talking a big long lecture about keeping me safe, and it was time I started being more responsible.  A lesson they felt I needed to learn by doing more chores and more school work.  Oh and I was grounded from going outside for the rest of the day.  Just yay!

My parents were really intrigued by the little girl with the bright light on her head though.  I hoped that I never saw her again!



We carried on with our morning chores, feeding the chickens and collecting the eggs.  Mom checked on her plants,


and I fed Socks her breakfast bottle that she was loudly complaining about.
As soon as I finished getting the bottle into her, it began to loudly down pour outside.  I begged dad to let Socks stay inside with us, but he wouldn’t budge and led her outside to join the other two horses.  I was really mad at my dad and stormed off to my room.

Screenshot-67Sitting on my desk was my dad’s computer and I sat there for a moment trying to decide if I should do what I was thinking.

As far as I was concerned he deserved it, so I did a little something and then booby trapped dad’s computer!  That is what you get dad for being so mean to Socks!
After that I felt much better so I decided to take Sophie outside to do her business and I was just in time too because from upstairs I heard my father yell “Jiiinnnnn!!!”  I scooped up Sophie and ran out the door.

You see I decided that this journal entry telling my version of our first full moon, fit very nicely in the middle of my father’s new mystery novel he had been typing away at last night!  Probably wasn’t the wisest decision I ever made.  Now excuse me because I had better hide!

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    1. I think that little girl, was an imaginary friend? She had one of those little white lights above her head. I’ve never made an imaginary friend real, but I think that is what happens. Perhaps someone else knows.


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