Chapter 3 Do It My Way

After mom left my room, all I kept thinking about was those horses out there all alone in the dark. Was socks scared?  I worried about it and so badly wanted to go see her, but dad had been very clear; to stay away from the horses until they knew us better.  So I tried to put her out of my mind and go to sleep.  Tonight Sophie was sleeping on the floor beside my bed, ousted by a very upset Aria who had been ignored all day while we were outside.

Sophie wasn’t happy, but there wasn’t anything I could do about it.   I fell asleep to the sounds of Sophie snoring on the floor and Aria purring into my side.

I woke around two in the morning.  Aria had left my bed but Sophie was still on the floor.  Thoughts of Socks came back into my mind and again the worrying began niggling at my mind.  I decided to forget what dad said!   I was determined to go and see if Socks was safe, but as I went to leave my room, I heard all these strange noises coming from my parents bedroom.  Drats!  I closed my bedroom door and crawled back into bed. What on earth were they doing at two in the morning that was so dang important!  I would just have to wait them out.   There was no point in trying to sneak out now, for I would never make it without them hearing me. My mom had this sense of when I was doing something I shouldn’t be.  She called it her third eye, but my only hope was that the eye was also sleeping when she was.

Around four in the morning, all seemed quiet from the direction of my parents room, and I tip toed down the stairs and out the door onto the deck.  I realized when I got out of bed, that it wasn’t just my mother I was sneaking past but Sophie as well.  Her long toe nails made tip tip tip sounds on the wood flooring that echoed thru the entire house.  I really must have those trimmed!  I managed to make it though and when I stepped outside I saw, Socks with the two older horses and the two deer sleeping together in a group on the grass.  I wasn’t quiet enough though, because the minute I stepped off the dock, they awoke with a start and when running towards the beach.

I really didn’t mean to scare them. I carefully crept towards the beach so I could find a place to sit down and watch them.  Sitting still, the horses watched me eying me with nervous thoughts, while their flanks shook.

 I spoke to them very softly and quietly, gaining success as they moved closer to me a little at a time. Then when I thought the time was right, I slowly stood up and offered the horse an apple.  She took it!

Dad didn’t have a clue what he was talking about.  This was going to be easier than I thought.  Just a little before full daylight, I got exactly what I wanted!  Socks let me, rub her neck.

I was feeling pretty proud of myself, until my parents saw me through the window. Boy was I in big trouble!!

I flashed my cute puppy dog eyes at mom, (Sophie taught me that one) while I said I was sorry, but it didn’t exactly go as planned. I was grounded from going outside for the rest of the day. Mom said it was time I had more responsibility and marched me up to the third floor.  There she made me listen to a gardening lesson and help her plant this years vegetables.

Then she told me she would no longer be taking care of the chickens.  I would be. Great, just great. 

I did find a really pretty pink exotic egg.  Boo YA!!
After that I tried to crawl into bed for a nap but she stopped me and gave me a gardening book to read.

She told me I had to have chapter one done by the time dad was done supper. I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open, so it took me the rest of the day to get it read and absorbed. Knowing mom, there would be a test.

After supper, some goopy noodle stuff that is not my favourite meal, I snuck out of the house while mom and dad were both busy in the shower.  I didn’t know that two people could fit in that small shower!
I ran down to the sandbox and built a statue of my own.  So there mom!  Better than some boring castle.




I hope it scared mom when she saw it.  Then I raced back in before they knew I was gone.




For the next two days, we had some really bad rain and thunderstorms on the island which kept us inside.  I was really disappointed because I wanted to get outside to spend more time with socks.  I was worried she would forget about me and I would have to start over, only this time it would be harder because I would need to be even sneakier when I did it.

Dad tried to keep me busy by helping me work on my logic skills.

I spent a lot of time watching the horse run around on the island in the rain and being scared by the lightning.



I felt so bad for them and asked my dad several times if there wasn’t something we could do to help them.






He assured me the horses were just fine on the island before we got here, and they would be fine now. I didn’t believe him, especially not after hearing socks whinny every time the thunder rolled.  I was worried they would get hit by the lightning.  Dad told me that lightning strikes the tallest object which meant that the trees, the light house or the boat would get hit and not the animals on the island.  That didn’t help because then I started worrying about us!

Two days later, I woke up to dad’s voice calling me from outside. I quickly dressed and ran outside to discover the rain had stopped and it was a slightly sunny day.  I looked around for the horses and found them all the be safe.  Dad said that he was really proud of me for having such compassion for the horses and that showed just how big a heart I had beating in my chest.  So since I was so worried we were going to help the horses by feeding them hay and clean drinking water.  He had me help him scatter the hay,

and when we were done, he modified the tap on the water trough so that it would fill on its own.






The big horses came to eat right away but the baby horse refused to eat the hay.  Dad took a look at the female horses and said neither one of them had given birth and

therefore couldn’t be socks mommy.  He decided we should try bottle feeding her and you know what??  Socks doesn’t like my mom!!!

Dad said I could try while he supervised and she came to me right away.  She was a very hungry baby!

I got lots of nuzzles after she was done the bottle!  I wonder where her mommy is.

Plus the big horse remembered me too.


I really need to come up with some names for these horses.

Now all I need to do is work on those deer! Oh, and ah, remember to collect those eggs too.  Ooops!

Poor Sophie!  I was so busy focusing on the horses, that I didn’t even notice that she had fleas!  She came up to dad whimpering and he noticed them right away.

He took her inside and gave her a bath which she really enjoyed!


Afterwards I decided to spend the rest of the day with her.

Just before I went to bed I snuck back to the sandbox to make another sand statue.  MOM!!  There, where my scary snowman had sat, was a very large castle!!  Nicer than the one she built the first time.

Guess it didn’t scare mom after all!

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